Kenwood & JVC announce new receivers ready for Apple CarPlay

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Two more aftermarket receiver makers, Kenwood and JVC, have announced dash units compatible with Apple's CarPlay platform.

Kenwood is doubling its number of CarPlay-ready receivers from four to eight. The company was quiet on details, including prices and release dates, but did say that the new units would be "topline" models under both its regular and eXcelon brands.

JVC, a new entry into the CarPlay world, is preparing the KW-V820BT. Described as the company's flagship receiver, the unit has a 4x50W MOSFET amplifier, SiriusXM compatibility, twin USB ports, three sets of 4-volt RCA outputs, a rear camera input, and a secondary A/V input. Dual-zone functions should let it connect to rear-seat displays.

Its main screen measures 6.8 inches, but unusually relies on resistive touch technology, instead of the more sensitive capacitive technology found on other companies' high-end receivers and the iPhone itself.

Drivers can also play FLAC and WAV files in qualities up to 24-bit/192 kilohertz, and when not using CarPlay, there are built-in apps for Pandora and Spotify. Apple Music subscribers will be able to access saved songs, playlists, and stations.

As with the Kenwood gear, pricing and a launch window for the V820BT are unknown.

JVC is the second new aftermarket CarPlay partner after Harman, which announced the JBL Legend CP100 earlier during CES. Until this week, the only companies providing CarPlay receivers were Alpine, Kenwood, and Pioneer.


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    mike1mike1 Posts: 3,001member
    One must remember that JVC and Kenwood are the same company, with Kenwood being the more premium brand. This makes it easier to see why the JVC model does not feature the capacitive touch screen. It'll probably be evident when the pricing is announced.
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    Seems like CES is really about Apple. There have been a lot of products announced that relate specifically to Apple (like all the various HomeKit devices or the various CarPLay receivers). Not to mention the blatant rip offs of Apple.

    Even when they don't attend they're still the elephant in the room.
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    nolamacguynolamacguy Posts: 4,758member
    JBL is going to be the one to get my money. $400 MSRP, fast display, bluetooth:

    ...ive had a couple of the Pioneer AppRadio double-din units, and they were shit. thought about the Alpine but it lacks BT for some asinine reason.
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    evilutionevilution Posts: 1,398member
    I think part of the Apple CarPlay scheme should insist on capacitive screens.
    Resistive screens are insensitive and lag so leave those for Android compatible stereos as they are used to that.
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    I'm not jumping on any aftermarket units until they support Wireless CarPlay.
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