Hot Popcorn movies app to offer native ticket purchasing

in iPhone edited January 2014
Thanks to the iPhone the need to interact with reality to get anything done is slowly dissipating, and Hot Popcorn ($3.99, under review) is going to help that cause by allowing you to purchase movie tickets using your iPhone or iPod Touch.

It does more than save you from queuing, though - Hot Popcorn, whenever it's released, will also allow you to browse through movies and DVDs, allowing you to watch their trailers and read reviews (which looks like they're provided by, judging from the screenshots).

Once you've read enough reviews, you can then bite the bullet, check the movie times, and buy your tickets using your debit/credit card for cinemas within the US, UK and Ireland.

Until it's out, you can look at more screenshots on Hot Popcorn's website.


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