Analysts change tune, now say $1,000 Huawei Mate 20 Androids are a bargain



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    Wow this site is really obsessed over what the media says about Apple competitors. Why do you care?
    DED is an opinion columnist and this is his beat. He's "employed", not "obsessed". Have you ever read a newspaper? Do you accuse the Star Tribune staff of being "obsessed" about their beats? Why not?

    The more interesting question is, why do you stalk DED every single week to whine about not understanding an opinion column? It's pathological at this point. Does it affect your life in other ways? Doesn't sound very pleasant.
    DED is indeed obsessed in attacking anything that is against apple, he is a hardcore apple fanboy and most of his articles attack anything that dares to go against apple. He has repeatedly predicted the failure of android several times. Once in 2009

    and 2013 titled "Google appears ready to ditch Android over its intellectual property issues

    and last week
    "Google is downplaying android to focus its future on Chrome OS"

    Android is not going anywhere and no matter what Mr.Dilger predicts android will not disappear
    Not sure if you're joking or what, but your link is quite obviously a parody written by Fake Steve Jobs, who actually was bitterly butthurt about a perceived threat.

    The facts pretty clearly present that Google has been ditching Android for Chrome OS as fast as it can, it just can't wipe away all its legacy. It similarly took Microsoft 5 years to get rid of DOS, then Windows XP, and now Windows 7. Nothing in the 2013 article said it would happen that year. It clearly charted out a future where Google was investing in the code that makes sense for a web service company and backing away from the code tied to a former executive which indeed is still encumbered by IP issues (ie a multi-billion dollar lawsuit).

    You keep waving your hands but you got nothing to say. That kind of indicates that the "projection" related to attacking articles lies with you and rogifan_new , who are doing your best to belittle and question accurate reports that simply outline what is happening in the industry. Why? Feeling threatened? That's what it sounds like. 

    Anyone who pops up every article to scream about how the author must feel threatened by his subject matter sounds like a person with an irritating boil on their treasured fetish spot, seeking to distract attention from reality. Nobody is taking away your Androids or telling you not to send your money to China. It's merely pointing out that Android has failed as the arrogant initiative that declared it would be the primary target for developer exclusives and that it would destroy Apple. 

    There are a lot of people who deserve to be called out and have their face rubbed in reality. Add Google's hyper BS claims to be bringing an iOS clone in a cheaper form when now all its doing it trying to push up the price of Androids to/or past iPhones in a desperate attempt to salvage some of its work and make a sustainable profit. 
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    "iPhone 6 Pro"?
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    maestro64 said:
    Wow this site is really obsessed over what the media says about Apple competitors. Why do you care?
    Because it is DED and it always a good thing to call out the fake media and point out their obvious mistake. If this is not done then people walk around thinking these people know what they are talking about.

    Just more evidence you should not trust most things you may read.
    So now fake news does exist?  

    asking for a friend
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    I recently had some friends over for dinner. One had brought her elderly father along and he was complaining how he couldn’t make phone calls. He had a nice Samsung phone so I offered to take a look at it. It was completely overrun with spyware/adware and to describe it as barely useable would be too generous. After about half an hour of deleting apps, fighting the spy/adware every step of the way, I was able to get the phone more or less baselined and back to useable condition. Now you might argue that a more tech savvy user wouldn’t have been baited into installing all of that malware, but the fact is this would never have happened on an iPhone no matter the experience of the user. I told my friend to ditch the Samsung and buy her father an inexpensive iPhone and they wouldn’t have to worry.
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