Apple removes HomeKit-incompatible devices from online store

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In what could be a move to push the first-party HomeKit connected home protocol, Apple has seemingly stopped online sales of incompatible devices made by Kwikset and Belkin, as well as the original August Smart Lock.

It is unclear when Apple took the products down from its virtual store shelves, but the August Smart Lock, Kwikset's Kevo and various Belkin smarthome products were available as recently as Nov. 13. MacRumors noticed Apple's removal of August and Kevo devices on Tuesday.

Aside from the two iPhone-connected door locks, Apple's online store no longer shows search results for Belkin's WeMo Switch and WeMo Light Switch. The connected devices affected by the takedown, while controllable via iOS app, do not directly support Apple's HomeKit protocol. For example, Kwikset's Kevo lock relies on Bluetooth communications or a standalone Internet bridge to operate, while Belkin's products are controllable via Wi-Fi with Google Nest integration.

August's eponymous smart lock is a different story, however. While the original version, which Apple most recently stocked, did not support HomeKit or Siri commands, a new HomeKit-enabled version was announced in October alongside a camera-toting doorbell. Apple did not carry those particular devices.

It should be noted that Apple has in the past removed items from its digital and physical store shelves only to return them weeks or months later.

AppleInsider has reached out for comment and will update this story upon receiving a response.


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    Makes sense. When you want something that works properly with your Apple devices, you shop at Apple. When you want a deal on something that's behind and might never get an update, you shop at BestBuy. 

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    That%u2019t not very accurate. Nest devices are not HomeKit compatible, and for better or worse are still the best products of their kind.
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    jbdragonjbdragon Posts: 2,297member
    Don't buy any door Look with the Smart Key crap!!! How do you tell? there's a small hole on the left side next to where you install the key. This is use to program the lock to use a new key easily. The problem is it's all PLASTIC inside. Anyone who knows what to look for and break into your house in about 10 seconds flat with a simple tool very quietly. Hell the Lock may still seem to work, but the programming part is done with. A Smart Lock with the Smart key garbage is just as bad.

    On the other hand the Camera Doorbells are pretty cool. One of the things they do is take pictures with Motion. So a person doesn't even have to press the button. When a person comes and rings the bell to see if anyone is home, then looks around for a easy way to break in, you at least already have a picture of the stranger. Even answer remotely, so they may think you're home. I know at least one version will run on Rechargeable battery's. Still manages to last quite some time before being easily recharged.
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    In my recollection, Apple Retail seems to often have vendor contracts expire for renegotiation during these pre-Christmas holiday season days, especially the week or two before Black Friday. Not only is it strategic business, but also helps to revisit new products that make it in time for the holidays, and also to do a last minute quality check before selling many products for the vendors. In the case of showcasing new Apple technology, while it may seem self-serving, it also eliminates what could be confusing or hopefully sub-par performance compared to the new Apple tech.
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    dunksdunks Posts: 1,254member

    I have a Belkin WeMo Switch. The experience is decent enough, but I'd much rather they redevelop it to run through the homekit protocol.

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    Originally Posted by EricWVGG View Post

    That%u2019t not very accurate. Nest devices are not HomeKit compatible, and for better or worse are still the best products of their kind.

    That's incorrect. Nest are not best in class. Read the reviews on any site that sells them. Ecobee's user satisfaction is better.

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    The August lock attaches to the deadbolt on the inside. The outside is your original lock. There is no indicator that the lock is controlled by an iPhone.

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    ecatsecats Posts: 272member

    When you searched by HomeKit these products would show up, not because they supported HomeKit right now, but because these companies pledged imminent support for HomeKit, but are yet to deliver a product.


    Since we actually have HomeKit products making their way into the wild now, it's not surprising that Apple are going to start delisting companies that haven't delivered on their compatibility promise.


    And rightly so too, when I search for home automation devices on the apple store, my expectation is that I'll find one that work with homekit, otherwise what's the point of searching on the apple store at all.

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    misamisa Posts: 827member
    jbdragon wrote: »
    Don't buy any door Look with the Smart Key crap!!! How do you tell? there's a small hole on the left side next to where you install the key.

    I will admit having bought into such locks before, because they were unbumpable, but it's still more secure than previous locks that can be bumped (which is pretty much ALL tumbler designs.) I changed the lock on the townhouse door because the landlord couldn't assure me that nobody else has the key, so I switched it for one of these new-then Kwikset smartkeys, and programmed it so only one key was needed to open both the door key and the deadbolt (so in a sense, you still had to "crack" both locks at the same time)

    In hindsight, I might have just bought two DIFFERENT locks, the problem originally was that I had two other roommates, and I didn't want to create more keys than necessary.
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    Well Belkin announced plans for HomeKit support for WeMo "in the very near future" back in January ( and so far it has yet to materialise... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a software update to the existing WeMo hub to enable it but in reality I suspect new hardware will be required when (if?) it finally materialises.
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