Logitech announces 'Folio Touch' keyboard case for 11-inch iPad Pro

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Logitech has designed a new iPad Pro keyboard that features an included trackpad for a laptop-like experience.

The new Folio Touch works with the first and second generation 11-inch iPad Pro, and aims to bring flexibility to your mobile setup.

The keyboard provides users with a trackpad to mimic the way they would typically work on a keyboard. When they don't need to type, users can fold the keyboard back into kickstand mode to easily watch videos.

Users can also easily fold the keyboard flat against the back of the case when reading or sketching. For those who enjoy using their iPad Pro for drawing, the Folio Touch securely holds your Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon in place, preventing it from getting lost in the bottom of your tech bag.

The Folio Touch is designed to protect the corners and back of the iPad Pro, and the magnetic latch keeps your screen safe in transit.

The Logitech Folio Touch will launch later in July on both Logitech and Apple's websites and will retail for $159.99.


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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,408member
    Don’t like that back flap. That’s like the Surface laptop, which is unstable on a lap.
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    jdb8167jdb8167 Posts: 621member
    Don’t like that back flap. That’s like the Surface laptop, which is unstable on a lap.
    But it allows you to flip the keyboard behind the iPad to use in tablet mode without removing the case. There are always tradeoffs in any design.

    The trackpad is the thing that is going to make or break this keyboard folio.
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    Agreed, definitely pros and cons to each design. Fortunately it’s more reasonably priced. Apple’s solution is way, way too expensive.
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    MplsPMplsP Posts: 3,306member
    I have a similar folio for my 2nd gen iPad Pro. It's an awesome keyboard- better feel and more reliable than my 2016 MBP. You can also snap it off to to use the iPad in screen-only mode, as well. I haven't had an issue in my lap, but I also have long legs and thus a larger lap.

    Llke @jdb8167 said, there are pros and cons to any design. Hoping the trackpad works well - at least this keyboard actually costs less than an iPad.
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    pbenniepbennie Posts: 1member
    I have both the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio and the new Magic Keyboard. Plus on the Smart Keyboard Folio is that it WILL fold back so you can lay it on your lap flat. I wish the Magic Keyboard did that.

    The Experience of the Magic Keyboard keys is superb. Albeit I am using it in a 11” iPad Pro, so it has that familiar ‘tight’ feel of the smaller keyboard, for the majority of what I use my iPad for it is just great. The USB-C connector on the hing is helpful as well for charging, etc.

    Logitech has always made outstanding well engineered products - the only ‘downside’, if there was one would simply be the feel of the keyboard and I imagine it feels more like the Smart Folio Keyboard than not.
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