New iPods: Classic and Nano SW updates, Touch display issues

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Apple has released firmware updates for its new iPod Classic and iPod Nano to address bugs present in the version of the software that ships with the players. Meanwhile, reviewers are drawing attention to a perceived quality issue with some of the display screens on the company's new iPod Touch.

Classic and Nano firmware updates

Just-released firmware updates for the new iPod Nano and iPod Classic include "bug fixes," according to Apple, which provided no further details on the software revisions. Both updates are available after docking the new players to a computer running iTunes.

While Apple remains relatively silent on what users should expect from the releases, some users report that the update does away with some of the interface sluggishness on the iPod Classic, which was noted in AppleInsider's review of the player last week.

iPod Touch display issues

Meanwhile, several reviews of Apple's new iPod Touch appearing on Monday have taken issue with the display quality of the player's touch-screen. The Washington Post reports that a 16GB model purchased at the San Francisco Apple store exhibits an issue that translates into many dark scenes being "almost unwatchable."

Video looks reversed out in dark areas, creating a very distracting negative effect. Several other users have reported the same problem on Apple's forums, so I know I'm not alone, but other posters have mentioned that their displays work just fine. Perhaps this defect is confined to a small portion of Apple's initial iPod touch shipment and those of us experiencing the problem will be able to get replacements.

AppleInsider's own 16GB iPod Touch review unit appears to be one of the player's not affected by issue. From the review:

Compared next to [the iPhone], the Touch seemed to have a slightly bluer cast over the neutral grey background areas, but photos and videos I examined in still frames and in motion appeared identical, and I could not see any noticeable difference in color accuracy, brightness, or contrast. The background difference I noticed on the Touch could be related to the fact that it uses a revised version of OS X (as noted in more detail below), but could also be related to the dark, wide mask surrounding the screen. Identical objects against different backgrounds can appear not to match; when I masked off the screen with white paper, I could not see any difference between the two displays.

As mentioned above, AppleInsider's review of the iPod Touch includes a section dedicated to the disparities between the versions of OS X running on the iPhone and the Touch, including a list of Touch features that are likely to turn up in an impending update to the iPhone.


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    asciiascii Posts: 5,941member
    Well now we know how they got the Touch price so reasonable: they just eliminated quality control from the production process.
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    Anyone figure out how to get the classic to keep the album and song information on the display while playing? That digital clock is annoying.
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    Well, after reading this, I am not going to buy one until I know these problems are fixed. Can these little issues be fixed with a firmware update, or are they going to be releasing a updated iPod Touch? Are these issues with all the iPods Touches, or just a bad batch? Has anyone experienced these issues yet on the boards?
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    This update fixes the important issue of most people's iPod classics continuously crashing & restarting after syncing with album artwork turned on.
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    Anyone know if there is a way to get the new Ipod OS onto a 5.5g ipod?
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    parkyparky Posts: 383member
    Originally Posted by jlsniu View Post

    Anyone know if there is a way to get the new Ipod OS onto a 5.5g ipod?

    Not possible.
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    I hope they've fixed my problem with smart playlists of podcasts. (edit: iPod Classic 80GB)

    Whichever podcast I choose from the playlist, it displays "1 of 1". When the podcast is finished, it removes it from the smart playlist (which is great... does what it's supposed to), but it stops playing. Then I manually select the next list, which I'd rather not do while driving.

    I've certainly noticed the interface sticking when moving around - and if you're playing a game the hard disk starts up all the time which can't be good for battery life.

    .... okay, update:

    The interface is much smoother. Cover flow looks really smooth... it makes a huge difference when the system just slides at your touch (in comparison to waiting 1/4 second, stuttering, etc). Going down the front menu from music to movies to photos smoothly changes the right hand graphic too.

    My smart playlist of podcasts still doesn't work.

    Haven't checked the game hard disk.

    edit: Just playing with my smart playlist - if I switch off "shuffle" songs it works fine

    ps. The art in the menus isn't instantaneous but it flow.

    ....Oh, it just stuttered a little, but far smoother than before... and I can't get it to do it again.

    Quite happy with that.
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    feynmanfeynman Posts: 1,087member
    Yeah I did notice my iPod classic does feel Snappier ?
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    Downloading now... and praying that the sluggishness disappears.

    This is my first color iPod and I wonder -- isn't the album artwork supposed to change in podcasts (and chapter-enabled tracks) as it does when I play these tracks in iTunes? Cause with my Classic, the artwork is static...
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    I know this may not be the right forum, but anyone know how I can get album artwork without an iTunes account? Reason I cant use iTunes to "get album artwork" is I'm in a country not supported (Singapore).....


    Love my Classic 180g!
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    If you want to do it manually; is a very good source as they have large images of cover art. Or Google if you don't find it there.

    A few apps will do it for you:

    I've used Album Cover Finder 6.1.8 and it is good...

    Hope this helps
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    Huge thanks Dzign! I'll give your suggestion a whirl.....
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    By the way, one of the nice things about the 1.0.1 firmware update for the 3G iPod nano is they corrected a problem with the battery charge indicator. It now displays the level of battery charge correctly, unlike the 1.0 firmware that showed the battery charge level dropping alarmingly for no reason.
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    man, uncharacteristically, this batch of ipods sure feel rushed. a lot of kinks to be ironed out, apple. on all three new ipods.

    i'm deciding between getting a touch or a classic. but from all i've read online both seem very buggy yet. classic slugginess, touch getting bad screens. which one to get?
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