E-commerce company Volusion adds Apple Pay on the Web functionality for customers

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Small-business centric services provider Volusion has announced that it is creating its own "Buy Now" button for merchants, and is using Apple Pay to do it.

The "Buy Now" button by Volusion does exactly as it says. Instead of adding an item to a cart, and then checking out, the button skips all those steps and allows the user to check out with the item in far fewer steps than before, removing some of the friction of the process.

"We know merchants using Apple Pay see two to five times higher conversion at checkout compared to other payment options and see more than 50 percent faster checkout times," said CEO and founder of Volusion Kevin Sproles. "We are excited to be able to provide this for our merchants and their customers."

Terms for businesses adopting the service above and beyond what Apple charges to handle the transaction are not yet clear. Square demands 2.75 percent per Apple Pay transaction.

Volusion claims that more than 180,000 entrepeneurs have used the company's technology to build e-commerce sites, with 40,000 merchants currently using the solution. To date, 185 million orders have been placed through the company's offerings, generating over $28 billion in sales.


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    eightzeroeightzero Posts: 2,640member
    Saw an interesting stat some time ago: ecommerce sites that require establishing an account with password to check out have a whopping 70+% abandon rate. No one wants another account and password. They simply walk away. Guest checkouts are far more likely to result in a sale.

    The worst ones are those you can't even get a price or shop without some sort of account. <delete> 
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    Das ist scheiße!

    Here, in the sanctuary Bay Area of San Francisco, the public utilities like PG&E charge a fee for paying online:
    EZ-Pay Convenience Fee: $1.35
    IMO, this is pure greed -- they save money by not having to pay clerks in local offices to process payments manually -- and then screw the customer for saving the company money!
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