Visual preview of the top 10 new iPhone games

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iPhone users on Apple's just-launched App Store are already downloading applications by the thousands. This article previews the top 10 games based off the number of downloads thus far. Included is pricing information, size information, descriptions, and screen shots of each title.

Super Monkey Ball

In Super Monkey Ball, you guide "a cute little monkey" encased in a transparent ball to victory by tilting and rolling him through a variety of slopes and turns. You must navigate a large variety of obstacle courses to reach goal lines within set time limits. Collect as many bananas as you can along the way and you'll be able to increase your remaining lives. Super Monkey Ball utilizes the accelerometer inside your iPhone or iPod touch and includes five worlds and 110 stages.

Price: $9.99

Size: 35.2MB



Enigmo is a 3D puzzle game where you direct animated streams of flowing liquid so that the droplets get to their destination. Water, Oil, and lava fall trom Droppers and bounce around the walls of the puzzle. You move and rotate various types ot bumpers, sliders, accelerators, and sponges in order to divert the flow of the tailing droplets. The faster you complete each of the 50 levels, the more bonus points you receive.

Price: $9.99

Size: 3.2MB


Cro-Mag Rally

Cro-Mag Rally is a wild 3D racing game where you are a speed-hungry caveman named Brog who races through the Stone, Bronz. and Iron Ages in primitive vehicles such as the Geode Cruiser, Bone Buggy, Logmobile, Trojan Horse, and others. Brog has at his disposal an arsenal of primitive weaponry ranging from Bone Bombs to Chinese Bottle Rockets and Heat Seeking Homing Pigeons.

There are 9 different race tracks, 11 different vehicles to drive, and 9 types of powerups. To steer the cars you use the iPhone itself as the steering wheel.

Cro-Mag Rally is suitable for all ages.

Price: $9.99

Size: 58.3MB


Texas Hold'em

The Apple-written Texas Hold'em lets you "play like a pro" against realistic oppononts or with your friends over a WiFi network. "Use all of the hints, tips, tells, and your mastery to gain access to exclusive rooms with higher-stakes and bigger rewards.

Features Include:

- Switch between immersive first-person and top-down gameplay by rotating your iPhone or iPod touch

- Visually stunning graphics and realistic sound effects - Opponents bet, bluff, and have secret tells

- In-game hints, tip's, statistics, and player ratings

- WiFl multiplayer support for up to 9 players

Price: $4.99

Size: 128MB


Bejeweled 2

Bejeweled 2 is the sequel to the classic gem-swapping puzzle: "Sit back, relax and marvel at the fun you'll have when you swap adjacent gems to match three or more sparkling jewels."

The more matches you make, the higher your score, There are two game modes with Power Gems and Hyper Cubes. Bejeweled 2 is fully optimized for the touch screen, it's an all-new way to play the award-winning game. Players can also add in planetary backdrops and special effects. Gameplay lasts up to 2 hours.

Price: $9.99

Size: 8.6MB


Bomberman Touch

"The story of 'The Legend of Mystic Bomb': Get a hidden treasure in the ruins. It is said that deep inside the jungle lies a heretical ruins called KABOOM TEMPLE, where a legendary treasure is hidden somehwhere. Many adventurers have tried, but none succeeded to even come home alive. It is here that you will see another daredevil who will take on this challenge, at the risk of his own life, to face KA-BOOM TEMPLE. He is, Bomberman."

Price: $7.99

Size: 9.4MB


Moto Race

"Grab your bike and hit the road. Race through checkpoints. weave through traffic, fend off dangerous biker gangs and hit some sweet jumps along the way."

Race from Miami Beach to the Andean mountain, and around the globe.

Price: $9.99

Size: 15.1MB



Trism is a casual new type of tilt and touch game in the spirit of Tetris and Bejeweled.

Price: $4.99

Size: 8.3MB


Aqua Forest

Aqua Forest is a unique application utilizing "OctaveEngine Casual" which is a /O-based multi-physics engine for casual games. This engine uses a particle-based physics model that has few restrictions. It can calculate almost any type of objects, not only solid materials, but also elastic body, plastic body, fluid and gas. In the "FREE" mode of the application, you can draw and create various shapes of objects and you can experience the ability of the engine. In the "PUZZLE" mode, with exploiting the touch screen and accelerometer, you will challenge the puzzles designed by ·"OctaveEngine Casual" that you'd have never seen before. There are 5 categories and each category has 10 puzzles.

