Thinking of Not Moving To Big Sur

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I've always moved to each new version of the Mac OS in the past, including last year to Catalina. But I am having second thoughts about moving to Big Sur. Through V11.2.2, it has worked well on my test external SSD (actually a partition on it), although the latest version of Tech Tool Pro has issues. But the biggie, for me, is that SuperDuper! is not compatible at all (it kind of works, but that solution is just too cumbersome). I know that V11.3 of Big Sur should be arriving soon, and I am hopeful Tech Tool Pro will work with it. But by that time, it will be May. And I'll have to switch to Carbon Copy Cloner for my backups (not a bad thing, as fortunately both of my Macs are Intel-based).

There is nothing I really need in Big Sur, but it looks nice, and actually runs well. Yet, the next Mac OS will arrive, most likely, in October or November. For that reason (and others), I am thinking of staying with Catalina. It runs flawlessly, and all my applications work fine with it. I do understand that backup/cloning issues for SuperSuper! and Carbon Copy Cloner could still be present with the next version of the OS.

If I were to remain with my 2 Intel-based Macs, and assuming Tech Tool Pro works with V11.3, I could make the permanent move and use CCC for my backups. However, my 13" MacBook Air is starting to feel slow (have not tested it with Big Sur), and an M1-based Air sure looks like what I need. But then CCC does not work with M1-based Macs (actually it does work, but again the method is cumbersome).

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Would appreciate any input, comments, etc.


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    Mike WuertheleMike Wuerthele Posts: 6,153administrator
    There is something to be said for sticking with a software combination that works. That way, you know you won't run into any issues in the short-term with an update breaking something.
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    Thanks, Mike. And yes, that is certainly valid. But I will say that except for SuperDuper! (and hopefully temporary issues with Tech Tool Pro and Big Sur V11.2.x), Big Sur actually is quite stable. Of course I am not a very demanding user. Still, though, your insight is refreshing.

    Thanks again.
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