Apple TV+ content currently unavailable due to outage [u]

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Apple's subscription streaming service, Apple TV+, experienced a widespread outage on Thursday evening.

In total, the service was down for a little over 90 minutes. The outage affected the service for all Apple devices, including the Mac. Apple has acknowledged an intermittent outage affecting both Apple TV Channels and Apple TV+ on its system status page.

Users on Twitter have also reported the outage.

Apple TV is down

-- Felipe (@_FlipeL)

The Apple TV app is down for me on multiple devices

-- Chris (@domesticcadiz)

AppleInsider staff have been able to reproduce this error, noting the iOS app often only displays the option to view a user's existing library. If users can access the Apple TV+ tab, it shows a "content unavailable" message.

Update: 05:00 ET: Apple TV+ was restored after 90 minutes.

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    I was unable to reproduce the issue on any of my devices. Not sure if that's due to being in Australia or if it is just only affecting some users and not others. 
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    Was definitely down for me in Virginia. But now back up. I was watching Serverence, so it felt even stranger when it went down. 😂
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    mike1mike1 Posts: 3,313member
    Was down for me last night. I wasn't trying to watch any ATV+ originals, so I just needed to use the native app instead of going through Up Next.
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    williamhwilliamh Posts: 1,036member
    This lack of availability of content I was not trying to access at the time, combined with the vertical or horizontal line iPhone issue that I didn't experience have me boiling mad.  I sense a class action lawsuit coming up.
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