Apple fixes MacBook Air crashing issue in critical firmware update

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Apple on Thursday released a storage firmware update that addresses an issue that would cause MacBook Airs to be unrecoverable after a system crash.


According to warning text that accompanies the software, Apple's MacBook Air requires the update, and the company recommends users back up all stored data to an external disk or Time Capsule before installation. Usually, firmware updates merely require a restart, but it seems Apple is taking extra precautions due to the nature of the patch.
Warning Text:

Your MacBook Air requires this update.

The power cord must be connected to your MacBook Air and plugged into a working power source.

Back up the data on your MacBook Air flash storage to an external disk or Time Capsule before installing this update. If you've already backed up your data, click Install Update to begin the update.

Do not reset, shut down, or turn off the power to your MacBook Air while updating your flash storage. If there is a problem during the update, your flash storage may become unusable and all the data on it could be lost.

When the update is complete your MacBook Air will shut down. Wait one minute before restarting it.
Upon successful installation, the boot ROM should read "Revision TPVABBF0" under the About This Mac menu option.

The update, which applies to mid-2012 model MacBook Airs, comes in at 1.69MB and can be downloaded via Software Update or Apple's Support webpage.


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    prwprw Posts: 31member
    Well, I'm glad they got that fixed for the MacBook Air, because I just crashed my 2011 iMac (12,2) this morning when I disconnected power from my Belkin Thunderbolt dock. Pulled the dock power out before I disconnected the Thunderbolt cable, and instant kernal panic crash and re-boot.

    So I think there maybe a few bugs in some of their older machines ...
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    prwprw Posts: 31member
    Oops, I though this was the Thunderbolt update. Oh, well, it was still a crash, anyway.
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