In five years, Microsoft's share of personal computing fell from 90 to 33%



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    MSFT have never done a good product. They dont want to since they rely on upgrades.

    MSFT have never been able to compete in a market where there is competition. Today they still make over 95% of their profit on monopoly products Windows/Office.

    If I want to buy a PC today its still a monopoly since all mainstream built PCs ship with Windows. The interesting thing is that tablets replaced the Netbooks. For the first time customers had a choise between Windows and Android/iOS tablets. And customers ditched MSFT.

    MSFT needs to change. From having a goal making crappy product to force upgrades. To lock their customers with software licenses. (if you have a big company you have to license ALL MSFT products, not only the one you want)

    The amazing thing is that MSFT still is one of the strongest brand in the world. There are still to many uneducated people who belive Windows is good. 100% of these users have never used anything else. The sad thing is that 90% of people working in IT falls into this kind of people. 90% working with IT have no clue about IT and its frustrating and scary.

    Ericsson was killed by MSFT.
    Nokia was killed by MSFT.

    These are just the 2 companies where I have work and have insight how they threw out working IT enviroment and replaced it with Windows. Designing basestations and phones cant be done in Excell like Windows Clickers believe.

    MSFT needs to die. Their monopoly that put computing into the dark ages for 15 years needs to be broken up.
    Apple should (but wont) license OSX and offer iPhones with Android. Google should make Android a real PC alternative.

    BTW: Windows clickers love MSFT for their "openess". Windows 8 offers Secure boot. If you buy a prebuilt PC you cant install any other OS. Even Apple allow anyone to install anything on their "PCs".
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    Originally Posted by Frood View Post



    On the plus side, from the data and the new definition, the Personal Computer business is actually booming.  It more than doubled from 2009 - 2013!!!


    From the data cited I'm not even sure where the 33% comes from.  If he's using his own charts for data the last set in 2013 that shows data for tablets and windows shows Windows devices @ 70,000,000 and the total market @ 110,000,000 devices, which would be more like 64%, but who knows.

    The 33% comes from a different chart for Q3 2013 data that AppleInsider didn't republish:



    As some have pointed out these two charts also seem to be imperfect since they don't include Macs or other non-Windows PCs, or any non-Android/iOS/Windows phones (i.e. Blackberries).  But it's doubtful that including those would meaningfully change the conclusions.

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    Gotta agree with the "it's the same market" people. There are a vast number of people who bought their first computers to get online, do online shopping, searching, bill paying, game playing... Not to make Word documents, graphics, music, presentations or to make anything else. What those people bought a computer for can be done with a smartphone or tablet.
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    Originally Posted by Macky the Macky View Post

    Were you listening when Steve Jobs said, "PC are trucks and there will always be a need for trucks." His point being that you don't always need a truck to do what you want to do. He was fore-telling that people would be moving to smaller computer devices to do what they need to get done, and that's what has happened. Most jobs don't require trucks.


    My original point was that the analysis was flawed.  Using Steve Job's truck example, a useful analysis would have determined Microsoft's share of the "truck" market.  We all know they are only wannabees in the mobile market.

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    It's amazing how people who would normally decry any monopolistic enterprise will shill endlessly for Microsoft/Windows and now they're in denial that the MS stream-roller is broken.
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    When I look at that PC shipment graph, I think "hmm... traditional PC shipments are pretty much the same as 5 years ago." That's shipments, not PCs in use, which means new and replacement PCs bought*. Looking at the graph also makes me think, "hmm...a brand new market emerged when the iPad was released (greenish shaded areas)". Now, tablets and smartphones probably stole potential growth from the PC sales, it doesn't look to me that it actually reduced PC sales.

    Now, whether PCs tablets and smartphones are the same market... I not sold. In Jobs' truck analogy, I have never considered trucks and cars and vans or even SUVs to be the same market. Sure they are all automobiles, but someone looking at a Camry isn't going to suddenly decide to get a F150, or a Explorer. Hell some could argue that luxury sedans are a different market to "regular" cars. I guess its just you point of view.

    *I know shipments may not necessarily mean sales, but it's close enough for this.
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    The headline is a bit misleading as usual.


    Wikipedia better get on the ball and update their web page.



    I think one needs to consider that all of the stats the article is based on are for machines sold annually not the worldwide machines in use as the headline suggests, so Windows share of personal computing is still near 90%. The notion that iPads are taking sales away from Windows is only slightly significant as many iPad buyers were never in the market for a new PC anyway. They either already have one that works just fine, even if it is a few years old, or they were never going to buy any PC, either because they have no use for one or they have no place to put it. Not to say that PC shipments aren't flat or falling but you need to look at the situation from various perspectives including the recent recession to fully explain the market forces at work. You shouldn't just jump on the iPad is killing PC sales bandwagon because that is what you want to believe. I'm not a Windows apologist as I'm a Mac user since the Plus days, but all day long I see nothing but Windows machines on people's desks at work, and there are a lot of them. I'm the only one with a Mac.

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    So the markets 3 times the size due to new form factors and Microsofts shares is slightly less than 3 times the size. So they've gained sales.

    It is a stupid stat because most of it isn't ant extra spending from consumers or lost sales from Microsoft. Its just the classification of phones being in the market. You could argue why didn't feature phones with email and web browsers qualify but an iPhone does. If that was the case then Microsoft wouldn't ever of had 90% market share.
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    Originally Posted by christopher126 View Post


    So correct! Even Tim Cook said he is using his iPhone and iPad 90% of the time. It's the one thing he and I have in common! :)

    So what's the other 10%?  iMac?  MacAir?

    I know college students can't survive 4 years on ipad alone.  Almost everyone has a laptop or desktop.

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    apple ][ wrote: »
    It's usually very easy to spot the trolls and non-Apple users on Apple forums.

    One of the ways is simply to look for people who spell Mac like this: MAC.

    So if I write iMac or IMAC or Imac or (well you get the picture), then I am a troll.

    Well then lemme crawl back under my bridge with my IPAD :P .
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    It was a facetious remark. of 3Eleven's. 

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