Apple warns iPhone 3G S activations may take up to 2 days



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    jkozjkoz Posts: 48member
    I upgraded from 2G to 3GS. I did not switch the SIM cards. About 60 seconds after I did my activation on my Mac, my buddy called me. I thought it was AT&T testing the phone (didn't recognize his # since there were no contacts on it yet) and it was activated immediately. This was around 2-3pm today.
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    I was also told by an Apple Concierge that I had to wait up to 48 hours. I came here and read the suggestion about turning the phone off then on and tried it. Guess what, it worked like a charm!

    Thanks ALL.
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    After receiving my 3G S this morning, I couldn't activate it for 4 hours. So, I called AT&T customer service. The lady deactivated my old sim, and activate the new one over the air right away. In 5 minutes, my new iPhone 3G S is ready to go.

    If you have been waiting, give them a call. That girl told me she did exactly the same thing a lot today.
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    pkstreetpkstreet Posts: 21member
    Returned to the Apple store this afternoon and there was no one in the reserved line. I was taken in within a minute and started the process of transferring my two phones. Have to say I love them. 32GB and video recording really got me, but now I love the new maps, voice control, speed. One sweet upgrade (from 2G)

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    I got in line at 7AM and waited for just over an hour and a half at the Apple store at La Encantada in Tucson AZ and couldn't get in to get my two reserved iPhone 3GSes. There were 50-60 people ahead of me and in that 90 minutes I'd say maybe 10 people got their phones. I figured it would take at least 3-4 hours at that rate for me to get my phones. I will try back later (and maybe try my local Walmart, ATT etc.).

    I was at the back of a line of maybe 100 people on day one in 2007 in San Diego and got my 1st gen iPhones within 45 minutes, but back then you could activate at home. The policy of activating in the stores is terribly counter-productive IMHO. If only I had known that if you buy it online, it is activated by ATT before it ships -- according to an Apple rep at the store.

    Consider ordering online if you haven't already purchased. At least today, waiting in line may not be worth your time.

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    milkmagemilkmage Posts: 152member
    Originally Posted by Masteric View Post

    Perhaps if Apple had let the iPhones that were scheduled to arrive via UPS yesterday actually arrive yesterday, and those people activated a day earlier, that maybe this would not be such an issue today?

    Just a thought...

    hey. mine was supposed to arrive on Monday. Got it this AM. Activated almost instantly too. first sync took forever though.
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    successsuccess Posts: 1,040member
    Originally Posted by slesherinyork View Post

    Lucky You!!! \ Thanks Apple! I guess I have to carry both around when mine finally starts to work? So much for a Happy Father's Day weekend!

    Life's a drag hey?
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    justflybobjustflybob Posts: 1,337member
    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    Hmm.. odd. When you put the SIMs back to back what are the differences?

    Maybe Apple is making a specialized SIM. That would rock!

    The SIM itself isn't any different, from what I can tell.

    It's the SIM holder, the small, black black plastic "holder" that appears to be just slightly different.

    I literally could not use the 3G version in the 3GS. Make sense, I guess?
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    this worked for me , just swapping the First Gen SIM for the 3Gs sim
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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    In a near repeat of problems that plagued last year's iPhone 3G launch, Apple's iPhone activation servers are showing signs of buckling under the pressure of hundreds of thousands of customers who are attempting to activate their new handsets and warning of delays that could span two days.

    My activation took 45 minutes. It almost cost me a night out with a friend -- I forgot about it and stupidly upgraded in the middle of a busy afternoon, duh. :-)
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    solipsismsolipsism Posts: 25,726member
    I got my iPhone handed to me from the Apple Store employee. It said it was waiting to be activated. I turned it off then on, and then it stated it was activated. Under 10 minutes from walking into the store and making my first call.

    PS: I just tried to do Remote Wipe from MobileMe on the 3GS. With the other iPhones you could delete the wipe request by turning off the phone a little after it gets the wipe request. Apple’s page states that it’s instant, but I was still able to cancel the wipe with a restart.
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