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This week on the AppleInsider Podcast, Victor and William discuss Apple TV+'s forthcoming show "Servant" by M. Night Shyamalan, whether critics are Apple haters for hating on the morning show, and Apple's expansion in Austin.

Apple's Mac Pro production line in Austin, Texas
Apple's Mac Pro production line in Austin, Texas

AppleInsider editor Victor Marks and writer extraordinaire William Gallagher discuss:

  • You may have noticed that the MacBook Pro 16 is out. While Victor and William both enthuse about it, what we really want to know is what you think of the Touch Bar. The MacBook Pro has a good keyboard, and it's restored the physical Escape key, let's reexamine the Touch Bar. Let us know what you use it for.
  • M. Night Shyamalan has produced a new Apple TV+ show called Servant and we've seen it. Servant is every bit as creepy as you expect -- and it's as good as you hope, too.
  • The executive producers of "The Morning Show" say their early bad reviews were more criticisms of Apple than of their drama. They have a point, but that show's pilot episode was rocky. Should you give every show a second chance or is there just too much to watch anyway?
  • The Mac Pro facility that made the trash can Mac Pro has been converted over to make the new model, and it cost Apple a lot. The company has spent $200 Million went into it, and has 500 employees working across 5 acres.
  • But this isn't all that Apple's doing or spending in Austin: this week Apple also broke ground on a new campus.
  • Also this week, Apple revealed its new Apple Music for Business. Stores, restaurants and more can subscribe to get customized music playlists -- and to help musicians get more fairly compensated.
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    First, your clarifications on the Texas facility are quite helpful, and put Kara Swisher’s comments in perspective. I am no fan if Trump, but there was a lot f ambiguity on these Texas moves.  The last thing Cook needs to do is publicly correct Trump. He has company to run and he’s doing a great job threading the needle.   

    Second, i do not think that AI should commenting on the quality of new Apple shows. You do not have the credibility, any more than any other viewer, to make such judgements. The show, in fact, is smash hit with audiences, notwithstanding the stupid reviews from the so called experts.  So, i invite all of your readers to post their reviews on AI. It would just as valid as the ones AI posted.  Wow, its Friday; can’t wait for the next episode of the morning show.
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    I’m looking forward to new episodes of Snoopy, Ghostwriter, The Helpsters, etc. Apple’s TV media offerings have been pretty swell so far to me. 
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