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    Cool device, very nice, too expensive for the average person. We've sold 4 of them, and they've all been to people who own their own companies and doctors. I want one, and music is a big part of my life, but I'm not spending $400 for one.
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    I've talked to a couple of peopele that have bought them, and they seem very happy with it. I think I will wait a while though. Since I lost a couple of thousand mp3's in an unfortunate reformatting accident, I haven't made too big an effort to rebuild my collection.
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    [quote]Originally posted by Nebagakid:


    Also, no onscreen help OR directions on how to use it at the Apple Store. I overheard two people fumbling over the controls and eventually got it, but it would have been easier if there had been a map on how to use it!



    Maybe that's the point. Its so easy to use anyone can figure it out after fiddling with it a bit? As far as the fast forward goes they probably designed it specifically for single handed operation.

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    I want one *badly* but am hoping within the year they will come out with one with a 10 gig HD...5 gig isnt quite enough for my iTunes (well once I get all my favorite songs imported ) I have about a third of my CD collection on iTunes, and am already nearing 3 GB just on my favorite songs...SO...would like a larger HD, even if it shoots the price up $100.
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    [quote]Originally posted by Cipher13:

    <strong>Useful as a HD.

    OVERPRICED like crazy (not relative to the cost of the drive, but nonetheless).

    I think it'll sound pretty shitty too.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Someone already took one apart and it does indeed use the same Toshiba PCMCIA HD card that Toshiba sells direct for $399. With the iPod you not only get that but an MP3 player to boot, and a very nice one at that. Why would it sound shitty? The MP3 format isn't exactly audiophille quality but why would the iPod have terrible sound compared to other MP3 players?

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    cosmocosmo Posts: 662member
    [quote]Originally posted by ThinkInsane:

    <strong> Since I lost a couple of thousand mp3's in an unfortunate reformatting accident, I haven't made too big an effort to rebuild my collection.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    And by rebuilding your collection you mean re-rippng all the CDs you have purchased, because we all know that apple doesn't want us stealing music.

    I would get an ipod if i had the money...and a firewire port...but i have neither

    I've been looking into getting a Nomad IImg with a 128meg smart card. The total price woudl be cheaper than the new MDLPs and it would hold almost as much, in a package that is smaller than the MD.

    anyone care to comment on this product?
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    jeffyboyjeffyboy Posts: 1,055member
    I would so instantly order one at $300.

    It seems like the perfect mp3 player, but I don't think anyone could come up with music-only features that could get me to pay any more, and I don't need a portable harddrive.

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    actually, with a good pair of headphones (though the supplied ones are good for ear buds), my ipod sounds awesome.....as long as you use grado's, it sounds great. believe me, it's worth getting grado sr-60's. people who have complained about bass need to use them. they solved the initial problems i had.

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    Nice, it has breakout, and as it is of a HD, it takes time to spin up sometimes. Otherwise, I love the little guy.
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    Oh, and I saw mine at the Santa Rosa, CA CompUSA hooked up to 4 speakers. Go now!
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    It's fun and cool, and not overpriced (seeing as how buying one instantly killed my TiBook lust, I consider it a bargain!).

    It's amazingly stylish. I don't know if they meant it to turn out this way, but the combination of stainless steel and white plastic makes it look like it belongs in a kitchen. It doesn't look like a tech machine at all. Actually, now that I write that, I bet that Apple did want a non-tech impression -- definitely lowers people's apprehensions about using one.

    All in all, we are seeing the fruit of Apple engineering firing on all cylinders. 2002 looks like it's going to be a great year!
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    ... could be that everything cool came out in 2001 too, the engineers working too hard...
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    I haven't had the chance to see one yet (does Circuit Shitty have them?) but I would love one. I've been thinking about getting an external HD for my ibook because I'm getting cramped with the 10GB installed (2.5 gigs of mp3 will do that to a small drive) and if I got it, I'd get an real extra 5 gb of storage because I'd get the mp3s off my HD. But it is a little on the expensive side. I can't really justify the purchase. Is it worth the $400? Yes. Can I afford the $400? Maybe. When that's a Yes, I'll get one.

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    I love my little iPod!

    [ 11-13-2001: Message edited by: Trekkie ]</p>
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    I love it, I have one as of today. However everybody I talked to with one seems to agree on one thing, our mp3 collections or favorite mp3s mysteriously take up more than 4.6 GB after the iPod was introduced.
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    It is incredibly overpriced. What is it, the Nomad Jukebox or something sells for $200 and its only real disadvantage is USB takes longer than Firewire.

    Are you people allergic to money or what?
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    I don't have one yet. I really want one though. I'll probably waituntil after Christmas and ge one then.

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    Me Too...

    I will be waiting til Xmas... My wife has strict instructions to get me one for my xmas present.....

    I cant wait...

    although, I am also going to be getting a new dual 800... soon... (but that is for work) the iPod is for play!

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    gordygordy Posts: 1,004member
    My apprehension to buy is not based on whether I liked it after playing with it. I thought it was cooler in person than on the web. I mean, it's really the size of a deck of cards, smaller than a Rio 600 even.

    Rather, my apprehension is because after looking at it closely I started seeing the future potential of this device. This device could mirror iTunes, Image Capture, and QuickTime Player easily. I think my $400 bucks will be better spent a few months from now, so I'll wait for rev. 2 or 3. In the meantime my Rio 600 will work for me.
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    The thing with the iPod is if you look at the cost of the parts it's not over priced, but it's just more than a lot of people are willing to spend on MP3 player. Most people have better/more important things to spend $399 on.
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