Apple's 8GB iPhone 5c offers just 3.7GB less storage than Samsung's "16GB" flagship Galaxy S4



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    Originally Posted by hill60 View Post



    From Samsung's website:-


    External Memory Slot MicroSD Slot (up to 64GB)

    The link you posted is compatible with Sandisk cards of no specific size.


    You can waste 12 times the $10, oft quoted "sweet spot", on a 128GB card, the phone will only "see" 64GB, although you could try making 2 64GB partitions with a PC.


    On a side note my iPad Retina couldn't read my camera's 128GB SD card until the update to iOS 7.

    Dud I have a friend with a Galaxy S4 and a 128GB card that shows as 128GB. You are wrong. And why do people keep talking as if all Android users are cheapskates. These type of phones cost about the same on or off contract as the iPhone and the Note 3 is actually more expensive. Not everyone with Android buys those $200 ones believe it or not. I happen to have several friends with 6 figure salaries that own Android phones because they hate the small size of the iPhone display and can easily afford an iPhone but chose not to buy one. 

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    gwmac wrote: »
    Dud I have a friend with a Galaxy S4 and a 128GB card that shows as 128GB. You are wrong. 
    I think this thread has devolved to the point where, for some folks, TTIWWOP.
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    Originally Posted by runbuh View Post

    I think this thread has devolved to the point where, for some folks, TTIWWOP.

    You mean...

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    Originally Posted by thataveragejoe View Post


    You mean...

    Beat me to it. I just called my buddy and he said it was Sandisk. This is the one he bought but he got it from Bestbuy not Amazon. Click reviews also for more proof. The fact is Android phones at least offer an option to massively increase your storage and iPhones don't which is why I had to pay an extra $200 to get to 64GB. I really hope Apple doubles their base memory to 32/64/128 with the iPhone 6. Even 64GB is nearly full for me so I would prefer 128GB. That is one thing I am very jealous of with Android phones. 


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    Originally Posted by Slurpy View Post

    Not surprising. Which is why the capacity comparison is ALWAYS misleading when it comes to mobile phones. Companies should be legally forced to advertise how much free space the device ships with, not total space. A 16GB iPhone has almost double actual storage space for users than a 16GB S4, yet they're advertised as if they're identical. Its a disgusting and misleading practice- but of course, Samsung/Microsoft will not get bad PR for it because they're not Apple.


    The interesting thing is that you're ranting against Samsung and Microsoft doing it, but giving Apple a pass on it.  Even using DED's optimApple numbers and pretending its not going to be a major nuisance for users to delete 50% of their stuff every time Apple issues one of their (frequent) updates:


    The worst case Android offender S4 gives you 8.56 free gig and advertises 16.  The iPhone, according to DED, gives you 4.9 gig, yet they market it as an 8gb phone!!!  Those villains!  Samsung leaves you with 53.5% of the advertised number and Apple leaves you with 61.4%- not a whole lot better and you couldn't buy said iPhone and edit photos or do spreadsheets without taking up enough of that space that you couldn't still update the phone.  The Samsung phone does have all those most used capabilities out of the box.  The downside being if you prefer other options you have to download those *in addition* to the ones native on the phone.  So pick your Apple or Android side and argue it out to your hearts content =P  On Android, if it really is an issue to you, you're not forced to buy the cherry picked worst case examples DED likes to use.  Just sayin.


    Barring the 'who is the bigger liar liar pants on fire' memory advertiser, if Apple feels people are missing out on the Apple experience because they are being priced out- then the 8gb 5c makes good financial sense.  Whether they are sacrificing the quality of the Apple experience by providing a phone users will almost inevitably use up all of the space and have to shuffle things around for updates will ultimately be determined by the users themselves.  If they are annoyed, maybe they'll be enamored enough to upgrade to an iPhone with more memory.  If they are really annoyed, they'll leave Apple.


    Somewhere, there has to be 'the least capable iPhone'  This is it.  It's still pretty darn good.

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    Originally Posted by runbuh View Post

    I think this thread has devolved to the point where, for some folks, TTIWWOP.


    Yeah, I shouldn't have relied on SAMSUNG'S SITE to find out this information.


    I guess they are liars, silly me.

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    hill60 wrote: »
    I guess they are liars

    A lot of people around here agree with you.
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    dstarsboy wrote: »
    I just want to point out that you can't store music and videos in iCloud for free. You have to use iTunes Match, which costs $25 per year or something. 

    Music and videos purchased from iTunes don't require iTunes Match - only uploading personally ripped music.
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    Originally Posted by Corrections View Post



    Coming from the person who says SD cards are a substitute for installed storage. Perhaps if you want to store MP3s. Not if you expect apps you install to actually work. Or your phone to work at all after installing a couple apps. Or if you expect apps you install to not be able to access any and all personal data and message stores coped to the SD Card. 


    Do some research on how Android actually uses SD cards. Frankly, its embarrassing. 


    You putting words you wish he said into his mouth, and then berating him for it, is embarrassing.  Especially when you highlight the value of SD cards and where they would benefit iPhone users (especially the ones with the 8g phones!) in the same breath.  Where does he say SD cards are an actual substitute for installed storage?  You just made that up.  And then berated him for it.


    If anything it sounds like he has done his research on Android.   Quoting directly from him so as to not actually put words in his mouth:



    Originally Posted by WS11 View Post


    There are faster SD cards, but that will add to the cost and the device needs to be compatible.  Generally the applications will be stored on the device's storage and additional data (eg. music, video, photos, etc.) will be stored on the microSD.



    It sounds like he has a pretty good grasp of what SD are good for, as do you in your comment about saying SD cards are great for storing MP3s.


