'BlackBerry London' photo claims to show RIM's first BBX OS phone



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    I feel your pain. Are you able to get BBC 3 in The States? I know iPlayer is UK only, but here in The Netherlands we get BBC 3 & 4 over 'digital TV over coax cable' tripling the number of channels (for something like ? 4 /m extra).

    Nah, I have to torrent my Top Gear. Only Doctor Who is aired on BBC America the same day as the UK, and even that only started this year.

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    Maybe RIM uses that Music Player icon to justify a combined sale for these shoes:

    Whatever. Apparently is being launch Q3. No, not 2012, this fall.

    LOL That shoe is a bad idea I can't help but love it.
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    The DMC-12 came with a 6-cylinder PRV (Peugeot/Renault/Volvo) engine. De double-Y chassis was a direct descendant of the highly praised Lotus chassis, so nothing to sneeze at. At the time DeLorean had it designed to compete with the Porche 911. This failed miserably of course since none of the specs matched the Porche, it weight 50% more and built-quality was horrid, even for the 80's.

    The only reason I have one is the looks (it still draws everyones attention) and the fact that it was dirt cheap when I bought it some 10 years ago.

    Someone wanna swap it for an Aston? Anyone???
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