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Apple mostly touted the benefits of iOS 12 on the iPhone during the two-hour WWDC keynote, but that doesn't mean the iPad was overlooked. We've found 24 iPad-specific features that you may have missed.

iPad Pro iOS 12

One of the most talked about areas for the iPad was the new iPhone X inspired gestures including accessing the app switcher, invoking Control Center, jumping between apps, and going to the Home screen.

Photographers are also going to love the improvements to the photo import process, which has remained largely unchanged for years.

Watch the AppleInsider deep-dive video to see all the changes for yourself.

  • Redesigned status bar with space in the center

  • Date included in iPad Status Bar

  • Swipe up to go to Home screen

  • Swipe to go Home from the Lock Screen

  • Swipe up to hold to access app switcher

  • Swipe down on top right to access Control Center

  • Control Center removed from App Switcher

  • Quick switch between apps

  • New Stocks app

  • New Voice Memos app

  • News has redesign

  • Books has redesign (and new name)

  • Updated Screen Recording Interface

  • Trackpad cursor mode by holding on space bar

  • Photo import and manage RAW photos on your iPhone and iPad and edit on your iPad Pro

  • Photo import can show as an overlay above your other apps

  • Photo import location can be changed

  • During import, will sort photos that have already been added and put into a different section

  • During import, progress circle is displayed. Tapping it gives you a counter

  • Preview full-screen photos

  • Improved import speed (especially with USB 3.0 reader)

  • Photo counter and storage amount are displayed on the top right

  • Context selection on second spotlight invocation using Smart Keyboard (or others)

  • Editing camera photos options in Messages app, no effects

Dig deeper into iOS 12 with the AppleInsider roundup video highlighting well over 150 changes.
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member
    I understand that the top left “iPod” and “iPad” was just a holdover from the iPhone’s system where it shows you your carrier, but geezaloo this is a long time coming getting rid of that. Showing the date makes me think about the iPad replacing laptops… just a little.

    Can the 1 finger gestures be disabled individually?
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    urashidurashid Posts: 92member
    Happy to see the "swipe up" gestures for iPad. It was annoying to go back and forth between iPhone X and iPad.
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    mavemufcmavemufc Posts: 326member
    Will look great on the new iPad Pros with no home button and Face ID, hopefully!
    Sgt Storms(trooper)caladanianwatto_cobra
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    Trackpad cursor mode looks like an interesting feature. I wonder if it's related to the various DF articles and pontifications about iPad needing more work on focus or mouse capabilities.

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    entropysentropys Posts: 1,698member
    I think those iPad changes will be particularly beneficial to iPhone X users’ workflow, and I assume users of future iPhones. I really like the control centre access.

    What I would have liked the most though, as someone who uses an iPad Pro for work, would have been expanded capability of the files app. Specifically that is for my purposes local and remote access to MS servers, or at home, NAS and the other computer’s files.

    Also, 29,985 unread emails on your iPad Pro!
    edited June 2018 watto_cobra
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    TuuborTuubor Posts: 37member
    As a photographer and someone who does most of his work on the iPad the new import features are so welcome! 

    One question though! Is it possible to share folders in iOS 12 with iCloud Drive? This is the single most frustrating thing and it keeps me from leaving Google Drive. I often need to share a bunch of files to someone and iCloud Drive doesn’t allow it.
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    Trackpad cursor mode looks like an interesting feature. I wonder if it's related to the various DF articles and pontifications about iPad needing more work on focus or mouse capabilities.

    Trackpad mode on the iPad is an old feature. This new addition is just using a single finger hold on the keyboard and I like it. The problem, of course, is that there is no way to do this with a third party keyboard and that's what John Gruber is interested in and he's not the only one. It might seem odd to have a trackpad on a physical keyboard for an iPad considering it is built for touch input, but if it could control text selection only and I think plenty of people would buy one. Would be a great time saver. Maybe Apple is hoping to perfect some sort of touch surface physically morphable keyboard surface. :P
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    I love these succinct video articles from appleinsider. They take quite a bit of discipline and they are becoming my favorite part of the site, I think.
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    hentaiboyhentaiboy Posts: 951member
    • Date included in iPad Status Bar
    Hoorah! I'm sick of having to bring up the Home Screen just to check the date.
    edited June 2018 watto_cobra
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    Trackpad cursor mode looks like an interesting feature. I wonder if it's related to the various DF articles and pontifications about iPad needing more work on focus or mouse capabilities.

    Already existed on the phone by 3D touching on space bar. They just replaced it with touch and hold on iPad. 
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    When FaceID comes to the iPad, I think Apple will ensure that it works in Portrait and Landscape mode.

    They could get away with it being Portrait mode only on the iPhone X since the phone is mostly unlocked in Portrait mode. In the case of the iPad, a lot of users unlock it in Landscape mode, just like how it was done with TouchID on this video.

    Very nicely done video, by the way!

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    You advertise that your price guide shows the best deals on Apple products and is updated daily. Are you really just advertising for sponsors? I ask because the largest retail store in the world (Wal-Mart) has had the ipad 5th gen 128gb version on sale for $329 for weeks. I have not seen this on your price guide. Just for clarification of your consumers (me/others), you may want to clarify that you should the best prices from companies that sponsor you and not the actual best price.
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    chasmchasm Posts: 1,515member
    Re: status bar redesigned to possibly accommodate a notch in future models ... YA THINK?? :)

    Also, DUDE! Inbox management -- STAT!! :lol:
    edited June 2018
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