Samsung takes stab at iPhone 4S with Galaxy S II comparison sheet



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    iPhones now cover all the price points.

    Free for iPhone 3GS (8 GB)

    $99 for iPhone 4 (8 GB)

    $199 for iPhone 4S (16 GB)

    Make no mistake, this is brutal and will clobber all other smart phones.

    Time will tell.
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    hexxhexx Posts: 40member
    Originally Posted by Parkettpolitur View Post

    Yes, but at least one that's decently big. Why couldn't Apple put a 4+" screen with 720p in there? The Nexus Prime will have it; Apple could have stolen Google's & Samsung's thunder, but no...

    why would you want big screen? seriously, do you want to have a handbag all the time with you? i don't get these requests, if you need larger screen get a tablet/laptop. i don't want bigger phone, colleagues at work have these 4" phones they are horrid!!!!
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    habihabi Posts: 317member
    Originally Posted by simtub View Post

    Yup 1280x720 is lovely but it will also further fragment the fragmented

    Yeah, imagine using that app that you love and having black borders on the top and bottom OR elongated buttons!
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    Originally Posted by mdriftmeyer View Post

    Most folks using the Apple Ecosystem use theirs with their AppleTV


    Pretty much nobody has an Apple TV.
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    Originally Posted by Saldog View Post

    Take the iPad: we would be looking at iPad 3 right now if they didn't have such an overwhelming market share. This means they can take their time and make sure iPad 3 is not a minor step like iPad 2 was.

    They took their time with the iPhone, and all they came up with was a minor step.
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    Originally Posted by snova View Post

    if it was about HW, Nokia would still be king.

    True, I like Nokia rubber boots above all!
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    conradjoeconradjoe Posts: 1,887member
    Originally Posted by Apple ][ View Post

    a ridiculously larged sized phone which can't really be used for anything useful

    That is not a description of the Galaxy S II
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    Wait now, which GSII's are getting the 1.5GHz Exynos SoC? Last I saw they were all the 1.2GHz variant?
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    Originally Posted by Shaun, UK View Post

    Very disappointed. I need to upgrade my phone soon and was waiting to see the iPhone 5. I'm not that bothered about screen resolution but I do want a larger screeen. Sadly for an Apple fan like me the Samsung Galaxy is looking very tempting right now.

    I think you should get that plastic droidy thingy then. Nobody cares.
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    Originally Posted by sflocal View Post

    Samsung's lower-resolution screen, using AMOLED which is prone to burn-in and loss of color quickly, weighs less due to using plastic instead of metal/glass, using an OS that is prone to weekly malware/bot attacks and needs to be babysat in a way only a tech-head or nerd can do is somehow more preferred than an iPhone? Does that sum it up?

    Spot on.
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    kreshkresh Posts: 379member

    You know Apple will scream bloody murder. Apple considers all other company's patents to be F/RAND Patents, but the ones Apple owns are not and thus warrant injunctions on competing products.

    Link: Apple reinforces its FRAND counterclaims against Samsung (and Motorola Mobility)
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    When you are selling all the phones you can make, there's no need to change anything. iPhone 4S is a solid evolutionary upgrade, the right phone for the right time. Good job Apple,

    Apple shares at $580 soon come mon?
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    conradjoeconradjoe Posts: 1,887member
    Originally Posted by snova View Post

    we worked so hard to get pocketable phones.. we went from the SHOE sized phones of the 80s to tiny phones like the Razr.. now we are going backwards again? wtf?

    The original iPhone had a big, beautiful screen compared with most other phones at the time. Look at the BB and the Palm Treo at the time.

    But that was a long time ago.
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    Originally Posted by Dunks View Post

    My thoughts exactly. The galaxy is only 800x480 pixels. "58% more surface area" is something I would consider a negative feature of a display if the pixel density is not the same.

    Do you consider it a negative feature of the iPad?
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    Originally Posted by kresh View Post

    After yesterday's keynote featuring the iPhone 4S (iPhone 4 Suckers), it is plain to see that Apple has for the past year forgone innovating and instead spent all their time litigating.

    Apple could have spent 16 months putting together a phone to compete and win hearts and minds. Instead they spec bump and sue everyone that breathes.

    I wonder if the trolls really believe that by repeating the same lies over and over that people will eventually believe them?

    The new phone is significantly improved in almost every regard. The only things unchanged are the case and screen - and both of those are world class. The new phone has:

    - Greatly improved CPU and GPU performance

    - World phone capability

    - Improved antenna

    - Significantly improved camera

    - Voice recognition that looks like it beats anything out there

    - Substantial software improvements

    - Higher maximum storage capacity

    - And more

    How much does Google pay you to spread lies?

    Originally Posted by kotatsu View Post

    Not for long. The Google Nexus Prime is due very soon and will have a 4.5" 1280x720 screen.

