AirPods are no longer cool, claim people who can't afford them



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    scout6900 said:
    They had me at no more untangling the f’g cords. 
    I don’t understand why people use censored words. If you believe that a certain word is offensive then why not use a word that is not offensive? Why not just “untangling the cords” or “untangling the damn cords”? I guess I can understand that people would self censor if they really wanted to use the word but can’t because the website won’t allow it but if the website doesn’t care about language then I guess that self censoring makes no sense to me. 
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    .... I was never even remotely : ) tempted...

    To me this was part of a post Jobs shift to make hardware an unrepairable consumable, ironically at a time when sustainability would seem a critical priority...

    I still enjoy a pair of Sennheiser dual driver over ear 'cans' with audiophile metrics from the mid 80's and was happy to buy essential consumables such as ear pads and wires until they were discontinued after 35 (vs 5) years, stocking up for the last studio headphones I may ever need...

    My mobile 'buds' are Westone musician grade UM series again wired and still going strong save the essential consumables of physical contact and connection...

    From what I have read Jobs was an erudite audiophile and that zeitgeist was core to the success of the iPod, including the DAC of the iPod 4 which was legendary vs the ear fatiguing shredding of music in other less than lossless formats.

    Cool ?  Is that merit ? Perhaps for many...
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    I tried to convince my 13 y/o niece that my iPhone 5 wired buds were trendy and hip. 
     No dice.  All the kids have the Pros and she wants them - bad. 

    Why my niece gotta be a sheep!  ;) 
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    cornchipcornchip Posts: 1,911member
    I just like that I can seamlessly switch between phone, pad & Mac without a thought.
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    Let’s me be more clear. I’m against censoring for so-called swear words. I am in favor of censoring posts that are vile, hate spewing, denigrating of others, etc.
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    I have a pair of Air Pod Pro’s because they work across all of my devices without much effort, but when I care how my music sounds, the AP’s go into my pocket. I use them for connivence as opposed to sound quality. 
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    Mitty said:

    "AirPods are no longer cool, claim people who can't afford them"

    This headline is pathetic. People don't like AirPods because they sound horrible. I have the Bose QC Earbuds and I've tried the Sony XM4s, both of which are better and more costly than the AirPods Pro. AirPods (Pro) are inferior compared to these headphones in every way except for integration with the Apple ecosystem. Even AppleInsider admits that the Bose QC Earbuds and Sony XM4s are superior:

    This whole notion that people don't buy Apple products because they're poor needs to stop. It's an extremely base and fallacious argument it reflects poorly on people that try to make it. 
    I tried and succeeded at making it, and help those that are trying.  It's a pay it forward thing, and the interns I work with give me confidence in the future.  I guess I believe in the best in people, and if they want a good earbud that doesn't get caught in the seat belt, badge lanyard, or has magical cords that seem to invite tangling, more power to them!
    One thing I learned long ago:  A poor man pays twice.  (It's a twist on "pay me now or pay me later...")
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    I think he used the F term to describe those cables because they often do appear to be in a coital configuration when they get tangled.

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    BeatsBeats Posts: 3,073member
    bulk001 said:
    AirPods are cool insist people who found they spent $175 for AirPods that sound like $20 headphones and are ashamed and outraged to have just found out that they are no longer cool and wasted $155! I have a pair of JHA Roxanne’s IEM’s and no Bluetooth one size fits all is ever going to provide the same comfort and sound quality. It all depends on where you are in life, how much you have to spend and what you like. Class warfare comes to Appleinsider …

    20 bucks? Are you talking about wired earbuds?

    For $20 do they provide:
    1. Wireless
    2. Lasting battery
    3. Spatial Audio
    4. Siri
    5. Noise cancellation
    6. Find My
    7. Dual beam-forming  Mics
    8. Accelerometers
    9. Force sensors
    10. Skin detection
    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    Reminds me of when people claimed AirPods Max were overpriced and compared them to headphones with ZERO features besides sound. 
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    Some "wired" devices actually are still "wireless" in that they are wired only between the ears rather than wired to your iOS device. E.g., Beats Flex. 
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    BeatsBeats Posts: 3,073member
    Some "wired" devices actually are still "wireless" in that they are wired only between the ears rather than wired to your iOS device. E.g., Beats Flex. 

    Were you replying to my post? I hate when devices with wires call themselves “wireless”.

    With that said, I was replying to someone who claimed $20 earbuds are as good as AirPods. Beats Flex cost much more than that and would be a better comparison.
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    dewmedewme Posts: 4,387member
    Whaaaaat? No longer cool? I am absolutely devastated. Glad I still have my Porta Pros around so I can be cool in public again. I guess I’ll have to restrict the use of my AirPods Pro to in-home, with the shades pulled all the way down. 

    I’ll keep monitoring WSJ to see how I can further align my lifestyle with their coolness directives. What’s next, Teslas going uncool? 
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    Last week I got the AirPods Pro as a gift.. never had any AirPods before. I couldn’t bear them 24 hrs until I gave them away. For my ears, they fit horrible .. and it was this headache after listening to music for like an hour or less. Now am back to my wired earphones.It’s not about “affordability”, but rather functionally!
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    I use wired because they came in the box, are cheap, don’t have a battery and work well. Cool doesn’t come in to play. 
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    I had to laugh when I saw a trendy kid with a phone AND a yellow cassette-playing sony walkman at the gym. But wearing wired earpods insteads of wireless just means you're making do while waiting for a replacement shipment.
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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    The whole thing, from start to finish, is click-bait.
    It's a standard formula:  take some off-the-wall extremist or nut case, try to make people believe it is a new wave coming at them in order to build fear, hate and, most important of all:  shock & outrage.

    I'm surprised that the Wall Street Journal would stoop to such tactics (outside of their opinion pages).  But, Rupert Murdoch's agreement with the Bankrofts has expired -- so he is free to use the WSJ as he does FauxNews.
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    Mods vs the rockers 2021 style. I guess the mods are the ones wearing Airpods?
    And as far as being a sell out ... bwahahah. Find something more important to worry about.
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    I prefer wired and wireless both to be completely fair. I do use a set of Klipsch R6 wired earbuds but I have them connected to a  portable wireless Bluetooth receiver but there are times where I just go wired. But mostly I go wireless just for convenience. I'm not a huge fan of the looks of either the AirPods or the AirPods Pro honestly. I'm more of a fan of either the Galaxy Buds or even the Klipsch T5 TWS's
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    This article is so poorly written. The only thing that might be worse than the article, is the authors attitude. I have AirPods as well as beats, and the wired apple headphones. I’m still using my AirPods, because I like them… that’s it. I also use wired headphones occasionally for a different sound. 

    It’s just so stupid to imply people who don’t like AirPods are broke. Some just prefer different sounds, or there’s something they simply don’t like about AirPods. If you’re letting random peoples opinions on social media dictate what you think is cool, that’s your problem. 

    Wear AirPods or don’t. No one really cares to be honest. Don’t let social media convince you otherwise 
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    Anyone who bought them because they were cool, is a tool! 

    I use them as their functionality is good. Yes, there are louder and better sounding headphones/earbuds, but the way they connect, how quickly you can take them in and out is key for me. I found the batteries lasted about 3yrs for me. 
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