OS 3.0 usage impressions

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OS 3.0 has been released. For those of you who upgrade your current iPhone or iPod Touch, write your comments about the new OS here.

The other thread has too many posts about downloading experiences; I would like to keep this just to the experience of the OS once it is up and running.


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    Installed on my iPod Touch and iPhone 3G.

    Have now used it on the iPhone for a while.

    - Overall, feels smooth, maybe Snappier™ than before??

    - Cut & Paste works great and, though I was content without it, I am very happy to now have it and will use it a lot.

    - MMS (I live in Japan so yes, we have it) is nice; sent a photo easily, taking it in the Messages app. Operation is nice; one click to see the large photo.

    - Voice memos is simple, but nice to have (though I have several other recording apps).

    - Search: very helpful, but have yet to really give it a run.

    - Landscape typing really helps in Mail and Notes

    - Shake to Undo is awesome
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    Hallelujah, it syncs notes with Outlook!
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    cameronjcameronj Posts: 2,357member
    Here is one thing I like a lot:

    I listen to a lot of Podcasts. I was REALLY hoping I could delete them like we now delete email en masse - edit and checkboxes. They didn't do that, but they did at least take it from "slide, tap delete, tap delete" to just "slide, tap delete" It's not perfect, but that saves a lot of clicks when you are deleting 50 podcasts.

    Most things seems slower though, which is not unexpected given the upgrade. I will be moving to the 3GS soon though.
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    dr millmossdr millmoss Posts: 5,403member
    Anyone using it on their 1G touch?
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    Spotlight doesn't seem to search all of my calendar, only recent entries... Anyone else have this problem?
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    bergermeisterbergermeister Posts: 6,784member
    Syncing notes requires 10.5.7. As I haven't updated my OS yet due to a third party app's needs (it will be another two weeks), I don't know how well this works. Anybody try it?
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    bergermeisterbergermeister Posts: 6,784member
    Originally Posted by Dr Millmoss View Post

    Anyone using it on their 1G touch?

    Installed fine and works fine so far... have mainly been playing on my iPhone, though. Will give the Touch a good run through tomorrow.
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    ivan.rnn01ivan.rnn01 Posts: 1,822member
    UI transitions seem faster than before. Everything that requires internet connection is slower; maybe, simultaneous OS 3.0 downloads from everywhere are to blame.

    UI glitches are quite visible (displaying/hiding status bar and some navigation bars, for instance).

    Most of previously installed third party applications continue to work; some stopped to.

    Spotlight search surprises with its quite good usability. Dictaphone does what it's supposed to. So does MMS service.

    Cut'n'Paste functionality is implemented in Safari as clumsy as one can only imagine it.

    1. Open the page containing a lot of text,

    2. Magnify the text by pinch gesture,

    3. Now try to pan this slowly by finger as you always did

    4. Now try to activate fragment selection;

    It turns to be amusing finger dance and time killer.

    It's not at all obvious how to select one single word on the page containing html formatting, when whole paragraphs are always selected by hold down gesture.

    "C", Apple, you've got "C" for your cut'n'paste.
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    Got 1st gen iPhone.

    Yeah!! It works great, and it does feel bit faster too....

    Love cut&paste, shake to undo, shuffle, being able to email several photos at same time.....(finally!!) and spotlight!! I think it's great!! (and the fact that you can go to it with pressing the button, then go back to main screen pressing it again.... Neat!!!!!).

    And Voice Memos is good (the microphone feels a bit "unsensitive" compared with other voice recording apps I had). And great the bit about editing them!!!!

    MMs does not work as 1st gen iPhone, but will be getting the 3G S in a couple of weeks anyway!!!

    But as a few of you say, there are still a few thing to smooth and trim out..... I won't be surprised though if we have a couple of updates (3.01 & 3.0.2 or similar) in the next few months, I guess.....
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    bergermeisterbergermeister Posts: 6,784member
    A little more time with it and I'm pretty happy. As I thought, OS 3 might just satisfy people enough so they won't upgrade this round to the 3GS model.