    You're welcome to buy a phone with a 10" screen if you want it. I don't - and Apple has apparently found that few people really do. After all, the #1 and #2 phones on the planet have 3.5" screens.
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    kreshkresh Posts: 379member
    Originally Posted by jragosta View Post

    I wonder if the trolls really believe that by repeating the same lies over and over that people will eventually believe them?

    How much does Google pay you to spread lies?

    Wow, you found me out. Google hired me in 2005 to join AI and troll in 2011.

    The truth is I was a huge Apple Computer, Inc. fan - now I despise the company Apple has become. They are worse than Microsoft ever was.
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    Originally Posted by Hakime View Post

    Let's take that in order:

    - processor -> Samsung is forgetting to tell us that the A5 in the iPhone 4S blows way the Galaxy S II in 3D performance. This is just not comparable...

    - 4G? -> Well Samsung is forgetting us to tell us that this is basically useless given the low coverage right now, and oh!, what about your battery being sucked up when the user use 4G? That's why maybe you need to do refrigerator need biiiiiiiiig batteries.

    - Super AMOLED -> Yeah Samsung great, it just that I can't see much on your screens when I use them outside. Plus why the hell do your screens degrade so fast???

    - Screen Size -> Oops, Samsung just forgot to say us that the iPhone 4S has 46% more pixels.....

    - Cameras -> You can be sure that the iPhone 4S rear camera is way better, but Samsung of course does not tell you that. It instead says that the front camera of the Galaxy S II is better, which nobody cares particularly when Samsung phones don't have something as good as FaceTime.

    - 1080p high profile -> What? Give me a break....

    - Photo/Video editing -> Yes sure, try to find a iMovie class video editor or even a simple good one on Android, they all suck....

    - Weight -> Samsung, you know, cheap and crappy plastic weights less than glass and stainless steel. Which means that the iPhone 4S weights a little bit more than the Galaxy S II but at least it looks and feels in the hand damn good...

    - Dimensions -> Samsung, you did it again... Your phone is not thinner, you've lost the case on the question in UK. You've lost, just let it go.

    - Removable battery -> For what, is that because your battery sucks so much that the user needs to replace them often.

    - Voice activation -> Wait, is Samsung comparing Vlingo to Siri? Crazy you Samsung....

    - Content Store -> It just happened that the App Store is the best store out there, period. But Samsung wants you to know that on its phones, you have the choice of multiple stores selling you malwares....

    - Syncing -> iTunes Software requires with the iPhone 4S, you screwed it up Samsung. You forgot that iOS 5 supports wireless syncing and oh, how it comes you forgot that your phones lack something as awesome as iCloud?

    - Use of smartphone as HDTV remote control -> wait, a remote control? You are out of your mind, its 21st century, the iPhone 4s does Airplay, and it is just awesome...

    - Carrier availability -> Right no T-Mobile, but yeah you need to be on all of them to hope to sell a fraction of the number of iPhones that Apple sell.

    - OS -> Latest version of Gingerbread? Are we talking about the same old and retarded OS? Come on, you can't be serious, I mean, you've got on the other side iOS 5, how a hell you came to compare Gingerbread with iOS 5?

    - Memory -> No external storage on the iPhone 4S? So what? You need anyway expensive external storage to match the storage available in the iPhone 4S something that people don't really do once they bought you crappy phones. And oh by the way, you forgot to say that your phones don't support 64 GB of storage.... whatever the external storage supported by your phone.

    - pricing ->No memory limitation? What? Where? How? Of course you have because if a user wants to match the same storage of the iPhone 4S, they need to pay more for a final price slightly cheaper than the iPhone with comparable storage. But you don't get the build quality, the faster graphics, iOS 5, and the list is veryyyyyyy long.

    - Grapes -> Not sour? Oh yes they are!
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    Originally Posted by AppleSauce007 View Post

    Make no mistake, this is brutal and will clobber all other smart phones.

    Time will tell.

    Even if Apple were to suddenly DOUBLE the amount of all the different iPhones it sells, it would not even match the various Android phones, much less clobber them.

    But does that matter? Why not just be happy with your iPhone? Why do you feel any need to clobber anything?
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    In some areas the Galaxy S 2 is superior in specs when compared to the iPhone 4S, however, the comparisons of specs are going to be lost on most consumers. Most consumers would be more concerned about the ecosystem and ease of use or Apple's dependable customer support. I don't think the iPhone 4S will harm iPhone sales to any degree. It's an Apple product and consumers will buy it for that reason. If there are no major flaws in the design, it will be more than enough smartphone for the average consumer. If Apple feels that there will be consumers buying the 3GS for $0 and the iPhone 4 for $99, then I'm sure the 4S will be more than adequate to use. If various factions have been asking for lower-priced iPhones, then they're finally getting them. I believe this initial kneejerk reaction to there not being an iPhone 5 is being blown out of proportion as far as the average consumer is concerned.
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