Roundup: The best laptop bags, cases and sleeves for Apple's Late 2016 MacBook Pro

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Looking to protect your Late 2016 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook Pro? We're rounding up the best bags and sleeves to house Apple's latest laptops, from designer pieces to budget-friendly cases.

Whether you're a traveling business professional or simply looking for an affordable sleeve, we're helping you find the best laptop bag to protect your Late 2016 MacBook Pro. From handcrafted briefcases to commuter backpacks, there's an option for every budget.

Pad & Quill Valet Luxury Laptop Bag

Pad and Quill Valet Luxury Laptop Bag for MacBook Pro

Known for its handcrafted protective covers and cases, Pad & Quill does not disappoint with its Valet Luxury Laptop Bag, which comes in three sizes designed to fit the 15-inch MacBook Pro, 13-inch MacBook Pro and 12-inch MacBook. Also available in three leather choices: Chestnut, Galloper Black, or Dark Chocolate, the Valet Luxury Laptop Carryall has plenty of room for additional accessories, such as an iPad, Apple Pencil and power cables. Adding a unique touch, each bag is discreetly signed by the artisan who made it, a nice feature when purchasing a handcrafted item. Plus, Pad & Quill stands by the Valet Luxury with a 25-year warranty.

15" MacBook Pro Valet for $169.95 (Free shipping)
13" MacBook Pro Valet for $139.95 (Free shipping)
12" MacBook Valet for $139.95 (Free shipping)

Pad & Quill Cartella Slim Case

Pad and Quill Cartella Case for 2016 MacBook Pro

Also handmade by Pad & Quill, the Cartella Slim Case offers Late 2016 MacBook Pro users a slim, protective covering that turns your MacBook Pro into a hardbound book thanks to a specially developed spine. The MacBook Pro can be opened fully, and all ports, vents and fans are accessible. The Cartella Slim Case also fits in the middle compartment of Pad & Quill's Luxury Briefcase for added protection. Available in three colors: Linen Gray, Charcoal and Cranberry, the Cartella starts at $89.95.

15" MacBook Pro Cartella for $99.95 (Free shipping)
13" MacBook Pro Cartella for $89.95 (Free shipping)

ProCase Sleeve

If you're looking for a simple case that won't break the bank, ProCase's protective laptop sleeve with a hand strap fits the bill. Ringing in at under $22 for the 15-inch version, this case also comes in four colors. There's an extra pocket in the front to store a charger or cables, and the sleeve is built with a water resistant exterior. Inside, there's a soft lining with padding to offer additional protection for your MacBook Pro.

15" MacBook Pro ProCase for $21.99 (Free shipping)
13" MacBook Pro ProCase for $21.99 (Free shipping)

Incase Icon Laptop Backpack

Incase Icon Laptop Backpack

Great for commuters due to its abundance of storage compartments and backpack form factor, the Incase Icon can hold a 15-inch MacBook Pro, 9.7-inch iPad, iPhone, AirPods and more. Made of 840D nylon, the Icon also has a hip-side power pocket with an integrated cable port. The top pocket, which can hold glasses or a cell phone, is plush lined for added protection. If you carry a water bottle, though, you may want to look into other options as the Icon does not have external side pockets.

Incase Icon Backpack for $199.00 (Free shipping)

Lifewit 16" Laptop Messenger Bag

Lifewit Handmade Laptop Messenger Bag

Made of cowhide leather, this handmade messenger bag by Lifewit combines style with versatility. The shoulder strap is adjustable and removable -- and the bag also features one padded laptop sleeve, two front zipper pockets, one back zipper pocket and two side pockets to stow a MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone and more. The bag also has metal feet on the bottom to avoid scratches. At press time, the Lifewit laptop briefcase is on sale for $136.99 at Amazon with free expedited shipping for Prime members.

Lifewit Messenger Bag for $136.99 ($163 off + free shipping)

Targus Strata Laptop Sleeve

Targus Strata Laptop Sleeve for MacBook Pro

Looking for a lightweight case that has a shoulder strap for added convenience? The Targus Strata in silver features a red interior for added visibility when combing through the bag's contents. It also has a front zippered pocket for small accessories like a travel mouse and charger. At under $30, it's an affordable option for those in need of a slim form factor.

