USA Today prints contemptuous trashing of Apple's latest iOS 7 release



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    mikesmoke wrote: »
    No problems here on 4s. Couldn't imagine going back to old Safari.

    I love the edge swipe to go back/fwd.
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    Originally Posted by waldobushman View Post

    There are two iOS 7 app problems which have yet to be fixed.

    Both iBook and Kindle apps lag in handling an open book. That is, I have the app running with a book open, then switch to a different app, then come back to either iBook or Kindle. Both hang temporarily, the screen blanks, a spinner appears, then the current book page. Because both apps do this, I expect it is an iOS problem. I haven't seen a problem with the Nook app.

    The second app that is having problems is GoodReader. It crashes, fairly consistently, and I have inundated the develop with the log file it generates. They are still debugging the problem.

    How do you switch? I just opened iBooks to an open book page, double clicked the home button to display my other open apps, clicked on music and it smoothly transferred to that display, then double clicked the home button again and clicked on iBooks' icon and it smoothly moved that display back over the screen. Just did the same with Kindle, smoothly moved to the new screen each time, back and forth...

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    Seriously, if USA Today hadn't just about lost me with it's lousy interface on Web and IOS devices, and it's sophomoric reporting in the political arena, this undocumented article with half truths and the ever present "Steve Jobs" reference...has done it. Deleting the app from my devices tonight.
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    I use IOS7 on two iPhone 4's, and two iPad's and it is terrific, classy and fast.  

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    Originally Posted by jfc1138 View Post

    Oh and what "everything" is "white"? Other than the background in settings I guess which is white....

    Compare all the built-in apps to their iOS 6 counterparts.

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    If your stocks apps crash it's iOS 7. If 3rd party apps crash it's because the developer hasn't updated it or stillin working in changes. Not apples fault other then maybe giving more time to devs to update.
    I am practically an Apple household, with all combinations of iPhones, iPads, Macs etc that we have used for years. And I have used iOS since its first version. It has never been an issue for me.

    Until iOS 7.

    I have had more crashes & strange behaviors with iOS7 on my iPhone 5 than any other version ever. Applications just don't respond to touch and instead crash (randomly), keystroke entry freezes up or is delayed interminably and then the app crashes - the two main kinds of issues I have experienced.

    So USA Today may be onto something. The only way for Apple, a great product-making company if ever there was one, to be that is for the consumer base to be honest in their observations of their shortcomings when they have them. Too much of fanboy'sm never helps. And constantly comparing iOS7 and Android and making everything relative is a disservice to both, and honestly not very helpful to the user communities.
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    Boycotting anything from them personally.
    Seriously, if USA Today hadn't just about lost me with it's lousy interface on Web and IOS devices, and it's sophomoric reporting in the political arena, this undocumented article with half truths and the ever present "Steve Jobs" reference...has done it. Deleting the app from my devices tonight.
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    1. Who the * reads USA Today?
    2. Have they seen Windows 8?

    The only nagging problem I've noticed is that the unlock animation seems to block interface interaction for the last few milliseconds of the icons sliding into place. Especially when I try to unlock and immediately slide up the control center to use the camera or clock app. Might have to tap one more time than I'd like.

    Big whoop.

    What, are you going to trade all your devices in for Windows Phones and a Galaxy Tab?

    I didn't think so.
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    Maybe you can outline for us what the tech media is allowed to write about. Should we all stick to paraphrasing PR and consultant reports?

    You’re not getting enough of that elsewhere? I can send you some links if you’re jonesing for more paid propaganda. 

    I'm sure that seemed a lot more scathing and brilliant in your head. Shame you wrote it down though.
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    jfc1138 wrote: »
    mstone wrote: »
    I have not upgraded yet on my phone. iPad mini yes but haven't really gotten used to it yet. One question for those with iOS 7 on iPhone 5, is the new pass code screen as easy to operate single handed? It seems so spread out that it might require two handed input. I like the iOS 6 passcode screen because it is compact and easy to enter holding in one hand and using the thumb. Just curious how others have adapted to the new pass code layout.
    I've medium glove sized hands and my righthand thumb easily works the passcode keys on a iPhone 5. Maybe hit an Apple store and check out the spacing for yourself if there's one nearby?

    I find I get fewer one-handed mistakes with the iOS 7 pass code screen. The space between numbers helps my accuracy and the numbers are still easily reachable.
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    I think this is the most bizarre conspiracy article I've ever seen on this site.


