Apple's MacBook Air continues to bear the brunt of Microsoft's Surface ad budget



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    Did they make the soundtrack with songsmith?
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    appexappex Posts: 687member

    Apple should make a Mac tablet with the new Intel chips Skylake to be released by 2015 as well as Cannonlake (2016) and future ones.

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    wow, a device that is both a power hungry tablet and a windows inferior pc? with a pen? and a shite keyboard? and a KICKSTAND? kickstand? what the heck is this, a bicycle? better get a bike lock too- according to this commercial everyone will be stealing it. i never see these things without a keyboard- and that is because typing on them is not a dream come true.

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    fallenjtfallenjt Posts: 4,050member

    Originally Posted by cali View Post

    Me and my cousin watched this yesterday. I looked over and said:

    "You know what? This commercial makes me want the MacBook more".

    As if the reason was obvious he quickly says:

    "It's cause the MacBook looks really nice and high quality next to a piece of shit. You wouldn't put a cheap Toyota next to a Mercedes in a commercial."


    I was like BMW vs Hyundai....Surface is POS plastic crap. It's clunky for a laptop which cannot sit on your lap and too heavy for a tablet at 1.8 lb.

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    fallenjtfallenjt Posts: 4,050member

    Originally Posted by AppeX View Post


    Apple should make a Mac tablet with the new Intel chips Skylake to be released by 2015 as well as Cannonlake (2016) and future ones.

    Mac tablet? Oh no...Please don't. Separate devices for their purpose. 

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    Originally Posted by RobM View Post

    "Hey, what's that ? Is it a kickstand ? ..."

    Lmao. So hokey


    A kickstand?...sigh.....I wish my laptop with it's adjustable hinged display also had a kickstand.

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    "Hey what is that? Is it a kickstand?"

    "Yes it is, it's the Microsoft Surface 3. The best kickstand you can buy for your iPad"

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    If Apple has any serious issues one of the most significant issues is insufficient floor space and staff.

    I would like Apple to improve their current products and services rather than add features and functions in the forthcoming (really already in progress) product development cycle.

    When not having sufficient floor space and staff is one of your two most significant issues then you really don't have many issues.
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    nkalunkalu Posts: 315member
    Microsoft is clearly desperate. It should confine itself to making software.
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    Originally Posted by macxpress View Post


    Does the new Surface even come with the keyboard they keep using in their ads? I always though it was extra?


    It is extra -- $129 to get the keyboard.  Add that to the base price (for a 64GB SSD, i3 @ 1.5GHz, 4GB of RAM) of $799, and you end up at $928 for the combo.  Which is $29 more than the low end MBA (128GB SSD, i5 @ 1.4GHz, 4GB of RAM).  Do they even realize what they are comparing themselves to? Making it worse, the i3 in the Surface Pro doesn't even support TurboBoost, so it never goes above 1.5GHz, while the MBA's i5 will turbo up to 2.7GHz. The GPU in the i5 is slightly better as well.

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    swiftswift Posts: 436member
    NO, eightzero, you need an Intel processor, and something that can run Intel code, and it has to look the same as the desktop. So it won't be, uh, confusing, because the iPad is SO confusing. It's different!
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    They can't compete with the price point of the iPad mini 1/2 or iPad Air 1/2, so they have to go after the MacBook Air, they don't have a choice. And, have you ever tried the keyboard of the Surface Pro? The touch is cheap and awful! Go to be Best Buy and try it for yourself. That being said, Microsoft is clearly in a transition and the growing pains will last a long while...
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    alfiejralfiejr Posts: 1,524member

    it's really a head scratcher why any top execs at MS really think this ad campaign can/will work. the simplest explanation is they just don't have any idea what else to do, and this is all they have left. they already tried - for years - to sell "it's Windows on a touchscreen tablet!" - and that just never worked. Hint: very few actually want Windows on a touchscreen, but very many don't.


    i assume this ad campaign has been funded for a certain time frame - to the end of the year probably - and so they are just going to play it out to the bitter end.


    Nadella of course is not an idiot, and he knows damn well when MS released its "free" MS Office suite app last month that this alone was the death blow for the MS Windows tablet dream/fantasy. Office was/is the crown jewel in the Windows ecosystem, and now its best version runs on the iPad, not the Surface. it was an unconditional surrender to the triumph of the iPad. because the crown jewel has to be protected at all costs, even including the sacrifice of its Surface foot soldiers.


    the mis-begotten Surface RT is already done and gone for all practical purposes. they just quietly put it to sleep without even a decent burial. the day they fired Ballmer. i guess they'll post the obituary after the holidays when they've dumped as much inventory at deep discounts as they still can.


    MS may keep the Surface Pro on life support for another year or two. for appearances' sake. just pride, really.


    it's now the MS "hobby."

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    moreckmoreck Posts: 187member
    "Gee, I wish my laptop could bend backward" said no one ever.
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    Originally Posted by Moreck View Post

    "Gee, I wish my laptop could bend backward" said no one ever.


    Maybe the same people who were dumb enough to bend their iPhones would be happy with a laptop that gives them a little more, hmm... leeway, let’s call it.

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    nick29nick29 Posts: 111member
    I'm typing this on a Macbook Air right now, and I'll admit that from a hardware perspective the Surface seems pretty cool. The key factor that MS will never publicize though is that the Surface runs Windows, and for the life of me I'm not going back. I shudder to think of the years of frustrations with that OS. I can count the number of problems I've had with OS X in the past 5 years on one hand. Beyond problems though, Windows always felt like a platform for robotic work, while OS X has been a pleasure to use. Human enjoyment seems to have been factored into the latters design.
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    Originally Posted by MessagePad2100 View Post


    I hear the Surface fridge-toasters get very hot.  To the point you need a table fan.


    Also, they slow down:





    i used one for months at work- you would get a shock from the device when you worked on it while charging. NOT COOL

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    Originally Posted by Moreck View Post

    "Gee, I wish my laptop could bend backward" said no one ever.

    Why do you care if your laptop bends or not? Time to grow up in life.

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    Microsuck: stick to what you do best - losing money while selling Xbox's. Just "Zune" the surface up your asses.
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