Leak suggests Apple may replace Midnight Green with Navy Blue in iPhone 12



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    A deep navy iPhone could be gorgeous! However I DREAM of a deep purple (Prince Purple Rain purple) iPhone. I’d lose my mind!!
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    uraharaurahara Posts: 585member
    seankill said:
    I don’t see the green appealing to a large market. How many woman want green? There’s about half your market gone. 
    As for guys, I see some getting it, but probably less than 5% of total sales. Hey look, I’m an analyst now. 
    And as the majority - a shitty one - pulling numbers out of your butt.
    My wife had bought green. I (male) like gold. I would buy blue, when available.
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    uraharaurahara Posts: 585member
    kevin kee said:
    lonestar1 said:
    The color-phobic Jonny Ives is gone, and midnight green was hugely popular last year. So, I expect Apple will be more open to new colors now. But bright colors might be too radical a change. If Apple sticks with dark colors, navy blue is a logical choice. 
    I think Apple will stick with dark color for Pro (11 Pro, 11 max Pro) and brighter color for Non Pro (11). That way it will differentiate enough between Pro and Non Pro, color and material.

    Here are some options for Pro: blue navy, dark purple, orange copper, and probably it's time to remove gold. I think Apple will always keep the standard Space Grey and Silver.
    I love gold. Why remove it?
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    netmagenetmage Posts: 314member
    I would rather they return to a true black like the iPhone 5. 
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    avon b7avon b7 Posts: 5,906member
    GeeAye said:
    I'd be interested in a poll or survey or something about the visibility of phones after they are bought. Looking around the office and at commuters, all of them have an opaque case of some sort and I either can't tell what colour their phone is or it peaks out at one or both ends of the case (like my rose gold SE does).

    If I had a choice of colours, I'd choose one I like (I like the green) - if that is what other people do then the stats on colour choice is just about colour preference and not about being swayed to buy a phone based on colour.
    You are right in saying many phones end up in cases which conceal their designs.

    However, colour, material and finish remain key elements in the minds of purchasers and play their part in the overall decision to purchase.

    Green has been known to appeal to many people but as with most colours you have to get the right balance at the right moment. Timing is also important as people also get tired of certain colours which can fall out of favour for a while.
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    I wish Apple would bring back jet black like on the iPhone 7. My favourite colour by far and now with glass back no problem with scratching
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    I bought the iPhone 11 Pro Max in Green, and I love it. Bring on the Blue, but don't get rid of any colors. At these prices, consumers deserve more color choices, not a corporate hack trying to justify their over-payed job position.
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