    Out of half a dozen people quoted, this article focuses on one of them because he worked at a group that (in their list of 300+ companies who have used their services in the past) had contact with Google and Samsung. Therefore, they must have control over the company and everyone in it, and obviously paid this guy to say a few sentences about the iOS 7 launch. Then the article goes on an unrelated tangent and starts foaming at the mouth about Android (which has nothing to do with whether or not the iOS 7 launch was problematic). And finally, there's utterly irrelevant stuff about security flaws in Android (again: this has nothing to do with the topic at hand, any more than potential iMessage issues are relevant to Android rollouts).


    Honestly, this article is a caricature of fanboyism. It's on par with (if not worse) with the "journalism" of the USA Today. If you're going to criticise bad journalism, try and do it without descending to their level (or better still, ignore it: any criticism draws further attention and gets it more views).

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    Originally Posted by Mechanic View Post


    Did you do a clean fresh install when installing iOS7?  Or did you just update?  Or did you do an update and restore?


    About 85% of the problems you are having I would bet are because you just updated and all of your old settings are in your phone from a restore.

    Try this.  Restore your phone to factory in iTunes and then set it up like it is new out of the box.  Don't restore your settings with iTunes.

    If you do I would bet that most of your problems go away.

    My wife's iphone 5 had issues too and after doing what i suggested here almost all of her problems went away.  The only one she has now is that sometimes iMessage does not send her messages, and Apple is working on a fix right now for the next update.

    I'm wondering how many people with problems have taken them to the local Apple Store to have someone look at their device.   I think the problems might be with SOME of the 5's and they just might need to do a restore and the 5s's that have a defective sensor (only some have defective sensors from what I've heard).  Any time a new major update comes out, it usually takes about 3 to 4 months before the major issues get resolved.   Heck, Windows 8 isn't getting a major fix until about a year later.

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    It's a real missed opportunity for humanity what has happened with Android. After all the problems people had for years with desktop computer security, app phones were a chance to start fresh and have security built in from the beginning. Apple did that with their curated App Store, sandboxed apps, and timely patches.

    What did Google do with Android? Anything goes in terms of apps, slow patches, and the choice of Java as their primary programming language: a platform that has more security holes than Swiss cheese. Just a shameful waste of an opportunity.
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    Originally Posted by patpatpat View Post

    Meanwhile a mediocre U.S. Blogger has compiled a scathing rebuttal claiming android is frought with issues although it provided no actual metrics of the issues..........

    Slow news day.

    He did provide links to articles justifying his statements. Those can be construed as metrics.


    Slow comments day.

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    Funny, I'm using 7.0.2 and having no issues and loving it. Another hit piece to try and scare investors.

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    Can I sign up for ObamaCare using iOS 7?
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    I always experience a diminished battery life during the first few weeks of an iOS update - on my iPad; but, my wife doesn't with her iPhone.

    The difference in experience is simple. I'm a retired cranky old geek and end up spending increased time experimenting, finding my way through all the new nooks and crannies of the new OS. My wife has her iPhone with her at work has to keep up her usual level of work and accomplishments.

    After a month or so I'm back to habitual use levels.

    BTW, everything else is working fine. Including the apps I've used through a couple of upgrades.
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    jd_in_sb wrote: »
    I have owned every model of iPhone ever made except the iPhone 5C. I always loved iOS and it got better with each new version. I hate iOS 7 because of the look. The new flat interface is terrible. Graphics are gone, everything is white. Everything looks like a cheap web interface. I love Apple but I hope Jony Ive gets a wake-up call. He's great but made a very ugly GUI. Everyone I know hates the look too. I hope Jony can correct his mistake.

    I'm partially with you on this as well. There are certain design aspects I like very well. But you got it right... Way too much white. Too much white is ugly, hard on the eyes, and difficult to read text (especially the thin iOS 7 text).
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    I usually like DED'S debunking of Reports and figures that are investigative but this article really seems a bit overly apologetic, and full of non sequitur tangents. When the article is full of vague complaints of the other guys it tells you something.... Distraction.

    Also really weird to keep pushing how fast iOS 7 is being adopted when there is an article a few stories down stating the opposite.
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    quinney wrote: »
    I find I get fewer one-handed mistakes with the iOS 7 pass code screen. The space between numbers helps my accuracy and the numbers are still easily reachable.

    So true. I used to hit the emergency button all the time with my pass code in iOS 6.
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