Apple fixes accessibility issues with new iOS 6 App Store design

in iPhone edited January 2014
Apple has quickly responded to user complaints regarding the use of VoiceOver when browsing the redesigned iPhone App Store in iOS 6.

The improvements come only a few days after AppleInsider highlighted the fact that VoiceOver could no longer read application ratings. In previous versions of iOS, blind users could use the VoiceOver feature of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to find out how well-reviewed an application was.

Reader J. P. Shandra reached out again on Friday to note that Apple has made changes on its end without the need for an iOS update. He said that VoiceOver now reads all ratings in the App Store, iTunes Store, and the iBookstore.

The improvements made to Apple's digital storefronts were also noted on Friday by AppleVis, a site that advocates for blind and low-vision users of Apple products and applications. There, author David also noted that application screenshots in the App Store are now clearly labeled for VoiceOver users.

He also noted that the Search and Genius tabs in the App Store feature a "picker control that allows you to move quickly through the listed apps." David said the changes make browsing search results much quicker.


"It's great to see that Apple are still actively working on accessibility improvements to the App Store and are rolling out fixes in double-quick time," he wrote.

Blind users noted that there were a number of major problems associated with the newly redesigned App Store in the Golden Master build of iOS 6. But many of those issues were fixed by the time the final software was released to the public.


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    moxommoxom Posts: 326member
    Good to see Apple acting quickly to fix the issue. Shouldn't have been an issue in the first place though...
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    Apple fixes issues fast when it comes to the disabled population.
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    Since the App Store redesign, I can't find how to gift apps to my friends and family.  Did Apple remove this or am I going blind? :)

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    I want to know when Apple will fix the broken display of Search results in the App Store on the iPhone iOS6. It is unusable ever since the results show one app per screen and it is impossible to jump back and forth between bunches of apps at a time.


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    terminal IOS 6ness contracted with apple bite

    The problem is not Ios 6 but with the new apple corporate culture.

    Ios 6 is a total disaster that exposed apples willingness to handcuff users to an irreversible and often terminal download that has destroyed many iphones and ipads with Battery drain{ 3 hour battery life} , bluetooth problems, locations services problems, wifi problems, cellular data overages raising iphone users bills as much as 100 %, and hazard to navigation apple maps. A few minutes spent on Apple Support groups reveals multitudes of astonished loyal apple users being disabused and lied to at every level of Apple Support.

    Every new system has problems but Apple failure to be transparent about these problems and failure allow users to return to a functional operating system is a new low in corporate corruption.
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