Best Buy selling refurbished iPhones

in iPhone edited January 2014
Best Buy is now offering refurbished iPhones for $50 off at 350 select locations. By the end of the month, all Best Buy stores selling AT&T mobile service are expected to stock the phones.

The 8GB model is selling for $149; the 16GB version for $249.

Unsurprisingly, a two-year contract with AT&T is required. The Best Buy press release claims every iPhone sold as refurbished has undergone 30 days of testing to make sure they are in "like-new" condition. The iPhone is the only refurbished mobile device Best Buy sells in stores.

In the US, iPhones are available at Apple Stores, AT&T's locations, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy.


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    Awesome, so now I can buy an iPhone that is refurbed and used for 30days? Is the warrenty the same as on these as a "NEW" one?
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    ducduc Posts: 4member
    However, it does not come with a sim have to buy new one for around $30. Really, I rather buy it brand new!
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    miamia Posts: 1member
    all it`s great, the price and the 8gb memory, but a 2 years contract??? seems too much time for a cellphone. what you think?
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