First clear images of Logitech's MFI iPhone game controller emerge



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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,232moderator
    dsol wrote: »
    The only gamepads or controllers released for iOS devices so far have been kludges using the Bluetooth keyboard spec, using keypresses to represent controller inputs - which has obvious limitations.  I'm no fan of Android, but Google added gamepad support eons ago for android. This is long overdue.

    The other company besides Logitech making iPhone controllers was Moga so I expect that their controller will look like their Android one:


    Apple said that they'd require every controller's buttons to feel the same way so they might not be able to use the exact same model. You can see all the lag in those games on Android on a flagship device, this doesn't happen on the iPhone so adding controllers to the iPhone will give the best experience. I think the following setup is pretty good though:


    With streaming games you get full console games like Arkham Asylum/City, Deus Ex, Hitman, Sleeping Dogs etc. Having these natively ported would be better so it's mobile but it's a good temporary solution while the hardware catches up.

    The Moga sticks look quite cramped, I'd rather just use a PS3 or 360 controller.
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    matrix07matrix07 Posts: 1,993member
    Nice bezel...looks retarded...all that plastic (and metal) surrounding such puny screen. Get a bigger screen iPhone. Pathetic.

    Personally I think what's pathetic is someone holding what looks like a brick to his ear.
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member
    Originally Posted by Suddenly Newton View Post

    A computer with a mouse and keyboard? What is this, the late 80s?


    I, for one, am already itching enough to want OS XI and 27-42” touchscreen computers.

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    nikon133nikon133 Posts: 2,600member
    A computer with a mouse and keyboard? What is this, the late 80s?

    No, he has a point. Beside side-scrollers and maybe fighting games, most games are so much nicer to play with analogue sticks.

    If you have opportunity, Gran Tourismo (or any other 3D driving game) with both D-pad and analogue sticks. D-Pad is really castrating gameplay.

    But hey, D-pad is much easier (and cheaper) to make. I think Logitech is being lazy here. Or maybe they are just probing market with this.
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    Absolute crap! This is just a Super Famicom controller! 

    Where is the analog stick? Who the hell really needs a D-pad these days? D-pads where only invented by Nintendo because they took up very little space in a clamshell Game&Watch and later used in the Famicom because toddlers would not break them and hurt their feet when stepping on them, like sticks. Today their role is long past.

    And the button layout is hopelessly fiddly for a handheld esp. when you have a touchscreen right next to it. Two or three large buttons would be nice. Much better would be a touchpad that doesn't need you to obscure the screen.

    And also the design is really bland and unapple.

    At least step up to the challenge and *try* Logitech!

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