iOS 9 tips: Apple makes it easier than ever to request a desktop site in Safari



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    Here’s an idea: how about a toggle to ALWAYS GIVE US THE DESKTOP SITE since that’s THE POINT OF THESE DEVICES IN THE FIRST PLACE?

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    I wish there was a way to have the "Desktop site" by default.  I JUST HATE it when websites take away my zooming capabilities.  HATE IT.  Any ideas?

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    jfc1138jfc1138 Posts: 3,090member
    As mobile devices get larger this makes perfect sense.

    Mobile "friendly" sites are often a bit sparse compared to their "full" siblings.
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    That trick also has an option to reload the page without content blockers
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    mstonemstone Posts: 11,510member
    Originally Posted by jfc1138 View Post

    As mobile devices get larger this makes perfect sense.

    Mobile "friendly" sites are often a bit sparse compared to their "full" siblings.

    The trend is to create responsive designs so even if you are on a mobile device you are already on the desktop version of the website. There is only one version. Using media queries through CSS3 you can figure out the screen resolution and window size and collapse or expand the columns of your layout and scale the images. Unlike websites such as AI mobile site which simply identifies the user agent and redirects to completely different host, responsive design lets the web developer work with a single code base. As mobile devices get increasingly higher resolutions, they will automatically take advantage of the liquid layout.

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    Seriously, "mobile sites" might have been necessary ten years ago, but one of the biggest breakthroughs of the iPhone was the ability to browse normal websites with ease. Mobile sites that remove a lot of options just make things worse.



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    Another great shortcut of which in not sure how many actually will ever detect it. Actually, there appear to be quite a number of features that are not intuitive, nor are they labelled or guided. You either know or you don't. I wonder how many I missed myself already.

    On the downside I feel the UI is starting to lack it's ease of use if you like to access all features. And not all is IMO consistent. For example in the music app WHY tapping on the three dots in the mini player is bringing up a different menu than when tapping in the three dots next to the song (generating a genius playlist eg is only available in the latter)?

    Yeah, there should be an easy way (the Tips app?) to see a complete list of everything hidden.


    The "three dots" just mean "more options," so it makes sense to me that they would invoke different menus in different contexts. I think the three dots are supposed to be ellipsis dots.

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    Note to AI's editors: iOS 9 isn't in beta anymore (referring to the first sentence in the article).
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    FYI -

    If you have content blocker(s) installed, pressing/holding the refresh button will give you the options "Request Desktop Site" and "Reload Without Content Blockers".
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    cornchipcornchip Posts: 1,911member

    Originally Posted by Wurm5150 View Post

    It still bothers me that the pointer on those pop-up bubbles in iOS is rounded.


    Well that's a weird one.

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    haggarhaggar Posts: 1,568member

    Originally Posted by Elijahg View Post

    You can do that already in iOS 8...

    I feel the same way, to keep the interface "clean" Apple seem to be hiding more and more things behind menus and now, force touch. The reason original Macs had just one mouse button was the people who wrote the human interface guidelines felt that you shouldn't have to right click all over the place to access options that might be available at that particular location. The interface should be designed so the user can see the action they wish to initiate. This is the problem with Force Touch/Click, you don't actually know what you can force click on, it's not intuitive.

    The equivalent behavior in OS X seems to be the hiding of useful buttons and menu commands behind the Option key.  The list of hidden Option key commands seems to keep growing with every new OS X release.

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    Works with ! Great - would have saved me some headache when iCloud sync synced away two days of work on my note (which was then only available at, which I could not access on my iPhone, without knowing this ....). "responsible design" that Xian talks about for mobile websites should be banned! Esp. should Google be punished for interfering with website creation preferences in their search results, but guess people are moving on to anyway ... .
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    This doesn't work for twitter. I've tried this and a few other ideas and although they do give me the option to use the desktop site when I click on it I'm just taken to another mobile site. Any ideas how I can get the desktop version of twitter on my iPad (running iOS 9)?
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    This doesn't work with Twitter. I've tried this and I've also tried holding the refresh button and although a "request desktop site" button comes up when I click on it I'm just taken to another mobile site (it's virtually the same only it looks slightly different) any other ideas on how to get the Twitter desktop site on my iPad?
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    Why can't Apple allow a default to "Desktop" in Settings? Having a wifi only iPad, I don't care about bandwidth Sometime within the last month a changed happened, my full site iPad now gets Googles mobile display, Ebay too, sucks having to request the Desktop over and over. What changed, sites, Apple, can't these sites see it is iPad Safari? What changed?

    Gee, just allow us to change the browser's identification Apple to Desktop safari. Many times I questions Apple's head struck in a rotten Apple core thinking. And no, I don't see why I have to download a new browser. Already seen and purchased some that were abandoned by developers years ago, functioned awful because of age, yet still got magical reviews with zero updates for 2 years plus. Apple finally pulled Atomic Browser from the store. Waste of money.
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    Originally Posted by Oinc View Post

    Why can't Apple allow a default to "Desktop" in Settings?


    Literally the entire point of the iPhone and iPad is to view the real internet. To remove the need for “mobile” sites that had to exist because “smart”phone browsing was so terrible. And what do these web developer idiots do? They go and make MORE MOBILE SITES and FORCE us to view them.


    It speaks to a deep psychosis rooted in society.

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    This is doing my head in! I agree with you Tallest Skil these apple developers ARE idiots because if I want a desktop site I want a desktop site - I won't be satisfied using what apple have forced me to use on my ipad so now I dont use it as much. Good one apple, hows that working for you!? Im back to my mircosoft notebook. Let me know when and how I can access the twitter desktop site on my ipad and I will pick my apple device back up again, until then adios apple amigos! :mad:

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