Definitive update on new MacBook Pro



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    That's not a latch release button on the Air. It's a bit of a recessed area so you actually have a place to stick your finger into so you can open it.
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    aapleaaple Posts: 78member
    Originally Posted by mciarlo View Post

    Very cool mockup... I don't see anywhere for the battery compartment to fit, though (you know, the one that AI speculated would fit all the way across the front or back end of the bottom).

    Still, might be the most accurate (guessing, obviously) mockup I've seen using the new speculated specs.

    Do you have a front picture?

    Also, It'd be interesting to see a mockup that includes the rumored glass trackpads...
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    Originally Posted by mciarlo View Post

    Make it 0.3" thicker and put a decent GPU in it, give it that new 35 watt Intel quad core processor, and you've got the best laptop Apple has ever made imo.
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    That looks really, really good.

    I think the speaker grills look a bit out of place, though.
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    olternautolternaut Posts: 1,376member
    Originally Posted by Tailpipe View Post

    This info comes to you from London via an Englishman working at Apple, (and there are more than you think ;-))

    A revised MacBook Pro with a Leopard 10.5.2 update was meant to debut at MacWorld but neither was ready.

    The delay for the MBP was caused by Intel Penryn processors not being available due to some production glitch. As we all know, Apple doesn't like to announce products too far ahead of their shipping dates - with the notable exception of the iPhone - so decided to delay the launch. Penryn-based PCs now good to go and begin shipping Monday.

    Expect new MBP 15-inch and 17-inch within two weeks. 17-inch gets LED.

    New MBP DOES feature a slightly revised case design with the new black keyboard from MBA and a larger trackpad, but is basically very similar to existing design. Think evolution not revolution.

    The idea is to achieve a commonality of look across the range.

    SSD will be an option offering an exceptionally fast boot time < 30 seconds.

    Also seen lurking in the corridors of Cupertino was an aluminum MacBook 13". Initially available in silver, my source reckons annodised black, blue, pink and other colours will be available around September. New MacBooks will be a big story later this year. One of the range (I don't know which, maybe the black one) will have a superior spec that basically makes it a MacBook Pro 13".


    I was hoping for a revolution not yet ANOTHER evolution. Slightly revised case design and some black keys. With of course the usual spec bump. Woopee.
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    notscottnotscott Posts: 247member
    As for the credibility of the source...

    How does an Englishman working for Apple in London "see" new 13" MacBooks lurking in Cupertino? Or did you mean to say that you had two sources, one in England and one in Cupertino? Or that the one Englishman was talking talking to colleagues in Cupertino who had seen them? Or that this is complete bull?
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    well, considering that the thread was originated 6 months ago, I am guessing things have probably changed since then...
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    messiahmessiah Posts: 1,689member
    Cool mock-ups guys!

    I'd buy any of them!
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    YES PLEASE MAKE IT 0.3in thicker and put in a decent GPU!
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,794member
    Originally Posted by mciarlo View Post

    Nailed it!
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    I always wished apple would release the mpb in the matte black finish that the macbook pro and older nanos have. When I first saw the black macbook I remember thinking, "Please tell me they have a powerful 15in version"... )=.

    Apple needs a serious upgrade in the video card of their top of the line notebooks. For a 2000-2500+ notebook, right now what they are offering simply does not stack up to the competition in that area. I guarantee you that if they dont make up for this it will hurt them bad among college age and younger men. Bootcamp was an excellent way of making inroads among college students who prefer OS X to crapp windows put still want the capability to play games, but its hard to spend 2500 on a notebook that trails the competition in that area by so much.
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    Well, i guess we owe you an apology Tailpipe. You were right about redesigned MacBook Pros and and an aluminum macBook - you just got the timing wrong.

    I for one can't wait to see the new MacBook Pro. I think it is going to be an amazing machine. One thing you didn't predict was this glass multi-touch trackpad. I wonder if this is for real?

    September can't come fast enough.
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    Are there any new updates on the MBP? It seems like it's been weeks since the last update. Is there really nothing?
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    mellomello Posts: 555member
    Originally Posted by mjteix View Post

    I think that Montevina is worth the move:

    - faster chips for the standard voltage it's going from 2.1-2.6 to 2.26-2.8 and the lower two (2.2.6-2.40) are only 25W vs, 35W with the penryn/Santa Rosa combo. X versions will go up to 3.06GHz and there will be a quad at around 2.53GHz in Q3.

    - faster FSB (from 800 to 1066)

    - faster and less power hungry RAM from DDR2-667 to DDR3 up to 1066

    - better GMA from X3100 to X4500

    - even better power management

    - small package versions (great for the MBAir but also for the MB and Mac mini or other designs)

    IMO it's going to penryn/santa rosa that doesn't make much sense, but since Montavina is 5 months away and that Apple ships 1M santarosa Macs (MB, MBP, iMac) per quarter and that current penryns are a just a drop in, they could put those in the current Macs (silent update) and then make more noise for the Montevina ones starting late may/early june with the MBP.

    I could have sworn that there was a PC laptop out now that has a quad-core chip in it.

    Anyone know which laptop I'm talking about?
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    philbyphilby Posts: 124member
    Originally Posted by mello View Post

    I could have sworn that there was a PC laptop out now that has a quad-core chip in it.

    Anyone know which laptop I'm talking about?

    Dell Precision M6400 and M4400 or HP EliteBook 8730W maybe?
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    The Sager NP9262? But that's a big ass 17" laptop. Really bulky.
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    Originally Posted by cdnalsi View Post

    The Sager NP9262? But that's a big ass 17" laptop. Really bulky.

    That's because it uses desktop processors.
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