You can't stereo pair HomePod with HomePod mini, but home theater support coming soon



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    mike1 said:

    That said, multiple HomePod mini and HomePod units can be linked to form a connected whole-house system. Users can ask Siri to play different songs in each room or play one song throughout the home, with sound synchronized across all speakers.
    This is the bit I find does not work.  My setup is a bit different in that I am using wired Airport Express units to drive in wall speakers (via Griffin Twenty amplifiers).  When I stream music from my computer to both the AE and the HP, the HP will lose it's connection to the Music app.  If I play to just the HP, everything works fine.  Perhaps Apple is simply deprecating the AE in an attempt to not have to deal with them.  This is fine, but I definitely need a wired speaker solution - I don't want my house to be littered with HPs.
    Then why are you even commenting on this story???

    Because it bears mentioning that while you might be able to connect multiple HomePods to create whole house audio, adding something else (even if manufactured by Apple) might break that system...  This potentially limits the value in going with the HP.  I replaced my HP with a Sonos unit and now everything works fine, although the audio quality is not as good.
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    crimguy said:
    “Dalrymple goes on to say that an upcoming update will deliver 5.1 surround, 7.1 surround, and Dolby Atmos support to HomePods connected to an Apple TV 4K. HomePod's directional audio is required for the simulated surround sound feature to work, so those looking to replace their home theater system will have to spring for the more expensive model. HomePod and HomePod mini can't be connected to an Apple TV at the same time, though two HomePod mini units can be paired to achieve stereo sound. “

    This sounds like any 5.1 will be virtual, not four or more homepods, if you can’t connect them to an Apple TV. 

    I am holding out hope that Apple will release a center channel speaker that perhaps connects to multiple pairs of homepods, decodes the multichannel audio, and sends it to the appropriate satellite. Homepod subwoofer would be nice too ;-D
    If they did offer multichannel support, I suspect you’d just use a mini as center. That’s what my Anthony Gallo orbs did for their 5.1 setup. 
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    rikipedia said:
    Apple is soooo late to the game with this product. Many of us have already found similar non-Apple solutions that work very well.

    I agree something like the mini should have come out much earlier, but those of us that care about privacy and data protection wouldn't be caught dead with "non-Apple" solutions from companies like google and Amazon.

    For us, these are welcome additions to an ecosystem that protects privacy, and In my case I will be filling my home with these HomePod minis.
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