Comcast launches Xfinity Stream app on Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD

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The Xfinity Stream app has officially launched on the Apple TV set-top boxes, allowing users to view both live channels and Comcast's library of on-demand content on tvOS.

Credit: Comcast
Credit: Comcast

Available now for Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD, the Xfinity Stream app will allow users to watch most content available through an actual Comcast Xfinity set-top box. Users with existing subscriptions will be able to stream more than 250 live TV channels and access thousands of shows and movies in the Xfinity library.

Interested users will be able to download the tvOS app from the App Store and log into their Xfinity accounts using their existing credentials.

Back in October, Apple and Comcast announced a joint venture to bring the Apple Apple TV+ app to Comcast platforms and the Xfinity Stream app to Apple's streaming hardware.

Comcast also said that it has redesigned its Xfinity Stream app to feature a more intuitive user interface that implies content discovery and includes a personalization algorithm. The redesigned app is launching first on Apple TV hardware before a broader release.

The Apple TV+ platform launched on Comcast entertainment platforms like Xfinity X1, Xfinity Flex, and XClass TV earlier in 2022.

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    Please bring this to Canada on Shaw and Rogers and end the need for cable box rentals and the need for multiple remotes and switching HDMI input sources. 
    Simple TV 😀
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    javairjavair Posts: 17member
    The article said Xfinity customers can see "most" shows on the new app.

    My sports and wife's reality TV is why we keep Comcast channel services.

    So, if I can't get sports on the app, then I gotta keep the rental box.

    Well, I'll find out soon.
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    rob53rob53 Posts: 3,190member
    Tricky wording but does this mean Xfinity might not require the use of it's own service hardware in order to use most of Xfinity's programming? I checked xfinity's website and hopefully you'll allow their url:

    Xfinity Stream features on Apple TV include:

    • Access to your full channel lineup
    • Access to your full On Demand library – including all recordings and previously purchased content
    • A new, more intuitive user interface


    Get the entertainment you love anywhere, on any device with Xfinity Stream app. Included at no additional cost for Xfinity customers.

    Of course it's next to impossible to find anything on their website but you need to be an xfinity customer and I doubt this means you can only be a streaming customer. Their supposed lowest cost plan looks like it's $30/mo and includes "unlimited internet and streaming" so that amount would be acceptable if we actually got all the channels and access to all their movies and TV shows. I highly doubt this.

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    ricmacricmac Posts: 65member
    The Xfinity app is just about what you'd expect from Comcast.  Click around and about half of the screens populate and half are empty.  I'lll leave it installed for a bit to see if they get bugs ironed out, but I"ll not hold my breath.
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