Peter Thiel says 'age of Apple' at its end



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    I agree, me saying this tech is a gimmick was too strong. You brought up some good uses for the watch tech, like exercise and payments. I just feel strong about not being "too" connected.
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    mac_128mac_128 Posts: 3,454member
    dewme said:
    Peter Thiel is simply fabricating a narrative around his own narrow-minded perspective of Apple, much like Michael Dell, Steve Ballmer, and other self professed experts and attention seekers have done in the past. It's a lazy, simpleminded, and shortsighted way of looking at complex topics, i.e., the antithesis of system thinking, and one that is a characteristic trait in the minds of the people that are forming the nucleus of the new regime. Put simply, rather than looking at problems holistically you just blow some incoherent tones out your ass and hope that like minded non thinkers with a media outlet will embrace it as newsworthy. Get used to living with this pattern.
    The difference is, none of them were best friends with a President of the United States who is willing to push an agenda that might single out and punish Apple for its defiance of political agendas.
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    volcanvolcan Posts: 1,799member
    Like Facebook knows anything about smartphones. They couldn't even give them away back in 2013 when they tried to enter the market.
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    tbuzzz said:
     "everything that can be invented has been invented."

    Charles H. Duell-  Commissioner of US patent office- 1899.

    In 1943, Thomas Watson - Chairman of IBM stated "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers". Bill Gates, founder and Chairman of Microsoft, in conjunction with IBM decided that 640K of RAM was large enough for anyone since the norm was 64K. the list goes on and on...
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    tshapi said:
    The real question is... what is theil investing in that he thinks will replace the iPhone 
    It just might be he's paving the way for Apple Tesla tie-up. That would enable both to further penetrate China market with 20k EV, whereas that china closet called Facebook will ever never manage to do so. Peter knows that better than any of us and will soon jump to that new spaceship dubbed Apple Tesla Automotive. 
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