Verizon's One Unlimited for iPhone plan includes Apple One subscription

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Verizon has introduced its One Unlimited for iPhone plan, an offering that includes the Apple One bundle of services as part of the price plan.

Just as rumored on September 3, Verizon confirmed shortly after Apple's special event that it was going to provide its customers with Apple One as a free perk. Specifically, it is on an all-new plan called One Unlimited for iPhone, and makes Verizon the only carrier to offer it.

Under the plan, customers with one line will get an Apple One Individual subscription, which includes Apple Music, Apple TV , Apple Arcade, and iCloud+ with 50GB of storage.

Customers with two or more lines are upgraded to Apple One Family, which offers the same thing for a family group of up to six people, and with a higher iCloud+ allowance of 200GB.

Customers also get access to Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband network, unlimited "premium network access," 25GB of mobile hotspot data, unlimited talk and text including Mexico and Canada, and international texting. There are also bonuses including up to 50% off a watch, tablet, or hotspot, up to $800 towards a new phone, and Verizon Home Internet for $25 per month.

While it is named One Unlimited for iPhone, the plan is not limited to those who own an iPhone. Verizon is making the plan available to all new and existing Verizon customers, regardless of whether they own iPhones or Android devices.

The plan costs $90 for one line per month, plus taxes and fees. Two lines are $75 apiece or $150 in total, three lines costs $60 each, four lines are $50 each, and five lines costs $45 each or $225 in total per month.

Customers can sign up for Verizon's One Unlimited for iPhone plan via its website, the MyVerizon app, or at a retail location starting today.

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    This appears to be a decrease in value from the previous Verizon plan which includes Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ for the same price. I personally don’t see the value in substituting the Disney Bundle (a $13.99 per month value) with 50 GB of iCloud storage and Apple Arcade (a $0.99 + $4.99 per month value). Disappointed they aren’t including either News+ and/or Fitness+ in this new offering
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    Kinda disappointing after getting an incentive to move from my Play More plan with Apple Music, saving $5/month but losing The Disney Bundle and the Travel Passes and gaining iCloud storage and Apple TV+ isn’t worth it. (I left services out because I didn’t remember them or use them.). Not to mention the net increase because of my other lines and getting minimal benefit out of it.
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    I would look into it if they bumped the Apple One to the Premier version if you have more lines, like 4 or something. We have 6 lines and one is a flip phone for my father in-law so paying $45 for that is a waste. And losing the 2 TB of storage would be an issue for the family.
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    You know what does not make sense, I have 3 lines now the get more plus plans, with all phones paid off , and our bill is $144 with tax. Now doing the math here If I choose this plan my bill goes up to 180 plus tax, yet if i just go through apple direct to get a family of 6 plan for 29.99 a month I would be paying less and have 3 more accounts for family members, wow this plan is dumb. 

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