First look: Hands-on with the all-new Apple Watch



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    I also find it ugly, and by the way u are newbie to me!

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    I'm puzzled about the radio communication between the watch and iPhone. It's not using NFC since the 5 series phones don't have it; so it's either a personal WIFI network or Bluetooth, with the latter more likely. If it's Bluetooth, and one wants to use Bluetooth earphones to listen to the music on the iPhone in your pocket/purse will there be some automatic switching between the two devices (on the iPhone side, I assume)? Does the new Bluetooth spec on the iPhone 6 have the ability to connect to multiple devices (earphones/watch/speakers)?

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    dasanman69dasanman69 Posts: 13,002member
    jetz wrote: »
    I don't know if this has been addressed but I'd like to know if Apple Pay on Apple Watch will work with an iPhone 5S.

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    I'd keep in mind that there are a heck of a lot of innovations in this product, but one thing you can be sure of, it will get progressively thinner and smaller over time, and Apple has the proven manufacturing and design skills, and existing patents to build that.

    Most importantly Apple have shown that they can develop a new benchmark in a new product category post-Steve Jobs.

    The Apple stock price should properly reflect the companies ability to innovate after this, before its only been based on the actual money it makes, the price/earnings ratio reflected a mature company rather than one still growing new product categories and markets.
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    Apple Watch [off the presentation and site]: Pairs with iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus.
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    [QUOTE]The fanciest model, the gold Edition, comes in a gorgeous jewelry box — which doubles as a charger. The back of the box has a Lightning connector, and the inside of the box has the watch’s magnetic round charger pad, standing vertically. So as you retire each night, you can just lay your gold watch into its case and let it charge.[/QUOTE]
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    "Apple Pay" and "Apple Watch"?  LAME!  iPay and iWatch!

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    Originally Posted by Rickers View Post

    "Apple Pay" and "Apple Watch"?  LAME!  iPay and iWatch!


    I’m a fan of them slowly moving away from the i prefix. I prefer Apple in the name now.

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    Originally Posted by mdriftmeyer View Post

    Apple Watch [off the presentation and site]: Pairs with iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus.

    That is great, as I own a new 5S. I was lukewarm on the general smartwatch idea, but this device looks so polished.


    David Pogue's "hand's on" column says that the watch doesn't look as big/thick as the pictures appear, which was my initial fear.


    I feel that there is SO MUCH not shown about the UI/iPhone interaction that will surprise many people when it is reviewed properly.

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    anomeanome Posts: 1,534member
    rickers wrote: »
    "Apple Pay" and "Apple Watch"?  LAME!  iPay and iWatch!
    I think the era of the "i" is over. Silly prediction: The next refresh to the Apple desktop line will introduce the Mac Air.
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    How dim can it get in a dark setting?
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    <span style="line-height:1.4em;">But maybe today is the last day when AAPL was above $100. </span>

    I think Slurpy may have had an aneurism from all the FUD today.

    As long as he gets an apple inside him, he should be okay.
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    Love the new phone and apple pay idea, I think I'll stick with my analogue watch though - it feels more unique.  As a 30 year Apple fan, for some reason this whole event today made me want to go even more against the tide.  I'd rather be one of the "crazy ones" than the pack that is flowing the same direction now.  There was a smugness to the whole thing that turned me off in the end and left me feeling sad.  Sad even for Bono in a way.  The humanity seems to have somehow left the building.

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    pazuzu wrote: »
    It looks even uglier with the interface on.
    A fashion don't.

    I'll wait for the Apple pocket watch- oh wait I already have one. :D

    Nice! An iPhone is a modern-day pocket watch really.
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    nasserae wrote: »
    Suddenly everyone moved from techies to fashion experts. If you don't like the look that's your opinion. But mark my words.. ?Watch will do to smartwatches what the original iPhone did to smartphones.

    I bet no one noticed that it is the only Apple product without always visible Apple logo.

    It may well do, but that's not saying much. Smartwatches are currently very niche. Even regular watches are fairly rare. Whereas smartphones were getting more common before the iPhone. Also, the iPhone didn't just slaughter smartphones, it upended the whole mobile phone market.
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    I didn't know what to expect—most of the commentary beforehand seemed to be leaning towards some medical device for invalids and senior citizens, which I thought would destroy Apple's cachet with their core demographic. I still think that.

    But now I'm blown away by the thought that's gone into this device. Just the tiny fraction of the functions that were demonstrated make it a totally new category compared with the lame-ass "smart" watches that have come out so far. And we've probably seen <1% of it, even before developers start writing apps.

    Plus, I think it's absolutely gorgeous. Especially the plain stainless watch with the stainless expandable band. (Probably the cheapest, too.) The method of changing bands is a revelation. When people would talk about interchangeable bands, I'd wince, because changing watchbands with springbars is one of the most miserable tasks known to man. Now I can see having several bands and swapping them out for different occasions.

    I just don't understand why Apple always has to rush through these things with such a light once-over. Where does this self-imposed 2-hour time limit come from? Take the time you need to say what you need to say!

    I take your point on the keynote. Considering the magnitude of the Watch, I was surprised that they didn't spend longer on it. I think Jobs spent longer on the first iPhone. They were probably worried people would get bored, but I would happily have taken an extra twenty minutes of Apple Watch over U2 any day.
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    onepotato wrote: »
    I wonder how the lefties are going to be able to reach the crown without obscuring the display (which was the stated reason for not using pinch to zoom).

    Why would you not just simply turn the watch around? I'm sure it must orientate properly. 

    You can; Solip verified it. And I guess that would work. However, aesthetically, I suspect it will look rather lopsided with the knob at the bottom. I can imagine it would look more natural with the knob higher up. Still, as I don't like the design anyway, it's a moot point for me.
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    I have heard in more than one place today that some analysts are saying that the wearable's are used for around three weeks then left in a drawer!  I can attest that I have had the nike fuel band and you get addicted to steps and calories burned.  The only reason I stopped wearing it is that it broke a number of times, and Nike was slow to replace.  Now I use a jawbone Up.  I love it, but it does only a few fitness things.  This watch, just the fitness part, is so worth the price!  Heartbeat monitor that isn't strapped across chest, or need to hold down a button on the watch?  Can't wait!


    And all the kids that got the Iphone 5c last year?  You bet they will find a way to get this thing!  Parents will buy it as an addition to their kid's iphones.  The intimate notes?  Schools will be quick to ban during class time.


    And we don't even know what apps will be available!

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    iaeeniaeen Posts: 588member
    anome wrote: »
    Not what I actually said.

    A paraphrase is, by definition, not what you actually said.
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    iaeen wrote: »
    A paraphrase is, by definition, not what you actually said.
    But it *is* supposed to convey my meaning, and it failed at that, too.
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