AT&T begins training support staff on Apple's iOS 7 ahead of public release

in iPhone edited January 2014
Apple carrier partner AT&T began training its support staff on the upcoming iOS 7 update on Thursday, in preparation for the software's launch in the near future, AppleInsider has learned.

ATT Training

There's nothing new in the training info that Apple itself hasn't already announced regarding iOS 7, a person familiar with the materials revealed. But the carrier is reportedly preparing its supportstaff for the fast approaching launch of iOS 7 to the general public.

The news comes as Apple is gearing up to hold a media event next Tuesday, where it is expected to introduce its new lineup of iPhones. Based on previous years' patterns, it's likely that iOS 7 will become available to the public in the week following Apple's event.

Apple has begun taking similar measures ahead of the launch of iOS, blocking AppleCare employee days off for a two-week span from Sept. 15 through 28. It's expected that iOS 7 will become available and two new iPhone models will launch during that time period.

ATT Training

In previous years, Apple has put its new iPhones in the hands of consumers on Fridays the week following the company's keynote event. This year, that would place the launch of the anticipated "iPhone 5S" and "iPhone 5C" on Sept. 20.

Last year, Apple made iOS 6 available to the public two days before the iPhone 5 went on sale. If the company were to follow the same pattern this year, iOS 7 would become available on Wednesday, Sept. 18.

It's likely that developers will be provided a golden master build of iOS 7 after next Tuesday's event. Golden master releases are proposed final builds of beta software issued to developers prior to public release.


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    "Now, this is the new iOS. This is what it looks like. Get to know it. Got it? Good. Now purposely sell people phones that don't run it."
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    95% adoption rate in the first 24 hrs after iOS 7's release, compared to a 3% rate in the first 365 days of the latest version of Android (next one will be called Fruitcake.) I love when they show those pie charts!
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    Originally Posted by jsmythe00 View Post

    im done w att. sorry guys. gotta rant here for a bit.

    ive been with att for 9 years and never had a billing issue. well student loans and other stuff came calling due. i got back up on my bill and phone was cut off. my fault, no problem

    Called to get my phone back on and theyre charging me $40. i politely ask for a waiver. i mean really, i give them $100 a month for 9 years...what the heck. why not

    NOPE. dude goes on about about it bein mandatory. i understand but i would think rhat a customer that has given you...almost $10,000 could deserve some kinda break.

    Well...that was the last straw with att. When IP5S comes out im buying off contract and headed to TMO

    I dumped AT&T last year when they discontinued yearly upgrades for account holders on family plans. That was enough of a screw job, on top of charging me $36 to SIGN A NEW CONTRACT when an upgrade was done. I went prepaid and haven't looked back. 


    Yeah, it sucks when you have to pay full retail for a new phone, but the savings every month offsets the difference. That, and I can change carriers any time I feel my current service/company isn't satisfactory. 


    I'd love to jump on T-Mobile, but I can't handle being stuck on EDGE, and I live in the largest city between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg... Go figure. Verizon has had LTE here for a couple of years, Sprint launched it earlier this year, and still no AT&T LTE support. Meanwhile, T-Mobile is still EDGE-only... So, for now, I'm using Net10 running on AT&T. Whoever upgrades to LTE first (AT&T/T-Mobile) in my area, I'll be going there - GoPhone from AT&T now supports LTE and iPhones. If AT&T upgrades my area first, I'll jump to GoPhone, even though it costs more. If T-Mobile is first, I'll jump on them. 


    Come on T-Mobile! Get with it!

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