what do you recommend as the best headphones?

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i am thinking about purchasing a new headphones... i was thinking bigger the better since the winter is coming (new york city....burrrr......) and i was thinking i can use it with my ipod as ear muffs... what is the best sounding headphone out there or the best you have used? your recommendation is highly appreciated... thank you and have a great day!


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    [quote]Originally posted by ProtoDAda:


    i am thinking about purchasing a new headphones... i was thinking bigger the better since the winter is coming (new york city....burrrr......) and i was thinking i can use it with my ipod as ear muffs... what is the best sounding headphone out there or the best you have used? your recommendation is highly appreciated... thank you and have a great day!</strong><hr></blockquote>

    It's actually the smaller the better unless you're planning on carrying a portable amp with you everywhere. Look at the Etymotic Research ER-6 Isolators if you're willing to spend $100 on great ear-canal headphones. You put them in your ear and you won't hear ANYTHING in the outside world.

    A massive step up from those earphones are the ER-4 models.
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    sony makes a bunch of good headphones

    I think its the MDR series

    ranges from like 20-170 bucks...includes Dj models...good size(for your ear warming needs) good bass response, compact, great quality sound. I'm looking to get a pair real soon myself.

    you can get good headphones of any style or size for about 20-30 dollars. then you can get really good ones for twice that, and then pro headphones are usually in the hundreds.

    earbud headphones, are cool, but I would never use them solely...I like to have variety in my headphones, cause all headphones tend to be uncomfortable after a while, so its nice to be able to switch styles(studio, lightweight, earbud...whatever)

    and what are you talking about eugene?

    portable amp....from what I understand the iPod can put out resonable output, enough to power headphones of any range. the only thing you may experience is less battery life if you get headphones that are louder.
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    im a huge fan of the grado brand headphones

    i have a pair of sr-80s and they sound great

    if you are looking for open ear headphones check these out

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    It all depends how much you are willing to spend.. I prefer Sennheiser headphones, you can't go wrong w/ the HD600, but it might be overkill. Grado SR60 or 80 are a good choice for under $100.
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    Bose, QuietComfort® Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headset and Headphones

    <a href="http://bose.com/noise_reduction/qc_headset/"; target="_blank">http://bose.com/noise_reduction/qc_headset/</a>;

    I own them, use them and swear by them. They are comfotable to wear, produce the best noise i have ever hear out of head phones, and are stylish. they have one negative=expensive. When you are listening to music with them on, you don't hear much else, even someone standing next to you talking. These are worth saving up for. They also come with like 1000 weirdlooking and probly useful jacks, their own leather carring case, that carries a cd player too.
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    The Grado SR80. They are just amazing ..

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    falconfalcon Posts: 458member
    Anything Grado.

    the SR60's can be found for $70. And they are hella good. The SR80's have better bass though if that is your g-spot.
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    thank you for all the suggestions... has anyone tried Bose TriPort Headphones? or the sony studio headphones?
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    What about Sony V-7506???

    I might get those or somethin.
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    I used to have a large pair of Sonys, but they're a pain. Just too big for my image. I would wear them in my room since no-one like metal aside from me, but now I live alone, and part of metal's job is to annoy innocent bystanders anyway.

    I bought a set of Koss "Plug" earbuds. They're nice, and about 25 bucks, but it takes some time to get used to them. I like them because they are so portable. I refuse to wear headphones in general public, but they're easy to take to the lab to do signal processing work, they have good range, and I can use just one, not losing my communication link to the rest of the world (and the lab)

    I know that's an unusual product usage.

    For large headphones, the best ones I've heard for 100 dollars are AudioTechnicas.
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    I use the Sony MDR-7506 headphones. They're Studio Monitor headphones, and while Sony does make more expensive versions in the MDR line-up, the 7506 is the designated monitor headphone, and is used by pretty much every audio and video professional in the industry. It actually has the most authentic reproduction of sound of the other headphones in my opinion. Since they're used practically everywhere, I'd say I don't stand alone in that opinion

    The 7506 is a closed ear headphone, so you won't annoy the people around you with your music (which is something I can't stand about some people on the subway). Also when I'm working in an open studio at the museum I can keep my music to myself. It also blocks out some ambient noise, and as a bonus, keep my ears warm in the winter here in Boston

    You can find 'em for about a hundred bucks, but prices vary. Shop around. I've had mine since I worked at Turner Production Effects, and they're still champs

    The Grados are nice, but they're open ear, and that alone is why it isn't really appropriate for what I do <img src="graemlins/hmmm.gif" border="0" alt="[Hmmm]" />
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    Big studio monitor cans are nice for just that, but I really wouldn't want to walk around with them all day. They attract attention and they're cumbersome...

    The <a href="http://www.headphone.com/layout.php?topicID=3&subTopicID=26&productID=00201 00100" target="_blank">ER-6 Isolators</a> on the other hand are almost invisible since they go inside your ear. They also provide 15 dB of isolation...enough to cover most ambient noise...

    They're $130 however...

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    trick falltrick fall Posts: 1,271member
    I'll second the Sony 7506 suggestion. While not my favorite headphone for studio work they give a nice reproduction of the sound, are not terribly big and aren't crazy expensive.
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    davdav Posts: 116member
    another fan of grado. i picked up the sr-60 for $59.
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    I think if you go to headphone forums like <a href="http://www.head-fi.com"; target="_blank">www.head-fi.com</a> you can find a wealth of information on this.

    Bose are essentially crap so stay away

    Most Sony's suck but some such as the 7506/V6, CD3000, R10 are great (I had the CD3000s once, sold them though...). Some of their higher end earbuds are good too.

    Etymotics are insane, I have the ER-4S and run them off my iPod. Sennheiser HD600s are also good, but they will not sound loud out of an ipod (I have the 580s, essentially the same as 600). Grados are pretty good but a lot of people find them very uncomfortable (like me, had the SR80s, sold them).

    As for the portable amp on an ipod, it is useless, the iPod does not output a line out signal so the amp does not give you any gain (I have an 'altoids' portable amp that now does nothing, used to use it with my cd player).
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    <a href="http://www.radioshack.com/product.asp?catalog_name=CTLG&amp;category_name=CT LG%5F002%5F001%5F008%5F000&product%5Fid=33%2D1122" target="_blank">Koss Pro-35 (sold through Radio Shack)</a>.

    I have sworn by these headphones for years. I have never found a better pair for the price.

    They usually sell for $39.99 but every other month or so they are on sale for $19.99. Plus they offer the service plan for another $15 - which replaces the headphones should they break at any time for 2 years.
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    xionjaxionja Posts: 504member
    Hey, what did you end up getting, just wondering. . . ?
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    [quote]Originally posted by Wrong Robust:

    <strong>sony makes a bunch of good headphones

    I think its the MDR series

    ranges from like 20-170 bucks...</strong><hr></blockquote>

    I agree. I have <a href="http://www.minidisco.com/minispecs/mdrg73sp-hd.html"; target="_blank">these</a>. Good price. Comfortable. Not too big. Good sound.
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    Mars music is going outta business. I stopped in...

    I got a KILLER pair of Stanton 50s DJ headphones for $20! They are awsome for games and iTunes. Silver. sleek, perfect fit, long cord!

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