    The voice memo trimming function looks similar to what is coming with the 3GS and video. It is very helpful. I work with audio and video and the most needed function for me is trimming the edges. Thanks, Apple! Maybe next year they will add real editing!
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    physguyphysguy Posts: 920member
    Originally Posted by Bergermeister View Post

    A little more time with it and I'm pretty happy. As I thought, OS 3 might just satisfy people enough so they won't upgrade this round to the 3GS model.

    The voice memo trimming function looks similar to what is coming with the 3GS and video. It is very helpful. I work with audio and video and the most needed function for me is trimming the edges. Thanks, Apple! Maybe next year they will add real editing!

    WIth the voice memo, on theApple web site the description says this will work from the mic on you headset. I've not been able to get this to work with my bluetooth headset (MotoH700). Has anyone gotten this to work or is it not working?

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    bergermeisterbergermeister Posts: 6,784member
    The bad, and the good

    SoftBank in Japan started accepting orders for the 3GS today, shipping next week, so I gotta wait a week before I get my new phone; (somehow I had thought they would go on sale tomorrow...). On the good side, however, that will let me play with 3.0 on my current 3G to fully see how good a package that combo is.

    My wife also updated to 3.0 and is thrilled with being able to send multiple photos and landscape keyboarding, especially when typing English. For Japanese, she prefers the portrait mode.

    I've also noticed that Photos works faster than before.
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    tutumiles1tutumiles1 Posts: 115member
    I am thankful for the upgrade but it is not motivating me to go buy the 3GS.. This is not a knock on the phone, just not enough of a reason to put more cash into the iPhone...
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    gordygordy Posts: 1,004member
    3G here. After upgrading, I see no need to buy 3Gs. Copy/Paste is intuitive, though, Paste and the magnifying glass seem to fight for attention. The call forwarding icon is a Godsend--I always have my phone forwarded to my home phone when I'm home, then I forget when I'm out. Also, when you click & hold a link in Safari, you are provided options to copy the link, visit the site, or visit in a new page...cool. A worthy update, but, hardly necessary to buy a new phone.
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    What's your opinion on whether it's worth updating an iPod Touch from 2.0 to 3.0? Basically, is it worth the $10 fee?
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    gordygordy Posts: 1,004member
    It's well worth $10, just not worth upgrading from 3G to a 3GS--basically paying for videos and voice, features I wouldn't use much anyway.
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    dr millmossdr millmoss Posts: 5,403member
    The value proposition for an iPod touch has to involve whether it's a first or second generation model. I'm trying to figure out whether it's worth updating my 1G, seeing as I won't get any of the sound-related improvements.
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    bergermeisterbergermeister Posts: 6,784member
    On a Touch, OS 3.0 is a great bargain at $10 if you don't feel the need or desire for a new device. It's a bit faster and there are plenty of nice additions that help the whole experience. I believe this with or without audio considerations. The whole experience is a little faster and more convenient allowing more to be done with the device.

    As for upgrading an iPhone 3G to a 3GS, that's a personal thing. Some people will want to, some won't and will wait until next year or even the next. Both the 3G and 3GS are good devices with a slightly different function set that not everybody wants or needs; car makers update their models every year but how many people buy the new one each year?

    Personally, I am upgrading as I take a lot of video clips which I use for work and often wish to when I don't happen to have my video camera along. Longer battery life and quicker user experience will just be icing on the cake. The extra cost is nothing compared to the convenience an all-in-one device will bring. Not everyone will feel the same.
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    The Sleep iPod setting in the Timer used to close all open Apps once the timer finished. This allowed folks to sleep while listening to audio, not only on the iPod but also LastFM, Pandora, AOL Radio etc. Strangely in 3.0 the timer is no longer able to shut off Pandora.

    Unlike the Mac version of Spotlight, or any Palm Pilot for ten+ years, the iPhone?s Spotlight search is weak. It can only search Address Book Headers, not phone numbers nor any data in any other fields of your hundreds of contacts in your address book.

    Other than that it's hard to gripe with any seriousness about the FREE upgrade.
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    As for the weak Spotlight - it's not really an issue. There's an App for that!
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