First look: Apple's iOS 4.2 for iPad and iPhone



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    Originally Posted by jcwacky View Post

    Anyone know where I can find the 2 cool wallpapers in the screenshots?

    I am also trying to find that out too....i searched all over the webnets, but couldn't find it
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    Originally Posted by 2oh1 View Post

    I really hope AirPlay will let me stream music from my iPhone 4 to my airport express.

    People with the first beta said this was already working. They said it worked awesome for music.
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    Originally Posted by Xed17 View Post

    Hi all. I registered just to reply to this thread about IOS4.2, because frankly I'm kind of amazed at the reactions here to an OS update everyone is so excited about.

    That is unfortunate.

    Honestly you are missing the bigger picture with respect to 4.2 and even worst the value of this community.


    First let me say, I love my iPad, it's an excellent and revolutionary device, and I'm sure it's going to evolve in great ways over time.

    OK but just realize that the OS evolves as Apple sees fit!


    How can some of you be so excited about this light set of updates?

    You see now you have told the world you don't know what you are talking about.


    I mean seriously, excitement over turning a lock button into a mute button? Seriously? Working the volume is just fine as it is, hold it for a second and voila, it's muted. This has never been an issue I'd have thought warrants an update, nevermind discussion.

    So you joined the forum to discuss something that doesn't warrant a discussion. Nice!


    Where is the innovation in this upcoming update?

    it is usually best to judge each update by what the SDK brings. Often the innovation isn't for the user to see.


    I just docked my iPod Touch after *gasp*, leaving it on the table overnight. I don't recall leaving anything running, but I guess I forgot to check the multitasking list because the iPod is 100% dead.

    And you know multitasking caused this how? A point of fact here my iPhone 3G has ended up unexpectedly dead running a number of iOS versions. None of the causes obvious. By the way iOS devices havre always multi tasked with users limited to one task.

    So this implies that any new multi tasking related power failures are probably user created. Thus you are the problem.


    Before multitasking was added to the OS, I could go for days without charging, now that's impossible unless I ruthlessly check what apps have decided to stay open due to me not babysitting it. Multitasking? I could honestly do without it, and I don't look forward to it landing on the iPad. Maybe allowing that mute button to function as a "do not multitask" button would be better, at least for me.

    You must be a user with simple needs. People that want to leverage their investment will want some sort of multitasking to some extent. From the user perspective this isn't rocket science. I mean really if you leave a radio turned on do you blame the radio when the batteries go dead?

    I know some will throw up their hands saying "but but But it isn't a radio". Where of course the obvious response is yes it is.

    In the end though you went and blamed a feature of iOS for a problem you had without any evidence. So frankly you are shoveling BS at us.


    I'm waiting for what seems will be an eternity, for Apple to start supporting web based rich text editing.


    Are you saying Safari can't do this? Because I can find web sites with perfectly good editors that work fine with my iPhone.


    I'm not in a minority either, just google "ipad rich text editor" and you'll see there are thousands of bloggers who can't edit content through a web browser on their iPad (or iphone/pod). TinyMCE is a popular editor framework used in all kinds of web based blog forms, and I rarely hear Apple commenting on allowing this to work.

    Why do you think this is Apples fault. I mean really Safari runs Javascript just fine.


    What's up with that? The biggest feature I crave using on the iPad and not even a though about it? But again, we have the mute button.

    Instead of whing here on the forum have you considered asking the developers ehat is up? Really instead of venting here, talk to the develop as info straight from the hourses mouth is always more useful. For all we know it could be a piece of Java based crap.


    Back to 4.2 again. I noticed people seem excited that there are now a few more fonts to pick from in iNotes, so we can change over from Comic Sans to Helvetica. And this is exciting how? Seriously, raise the bar a bit here folks, gushing over having a few fonts added is kind of funny.

    Fonts are important to many people, get over it.

    Besides that fonts take up space and can lower system performance.


    What about uploading images or files using a web based file upload control? The lack of support on iDevices reminds me of when Microsoft removed ActiveX from Vista (sorry for such a disgusting comparison folks ), but as it stands, without a third party app (tweetdeck via tinypic, facebook iPhone app, FTP programs), I have absolutely no way to simply upload a file to my own web site. Isn't uploading files a kind of popular function to today's somewhat tech-savvy "interweb" users?

    A savvy user would have multiple tools at his disposal!

    Your point has value though. Likewise the ability to download should be there. Admittedly saving PDFs to iBooks has been a big help. It is however only a stop gap solution. So I agree here Safari needs some of the same capabilities the desktop version has.


    Anyways, I didn't come here to vent, I just wanted to point out how happy Apple fans seem getting these itsy bitsy updates, and that there are some glaring gaps in what the iDevices currently do.

    it is called trolling.


    Allowing us to change font sizes for reading email? Great, but not revolutionary, more like a shoulda-been-there. More font choices? Great, but again, should-been-there already.

    In comparison to what? IOS is fairly well fleshed out for a phone OS. Even mail is fairly robust compared to other cell phone competitors. Could we use more features? Most certainly.


    But the mute button? Come on, give Apple some useful feedback to work with instead of being so easily appeased.

    Don't be dense! Seriously the mute button is needed to support Facetime. Oh and no the volume button doesn't do the trick.


    I don't use that slider either to lock the screen, nor will I for muting. It's just no big deal. I need enhancements that allow me to get more work done.

    Getting more work done is one of the reasons to bring user multitasking to iPad. You complain about the verythings that will make the next iPad software rev to be as valuable as it will be for getting work done. For the most part your first post seems to be missed placed. These incremental improvements and device parity will be a big win for both users and developers. Besides the reality is this is an update from 4.1 to 4.2 on iPhone thus isn't a major release.
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