Fired Apple employee who aired workplace concerns gets approval to sue company



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    crowley said:
    crowley said:
    jdw said:
    jdw said:
    genovelle said:
    Did she consider the toxins in her tattoos?
    ...Why in THE world human beings these days feel the need to ... pierce their bodies with needles ... into the skin is something I will NEVER comprehend.  People do it because it's popular.  ...
    100% Natural Skin.  It does a body good.
    Does your stated logic also apply to body and ear piercings? For me, it does. Do you feel the same?
    Yes, I feel the same.  Admittedly, I do hate needles.  But I still don't understand why tattoos and piercings have become so popular over the last decade.  Human beings are a bit too fickle to get something etched into their bodies for life.  Goodness knows most married couples can't even stay married regardless of their promise to remain married "until death" do they part. So if a 20 year old gets a tattoo, will they honestly love that thing until death? If not, will they have the money to get it professional removed when they finally realize they got it due to what was fashionable at the time, rather than what common sense dictated?  At least with bee hive hair styles in the 60's and bell bottoms in the 70's, you could easy just stop doing that after the fads died off.  But when you tattoo and punch holes in your body, that sticks with you for pretty much the rest of your life.

    And as to the "freedom of expression" arguments, why not get a temporary tattoo instead?  Express yourself as you like but easily change your mind later at next to no additional cost.  Again, people change.  We don't stay the same, and I don't just mean physical age.  We mentally change too.  What we did 30 years ago, isn't necessarily what we want now.  But when you use your freedom of expression to make a (mostly) permanent change to your body, it could be something you regret later in life.  I've met many a person who told me just that.  As such, I don't just teach my kids to "do what feels good" or "express your freedom as you like."  I suggest a little common sense to be mixed with their freedom of choice.  It's only reasonable.
    You know what's more reasonable?  Letting adults make their own decisions about what they do with their bodies and minding your own damn business.
    For someone who spends so much time telling others what to do, that's hilariously ironic. You talk about freedom of expression but you are keen to tell others to shut up.
    I do my best to ignore your ignorant and infuriatingly stupid ponderings and your mind-numbingly idiotic attempts at humour, so please don't talk to me; I'm not interested in anything you have to say.
    Thanks for saying "please." I'll consider your request. But wow, I'm very surprised that they let you stay on this website with all your personal attacks against anyone that disagrees with you.
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    Fred257 said:
    She shows traits to me of someone with Borderline Personality Disorder.  And just like Johnny Depps ex malignant narcissist BPD wife shows the exact same victimization toolbox.  People should report abuse but her behavior is someone indicative of BPD.  My mother and one of my best friends with BPD acts the same as this person.  
    That was my first impression of her also. Borderline Personality Disorders are always trying to draw attention to themselves and instead of doing their jobs, they spend more time and energy fighting some perceived slight against them. They may initially impress the company with their skills but they quickly decompensate and an incredible amount of time is spent on trying to correct or appease the BPD before the company realizes how batshit crazy the person is. 
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