Steve, you deserve to be beatch slapped.



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    [quote]Originally posted by janitor:

    <strong>there's no need to bully the press.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    sorry, MOSR, Thinksecret, Spymac ect ... aren't press.
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    [quote]Originally posted by M3D Jack:

    <strong>{snip}If Apple would like to be nicer about it{snip}</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Um....why would they want to do that? All people do is moan and complain. If I were Apple I'd start kicking butts outta press pass range too. If a couple 'good folks' suffer, well hell, that's democracy, it's for the good of everyone. We don't all get what we want.

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    spotbug: I did read your post, I didn't mean to make it sound like you weren't saying it wasn't just rumors sites... the response was sort of a culmination of everything

    I'm not sure I could name a site that has never ever posted a rumor... but really, I don't think I can name a publication in any medium that has never posted rumors. I think Mike Breeden got revoked, I haven't confirmed that yet... obviously GraphicPower.. and I know Scott personally, back when I was still publishing Mac 3D. He runs a great site, a lot of people love it, and he contributes valuable content to the community. He utilizes the amenities awarded to him from having press credentials to it's fullest. Having those creds *helps* him run his site.

    Others are AppleLinks,, MacFixIt (but according to the requirements they ride the fine line). MacNN ran the story that Apple is doing it, but didn't comment as to whether or not they got revoked. I wouldn't be surprised if O'Grady was pulled, and I've heard through friends that MacSlash was pulled.

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't read MacCentral. I don't read MacGamer, although Corey and I are pretty good friends. I tend to read the sites mentioned above, but hell, maybe it's just me. I'd like to hear from someone a good reason as to why the people mentioned above have been revoked, because so far, nobody is ponying up a good answer. They're getting the runaround.

    So what do these sites need to do in order to be considered press credential worthy with Apple? Do they need to have a full time staff of people that work in an office space? Do they need to write articles that always reflect Apple in a positive light, even when Apple doesn't deserve it? Notice how MacCentral, IMG, and MacGamer aren't running the story of how Apple is denying people press credentials. Sounds to me like you have to be in bed with Apple to get access.

    And if you really want to look at this as whining, fine, then go ahead. I don't think that is a fair way to look at it. That's like saying anyone with an opinion different from the majority is a whiner, and it makes people feel like they shouldn't be disagreeing. I don't think that is a very positive way to view the world, especially in this country. I'm not complaining for the sake of complaining, I'm complaining because I don't agree with what Apple is doing, and it is going to affect me because Apple is denying the sites that I read effective access to cover the expo.

    And finally, this is most certainly not a democracy. I didn't get to elect Natalie Welch into her position. I don't recall ever having a chance to vote. It's pretty far from a democracy, more like a dictatorship. A democracy would imply that I have some say in the matter, and I don't. And according to you, if I did have some say, I'd be brushed off as whining and ignored.

    [the tail end here is directed toward Jonathan Brisby - thought I'd point that out since I already failed to do that with spotbug once ]

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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    I have to agree that Apple and IDG were probably a bit tired of issuing press passes and all the freebies inclusive to a bunch of fairly amateur web sites. (I have only seen web sites mentioned thus far). Now, I do think that some legit sites got screwed in the process, like MacNN and MacCentral from my understanding anyway -- this could be heresay). But not every Tom, Dick and Harry can or should get a free pass (literally) by claiming to be the press.

    I feel bad for the ones who got screwed, and I feel that Apple and/or IDG has made a fiasco out of something less, um, sinister. Nevertheless, the situation is that a few legitimate press sites are being left out whether or not others were abusing the privilege. IDG and Apple should carefully reconsider who they qualify as journalists versus hobbyists and fanboys.
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    tigerwoods99tigerwoods99 Posts: 2,633member
    Viagra does have its side effects you know.
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    Mmmmmm... is Matsu David Coursey from ZDNet?

    Matsu's post is very similar to this one <a href=",10738,2873634,00.html"; target="_blank">Hey Apple: Let my people go (to Macworld)</a> <img src="graemlins/oyvey.gif" border="0" alt="[No]" />
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    Too many kids making amateur websites so they can get free shit at MacWorld. It's one of many examples where the actions of a few people ruin something for everybody.

    Oh well. It's not like anybody was denied access to MacWorld, they just can't go as "press".
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