Price: $7.99

Size: 6.9MB



"Relive the retro action with the undisputed queen of the arcades in Ms. PAC-MAN for your iPhone. Chomp your way to a champion score as you gobble dots, chase down delicious bouncing fruit, and eat up the ghosts when they're feeling blue. Learn the twists and turns of four unique maze designs in the 256 stages of this faithful rendition of the classic game."

Price: $9.99

Size: 1.4MB




  • Reply 1 of 31
    firemoxfiremox Posts: 3member
    Looks like the screen shots for Aqua Forest is sudoku instead.
  • Reply 2 of 31
    sandausandau Posts: 1,230member
    oh my aching iTunes account. The receipts keep piling into my email!!

    This is bad apple, bad bad bad. I cannot resist buying all this crap!
  • Reply 3 of 31
    crees!crees! Posts: 501member
    PacMan. So getting that!
  • Reply 4 of 31
    shanmugamshanmugam Posts: 1,200member
    Thanks a bunch for the reviews, its just start, hopefully more good games will follow...
  • Reply 5 of 31
    mchumanmchuman Posts: 154member
    monkey ball is missing the dole banana logos from the original.
  • Reply 6 of 31
    dr. xdr. x Posts: 276member
    I would like to see the game Touch Fighter. I think Apple demoed it in March. When I saw it, I thought it was pretty cool.

    Here is the video on YouTube.
  • Reply 7 of 31
    dagamer34dagamer34 Posts: 494member
    SEGA's gonna get so rich from Super Monkey Ball.
  • Reply 8 of 31
    timuscatimusca Posts: 123member
    128MB for Texas Hold Em? Yowza.
  • Reply 9 of 31
    bowserbowser Posts: 89member
    The chick in the texas hold-em game needs more cleavage. ;-)
  • Reply 10 of 31
    jbcarojbcaro Posts: 47member
    Looking good. Now we need Donkey Kong, Asteroids, Tempest, to name a few old classics. Also, hopefuly they will come out with the moderately old classics like Doom, Duke Nuk'em, etc. and why not make an iPhone/iPod Touch version of Crysis while were asking for goodies.
  • Reply 11 of 31
    bloggerblogbloggerblog Posts: 2,253member
    Frogger, let's not forget Frogger.
  • Reply 12 of 31
    i hope they get a multiplayer bomberman out soon... i spent half of my youth on bomberman 2 for the SNES
  • Reply 13 of 31
    +mimic+mimic Posts: 37member
    Both so far are GREAT!!
  • Reply 14 of 31
    -cj--cj- Posts: 58member
    I think the old roller controller game Marble Madness would translate well with the accelerometer controls.
  • Reply 15 of 31
    +mimic+mimic Posts: 37member
    BTW, i was hoping for that space game Apple demoed. That would have been cool to play also.
  • Reply 16 of 31
    feynmanfeynman Posts: 1,087member
    Originally Posted by -cj- View Post

    I think the old roller controller game Marble Madness would translate well with the accelerometer controls.

    We were thinking the same thing at work! That would be so addictive!
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    gongon Posts: 2,437member
    Super Monkey Ball is by far the most prominent title here. I didn't like it much on PS2, something about the controls. If they didn't screw anything up, it should be a perfect fit with the iPhone sensors.

    Ms. Pac-Man and Bomberman.. well, I guess re-warmed classic arcade stuff was to be expected. It'll be interesting to see how well these games, best suited for a digital stick/pad, control on the iPhone. Bomberman *needs* network public multiplayer, and I'd be surprised if we didn't see that (for another $8 of course) as soon as they get it done.

    The rest? Yawn. Yet Another Driving Game, More Poker, ... frontends to actual poker sites are much more interesting and we'll be seeing those in no time.
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    pairof9spairof9s Posts: 67member
    I'll be waiting to see the 1st person shooter games like Doom, Quake, Call of Duty, etc. to show up in some kind of form. The iPhone, with its accelerometers, would be a great twist for the genre, allowing you to move, duck, roll, turn, etc.

    I guess it remains to be seen who will move first into.

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    desarcdesarc Posts: 642member
    all these games make me wish there were a couple of "shoulder" buttons on the right hand side of the iphone.

    in landscape mode it would be similar to L and R on a PSP...

    i also wish there were a way to measure the amount of tilt so that you can initialize games [making whatever your natural hand position is "neutral" - i don't want to stare straight down at an iphone lying perfectly flat in order to keep things from moving around on screen.
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    +mimic+mimic Posts: 37member
    Ms Pac-Man works very nice using swipe, good using the controller, and i can't get use to the accelerometer. LOL
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