Apple and IBM join forces in landmark push for iOS in enterprise



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    Originally Posted by Lorin Schultz View Post



    Too early to tell. We have no idea how it will manifest. It may be nothing more than IBM becoming a reseller of iPads, although even that would be pretty good.


    From the article over at Re/Code:



    The deal calls for IBM and Apple to develop more than 100 industry-specific applications that will run on the iPhone and iPad, including applications for security, analyzing corporate data and managing the devices themselves. Apple will add a new class of service to its AppleCare program and support aimed at enterprise customers. IBM will continue to support other wireless operating systems including Google’s Android.

    IBM will also begin to sell iPhones and iPads to its corporate customers and will devote more than 100,000 people, including consultants and software developers, to the effort. Enterprise applications will in many cases run on IBM’s cloud infrastructure or on private clouds that it has built for its customers. Data for those applications will co-exist with personal data like photos and personal email that will run on Apple’s iCloud and other cloud services.


    I'd say it will be more involved than re-selling iPads.

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    I'm afraid the general public's reaction to this news (if they ever hear it) will be: "IBM is still in business? Surely not!"

    This will allow the tech media and the usual pundits to portray this as the innovation-challenged Apple tying itself to another dinosaur from the primeval swamp and going under together.

    This is probably the biggest news on the Apple front since Steve Jobs' return, but good luck selling that reality to the general-interest press.
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    rogifan wrote: »
    Microsoft is actually up slightly after hours. But Blackberry is down over 4%.

    More likely due to the announced layoffs.
    rogifan wrote: »
    Quite honestly I think Google should be shitting themselves more than Microsoft. Oh and Samsung too. I love it. :D

    Googs could release shitty product after shitty product and WS will reward them.
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    Besides, Southwest Airlines bought Surfaces instead of iPads, so Apple is doooooomed! "IBM? Pfffhhtttt!"
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    t-bonet-bone Posts: 23member
    This is great news. Each can focus on their specialty for the enterprise, where Apple will invest on the front end computing while IBM on the back end servers and solutions.
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    Originally Posted by Mac-sochist View Post

    I'm afraid the general public's reaction to this news (if they ever hear it) will be: "IBM is still in business? Surely not!"



    Sure, that would be their reaction if they, you know, haven't seen a tennis tournament, a golf tournament, the Olympics, the World Cup, or pretty much any major sporting event in the last 25  years.

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    forget about Microsoft, SameSong is pissing in his pant right now :) 

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    Originally Posted by Eric Swinson View Post


    Move over Microsoft, Big Blue is back. 

    forget about Microsoft, SameSong is pissing in his pant right now :) 

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    deegee48 wrote: »
    Maybe now, Apple will finally have the lion's share of the enterprise market, like Windows of old! It's about time!

    The bigger news is that it's not about the Mac in enterprise, but iPads and iPhones. These platforms are already disrupting the workplace, so this is the next logical step. IBM for its part seems interested in partnering with a single leading vendor in enterprise mobile, and it ain't Blackberry or Microsoft or Googs :lol:
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    Originally Posted by Rogifan View Post

    I'm curious to know who all inside Apple has been involved with this. From what I saw on IBM's website a lot of these applications were co-designed by Apple and IBM. Plus it sounds like some of this stuff will be announced this fall. Maybe we will hear about it at an Apple event announcing an "iPad Pro". Hmm...

    Do you have a link to any of the apps? In my initial browse around, I didn't see specific apps. Would like to see what has been done so far.

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    emacs72emacs72 Posts: 356member

    Originally Posted by Lorin Schultz View Post


    There's not enough information for a sub-average Joe like me to assess what it means.


    The announcement does not mean much to the 'sub-average Joe' because it only directly impacts IBM employees including those who do business within the enterprise space, like myself.

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    andysolandysol Posts: 2,506member
    waybacmac wrote: »

    Be careful what you wish for. I prefer Apple stays the underdog. It keeps them true to SJ's vision.

    News flash: Apple isn't an underdog anymore. This ain't 2000.
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    emacs72emacs72 Posts: 356member

    Originally Posted by tundraboy View Post


    Doesn't Big Blue still make some big iron?


    IBM has never stopped selling hardware.  Since 2006, however, they have shifted to more services-oriented offerings.  That business model has earned IBM and me (plus many others) some good money.

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    Originally Posted by formosa View Post



    So when do we expect Samsung to team up with Blackberry? Or Microsoft?

    Someone may have beat me to this, but Samsung is teaming up with... Nest.  :-))) I am so looking forward to Samsung creating a copy of the Nest devices then selling them at a cheaper price!

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    Originally Posted by jungmark View Post

    That sound you hear is Microsoft employees collectively shitting themselves.


    It's not so bad being Microsoft. They can ride the PC/Windows/IE/Office on their way to obsolescence.

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    dick applebaumdick applebaum Posts: 12,527member
    Mmm ... iBM has a market cap of $195 Billion -- AAPL has cash totaling $147 Billion ...

    I remember when Apple went public -- Jobs joked that they would buy IBM and Xerox ...

    One could say that he made it possible!
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    Originally Posted by Gatorguy View Post

    IBM wand Apple make a great partnership. What an excellent way to promote Apple in the enterprise. No idea whose idea it was but it's a good one.


    I just hope this is more successful than Taligent, Kaleida and AIM alliance.

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    Originally Posted by SockRolid View Post



    Except for one thing.  Apple is now officially "taken" in the enterprise space.  Who can Microsoft team up with on the mobile hardware side?  Nokia?  Nope.  Already own Nokia.  Plus there's the whole death-spiral thing.  BlackBerry?  Nope.  Death-spiral too.  Oh well.  Microsoft can just write apps for iOS devices, like they already are.  

    Microsoft can pair up with Novell and . . .  wait.  Never mind.

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    Originally Posted by 22July2013 View Post

    I'm confused. The apps from IBM will be available on the IBM app marketplace? Does that mean IBM gets to create an app store and avoid paying Apple the 30% fee?

    That has been true from the beginning. Nothing new here.

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    Originally Posted by Macky the Macky View Post

    Think of it more like a "sideline shitfest."

    IBM just did for Apple what they did for MS back in the day. Most of us don't know how powerful IBM is in the bigger business sphere. They've been beating the "Big Date" drum for a while now, and they have the space all to themselves. Microsoft's been asleep all through Ballmer's era and he never saw the buzzards circling...

    Samsung's view of the future is too focused on where Apple is/was, not where they're headed. Sammy thinks all they need is a couple of anti-Apple ads to win the game, or a new super-phone every few months. Google aimed too low. Security is too important to enterprise, along with handling hundreds, of not thousands of iDevice updates and deployments. Apple played the long game, like IBM, and that won the battle for enterprise.

    Couldn't agree more!!!!

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