Targus Strata for up to 15" laptops for $29.99 (Free 2-day shipping)

Tumi Larkin Tanya Tote

Tumi Larkin Tanya Tote for MacBook Pro

For business professionals on the go, the Tumi Larkin Tanya Tote offers modern conveniences in a classic design. The leather top carry handle features a snap when not in use. Storage compartments include an open cellphone pocket, one padded laptop compartment for your MacBook Pro, one media pocket, one velvet-lined jewelery pocket (great for traveling), a key leash and more. The back sleeve fits over extended luggage handles for easy transport through airports as well.

Tumi Larkin Tanya Tote for $395.00 (Free shipping)

Mosiso Soft Touch Plastic Hard Case with Screen Protector

Tumi Larkin Tanya Tote for 2016 MacBook Pro

Prefer a hard case? Mosiso's Plastic Hard Case with Screen Protector for the 15-inch MacBook Pro comes in 19 colors with an easy on/off design and a rubberized exterior to prevent scratches. Ports are accessible without removing the case, and Mosiso is including one screen protector with the case as well. Those who own a 13-inch MacBook Pro with or without a Touch Bar can also purchase a Soft Touch Case designed specifically for the newest MacBook Pro.

15" MacBook Pro Mosiso case for $18.99 (Free shipping)
13" MacBook Pro Mosiso case for $15.95 (20% off + free shipping)


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    neilmneilm Posts: 979member
    In following the links I see that several of these bags say they work with all of the 2016 13" MBP, the previous 13" MBP and the MacBook Air. As the owner of the new MBP I can assure you that if a case fits the MBA then it's way too big for the latest MBP. Stack those two on top of one another in the store and you'll see the difference.

    The two cases I've bought that fit the new 13" MBP properly were made for either an 11" notebook or for a tablet.
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    appexappex Posts: 687member
    "Looking for a lightweight case that has a shoulder strap for added convenience?"

    Yes, but that weights 12 ounces (340.19 g). I want something really lightweight like the "Belkin Vertical Sleeve with Shoulder Strap", which weights just 222.17 g.
    edited April 2017
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    I bought a slip case with zipper at Daiso (Japanese store) for $1.50. Not great quality but lets me toss my MacBook Pro in a suitcase without fear of getting scratched. Fits perfectly.
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    The thin plastic cover scratch protectors (last item in the list) are excellent, fit like a glove and add nothing to the device bulk. Not of use if you drop the macbook, but they're not designed to do that.
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    anomeanome Posts: 1,526member

    I've been having trouble finding cases and/or bags that open on an end, rather than on the side. Even the Cocoon vertical messenger bag I got opens on the side, which makes it hard to get my MacBook Pro out while carrying the bag. Also, if you want to put a slip cover on it, and carry it in a backpack, having to take it all the way out and then take the slip cover off...

    It's really hard to find a cover or case that meets my very specific requirements is what I'm trying to say.

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    I bought the new Speck Macbook Pro 2016 clear shell case. It's thin, adds no bulk, and I
    can still see the MacBook Pro through it.

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    kiowawakiowawa Posts: 17member
    To me two things are necessary in a backpack, and one of those also in a briefcase. A pass-through for carrying the bag on a wheeled bag's handle, and for the backpack a hidden pocket for passport along my back. Variations of the Coolbell linked here work great for the pass-through briefcase. and for the backpack And there is even an option that effectively pulls off both:
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    timrandtimrand Posts: 21member
    For my 13" MBP (4 USB-C ports), I love, love, love the Tomtoc sleeve case on Amazon.  I've used it for about 4 months, it has worn well and it has a perfect pocket in the back that holds and protects my iPad as well.

    Currently just under $20.
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    I still have the indestructible first Brenthaven backpack for the 17" TiBook, where the machine went into a thick hard-sleeve. Now I have the new 15" Touch bar MBP with an Incase sleeve. This combo fits perfectly into the Brenthaven hard sleeve, best protection ever for a laptop. I can also put the hard case into a flight cabin size rolling suitcase.
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    Most of these bags claim to work for models other than the late 2016 MBP, which means that they will have a lot of extra space. Waterfield makes excellent cases that are a perfect fit for specific models. For versatility, you can't do better than the sleevecase with the optional strap.

    But search by device on their site for more options.
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