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This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Victor talks about Siri, the spat between people responsible for it, Google Assistant on the iPad, and the problems around a Fitbit for kids.

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AppleInsider editor Victor Marks discusses:
  • The Information spoke to anonymous Apple sources who spoke about the litany of problems with Siri, especially in its early days at Apple
  • This prompted Dag Kittlaus who co-founded Siri to respond. Pull up a chair and grab some popcorn, we never see this happen.
  • It's kind of strange just how many times Siri has bounced around among managers. Forstall, Williamson, Cue, Federighi...
  • Google Assistant comes to iPad. Google deserves some credit for what they've accomplished.
  • France's Finance Minister is going to take Apple and Google to court over App stores. We'll be watching to see how this develops.
  • Calendar 2 returns to the Mac App Store, minus its cryptocurrency miner. Why does a calendar application mine cryptocurrency? I'm glad you asked...
  • United Healthcare adds Apple Watch Series 3 to their motion device program, giving insured people up to 1000 USD for accomplishing motion goals.
  • Fitbit announces their second generation smartwatch, and a Fitbit for kids. There are a lot of problems around a device tracker for kids. Have they addressed them all?
  • and, a tip about how to view and DVR over-the-air TV on AppleTV
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    roakeroake Posts: 768member
    Poor Siri.  We all love her, but she’s not too bright.
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    Good job in doing the show alone, Victor. Enjoyed listening to your take on things. Thanks for doing it. It could've been very easy to cancel it instead. 

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    vmarksvmarks Posts: 760editor
    Good job in doing the show alone, Victor. Enjoyed listening to your take on things. Thanks for doing it. It could've been very easy to cancel it instead. 

    Thank you very much. Cancelling never crossed my mind. 
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    KenThodKenThod Posts: 10member
    Just want to comment about the Fitbit Ace, personally, i just want my kids to be less engage with the tech gadget, kids should do the kids stuff and not be so too addict with the tech, they almost addict with the smartphone (i mean borrow from the parent just to play the games), now with the wearables for kid seem to much for my kids. Just my personal opinion.

    I believe there are parent out there want their kids to be active and not just sit at home play video games or do nothing. So actually it is a good try from Fitbit to focus on that potential customer base. Also maybe there are parent out there want to train their kids to be an athlete soon when they become an adult, so it is just a kickstart to be active since kids.

    I think this is the first time for the Fitbit to introduce the wearable or the fitness tracker for the kids, but in term of the rival aspect, Garmin did it first (Vivofit Jr), but when i compare both wearables the Ace wins a lot more in term of specs and features. Maybe in the future Garmin will release another upgraded trackers target for the kids.
    edited March 2018
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