T-Mobile adds Apple Pay support to online, in-app bill payments

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T-Mobile subscribers are now able to pay their monthly cellular bill using Apple Pay, according to reports from users.

Apple users can make payments with Apple Pay on Mac and iOS.
Apple users can make payments with Apple Pay on Mac and iOS.

The carrier has added Apple Pay support to both its iOS app and website, though it seems restricted to bill payments at this time. The new addition was first spotted by Redditors, who noticed the change rolling out today.

Like other modes of remittance, Apple Pay can be set up for automatic payments in the T-Mobile app and through the company's webpage.

It's worth noting that this means customers can net 3% cash back when paying their monthly cellular bill, as long as they're using an Apple Card via Apple Pay to do so.

T-Mobile was added to the list of retailers to offer 3% Daily Cash back in September 2019, though the cash back was limited to in-store transactions.


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    wood1208wood1208 Posts: 2,568member
    Will force AT&T,Verizon to follow ?
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    Awesome. If Apple Pay is an option, I always use it. Slightly off topic but still related to Apple Pay, hopefully more places start to implement touchless checkout. With everything going on it was very uncomfortable to have to touch the terminals at Publix while getting groceries. 
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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 10,478member

    I'm currently only getting 1% back on my $60 a month bill.   An additional 2% will be nice.

    The only drawback is:   everytime I send money with Apple Cash or pay my Apple Card the amount I've earned gets used automatically.  I prefer to save up my discounts to use for major purchases -- usually each September LOL...

    Added:   I just tried to change my autopay to ApplePay on the T-Mobile website but the only options were credit cards or bank account.  There was no option for Apple Pay
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