    So... you're iPhone user has 3gb of music and pictures on his iPhone 5c with 4.9gb of free memory.  That's not really all that much.  Well he or she is now fairly limited.  They can now download maybe one or two apps, and they can't do a software update without picking what they want to delete or shuffle to the cloud.  Now imagine if Apple included an SD card on that iPhone.  Problem solved.  Store your pictures and music on the SD card.  Ta da!  All your flash memory goodness is now actually available for Apps!!!!  If Apple did it right, they could actually even use that SD space for their updates.  Just as SD cards aren't a viable alternative for flash memory, the cloud isn't really a viable alternative for SD cards.  When the cloud is down (iCloud, down?  Never.) no access for you- hope you didn't have that presentation stored in the cloud for that meeting...  Love all your favorite music that you store in the cloud?  Long flight to Australia?  No tunes for you.  SD card?  No problem.


    For those Apple users that despise SD cards on principle just because Android uses them, the best part is you wouldn't even have to use them.  I'd venture the vast majority of Apple users *would* use them if they had the capability- and I'd actually give Apple props if they 'walled' SD cards in so they could *only* be used for the things they are actually good at doing like music and storing pictures (running apps and allowing apps to share each other's stored data on them *not* being included in that list).

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    hill60 wrote: »
    It costs $A10 a month for Samsung Hub, which I found out the second time I used it on my S4 and I could see the music but couldn't play any without being nagged to enter my credit card details.

    The phone came with a free month, I don't use that stuff much.
    hill60 wrote: »
    It costs $A10 a month for Samsung Hub, which I found out the second time I used it on my S4 and I could see the music but couldn't play any without being nagged to enter my credit card details.

    The phone came with a free month, I don't use that stuff much.

    Hang on, no. You are totally misunderstanding iCloud and iTunes Match. They are incredible value. And no, you don't have to purchase Match to get some value out of iCloud.

    First off, any music (and movies I guess) that you purchase through iTunes is automatically stored for you for streaming. It doesn't even take away from your 5GB free available for files. Doesn't matter how much you have purchased, you can stream it to any of your devices. I just did that today -- have not sync'ed music to my iPad, but I could nevertheless stream my purchased music without doing a thing! Similarly, PhotoStream keeps latest 1000 images without touching your allocated file space.

    Now, iTunes Match is pretty cool. You can tell iTunes to look at all the music in your library, no matter how it got there -- ripped from CDs , bought other places, whatever. ITunes Match makes all those songs part of your officially sanctioned Library that it will now stream for you to any of your devices -- or you can even re-download new copies at better res I believe. Doesn't matter if you have 60GB or 160GB, whatever you have imported into iTunes gets "matched"!

    This just can't be beat.
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    ws11 wrote: »
    All of that space used up by Samsung's bloatware. At least they provide a microSD card slot for further expansion, and it costs ~$20 for a 32GB card.


    Card slots! Yippee! Why don't you petition Samsung for a floppy disk drive? I'm sure you'll have many supporters.
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    umumum wrote: »
    apple's 8gb has 3.7gb less storage than samsung's 16gb, because of all the crap samsung add


    ai is really struggling for clickbait today

    Well they've already pulled in two trolls in the first three posts; not bad going.
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    ws11 wrote: »
    The author is DED, what else would you expect.  

    At times this site can be a nice resource for news, but ever so often you'll have articles like this.

    It certainly brings the vermin out of the woodwork.
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    This has gone on in storage forever, it's hardly new. Are people still outraged their laptop drives aren't the full available space 20 years later? My rMBP had quite a bit less than 'advertised' out of the box especially with a recovery partition. I expected it. It doesn't matter who's logo is on the outside, it's just how it works. 

    Now having nearly half the space in the S4 taken up by system is laughably bad / near inexcusable still, but intentionally left out of the article is optional additional media storage in the SD card several phones offer. Terrible policy, but still an option. 

    You conveniently miss the fact the percentage differences are hugely greater when you're talking about 16GB-8GB rather than 256GB-230GB. And a card slot isn't worth mentioning.
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    solipsismx wrote: »

    Imagine if 5,280 and 3,281 feet both used the term mile.

    I thought they used the term centipede. Or is it millipede? ????
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    I really thought this was where Apple was going....relatively inexpensive, super-small, super-thin, super-light devices (iPhones and iPads) connected to iCloud/iTunes where all our stuff is.

    We don't need laptops with 2 TB hard drives.

    Am I missing something?


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    ws11 wrote: »
    Are you actually trying to compare an SSD (and microSD) equipped x86-64 Windows 8.1 tablet pre loaded with Microsoft Office, with an eMMC equipped ARM based device running a mobile OS (iOS)?  

    The difference between these two devices is night and day.

    Yes; one is to be used only when breakdancing and the other is for everyone else.
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    This is terrible news for people in emergenging markets that were hopeful the 5C would have been an alternative. Barely 5GB is really nothing for a phone, between apps and a couple of music that poor phone is gonna be full and unusable most of its life time. I know that Apple Insider is trying very hard to somehow twist it into a different kind of news, and I thank them as an apple fan for trying, but in this case this is a very bleak perspective that not even without the third party bundles the 5C cannot allow even 5GB of user free space.

    In the case of the 5C Apple will be competing with tons of Android and Windows phone devices that will not only be cheaper, but offer more practical storage space as almost all of them come with a microSD slot. This makes me a sad Apple fan to see Apple waste all that money trying to make a device for a specific market that Apple evidently know nothing about.

    A lot of words to say "Apple is doomed."

    Do us all a favour—shut up and go away.
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    ws11 wrote: »
    That's true, when you're trying to run CAD software, sketch with the active stylus, edit photo/video in professional grade software or play games on Steam, the iPad can only hold your paper down.

    Again both devices are completely different and used for very different purposes.

    'Trying' being the operative word.
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