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    Originally Posted by aryayush View Post

    I has been confirmed by none other than Phil Schiller that there won't be support for third-party apps. It sucks!

    some quotes, "stolen" from another board:

    > I just got back from Macworld Expo where I had a chance to speak

    > briefly to one of the iPhone "experts" on the show floor. I assume

    > this means that he is a member of the iPhone product team. He told me

    > that no decision has yet been made on whether or not to include Java

    > on the phone and, if so, to use J2SE or J2ME. He also said that the

    > phone does use Cocoa but that it is "not an open system".


    > I asked specifically if individual developers could write applications

    > for the iPhone and the answer was not yet, but that Apple would listen

    > to input from developers when deciding how or if third-party

    > applications could run on the phone. He agreed with me that filing a

    > Radar request would be the best way to for developers to let Apple

    > know about their interest in writing third party apps for the iPhone.


    > He also confirmed that although the home screen of the iPhone looks

    > like Dashboard and the applications are called Widgets, it does not

    > use the same technology and standard Widgets will not run.
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    ya, your right on this. I guess that job's said to nytimes that the phone will be closed ended but will be creating its own software as the time goes by and as soon as whatever he is creating is finished and ready to be downloaded to the from probably from itunes. This isnt going to be like the ipod like everyone thinks, where you can download the cheapo games to your phone, no it will be real, with real software that is useful and some may be on widgets special for the phone. I think that a lot of software we see for the smartphone that is useful will be on the iphone, such as jobs said they are very much considering skype or another voip company, they just need to fix the deal with cingular, which they will apple has them by the nuts. Im sure something along the lines of iwork and ilife will be included, iphoto is in there and im sure DOC and EXCEL readers will be on there as well along with PDF readers, Jobs said the software is not done at all and will have many many more features down the line by release date
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    thanks for the info k munic.

    as for 3G yea they don't need it in the US but in europe and many other places 3G is common place almost standard. so it would be frowned upon if it didnt have it when they release it outside of the US.

    we will see though.
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