Let's compare Dual G5 ship dates



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    2Ghz dual+BT+radeon 9800 -superdrive

    ordered 7/6

    I'm thinkin they have screwed around with the dates so much that they don't even know themselves which ones they should be working on first.

    The appearance of units in the retail stores is about the last straw for me.
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    Feel my pain...

    I've ordered on 06/26 a Dual G5 CTO with 250 GB HD, 1 Gb RAM, Bluetooth and ATI Radeon 9800

    3 months later... Still nothing at all (at least here in Belgium)
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    Has anyone already received a dual G5 ordered from a mail-order reseller?

    (like MacWarehouse, etc.)
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    regreg Posts: 832member
    Got an email from our local reseller (MBS) in Maryland. They are getting a shipment of duals comming in tomorrow 9/29/03. Most are going to preorders, which mine is one. They also said that they have some extras coming in. http://www.mbsdirect.com.

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    This weekend I went by two different Fry's stores in the Bay Area and found that both of them had at least 2 standard Dual G5 systems available for sale.

    So I went to the Apple store in San Jose and low and behold they had three of them sitting at the front of the store behind the cash register stand.

    The Apple employ at the store said that they expect that most orders for standard Dual G5s have now shipped out. They are also being told 7 to 10 days is the expected wait time for special order systems.

    Sense I want the ATI 9800 Pro card and BT in my system I decided to take advantage of the Apple in store Apple Pro program. If you order a system on line while at the Apple store you can qualify for the Apple Store Pro Card. The biggest perk is a one day shopping discount of 10% of all software you buy that day from the Apple store, and you get to choose the day.

    Here is the link to the info about the Apple Store Pro Card.


    So I went ahead and ordered the system online at the store. The order system told me 7 to 10 days for shipment.

    Well I just went online (1:00AM PST 9/29/03) to check my order. It now shows a 10/14 or sooner ship date for my system.

    Now we will see if they are telling the truth or if I will have to wait just like the rest of you through several delays.

    I'm just hoping the date is right.

    - G in the S
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    Hmm that is interesting. I wonder if the system only pushes dates back, not forward. I ordered a Dual CTO on 9/22 and it still shows on or before 10/28. After all of the accounts of dates getting pushed back, I would be ecstatic if it actually shipped in two weeks.
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    Originally posted by flyhigher

    Has anyone already received a dual G5 ordered from a mail-order reseller?

    (like MacWarehouse, etc.)

    mine from MacMall should be here within the next 2 hours

    Ordered on 9/16

    edit: the suspense is killing me! I feel like petie
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    Originally posted by Ti Fighter

    mine from MacMall should be here within the next 2 hours

    Ordered on 9/16

    edit: the suspense is killing me! I feel like petie

    so what's the deal, did you get it?
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    Originally posted by SF_VR6

    so what's the deal, did you get it?

    yup came at 3pm. Haven't installed everything yet but It's freaking amazing. Granted I got 2 gig of ram in it but everything in OSX is instant. Safari is so quick and resizes beautify. This is the machine OSX was meant for Photoshop seems to kick serious ass too. I was just amazed with everything, better than I expected, it's actually faster than I am. Will play more.... I mean get work done tomorrow

    this is gonna make going to work fun again

    ps I'm glad to see safari in the dock by default and not IE
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    Yeay! pictures:

    and yes thats a FW 800 drive

    oh and don't mind the dell he will be leaving my desk soon
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    Ordered on 16th of Sept, payment cleared on 19th, it was a Dual CTO 9800,bt,250 with two 23' LCD's. Called last week they said 3-5 days then not till the 8th. Called today they said on track for 22nd of OCT. At 11:50 EST I got my tracking number for the thing. Looks like it will be here tommorrow or next day via Fed-Ex Priority
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    Well. I live in Canada, in Ontario, and pretty much no retail store has them in stock (I've tried all the major ones). Most have had a few come in for pre-orders and I just happened to snag one that was marked for someone else (the Store owner said it was a regular customer and he didn't need it right away).

    So, they are shipping to retail stores, but in small quantities for the time being.
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    wmfwmf Posts: 1,164member
    Our 21 stock dual G5s shipped from Zones today. Ordered about 2 weeks ago.
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    Picked up my Dual from the local Mac dealer Neural Net in Saskatoon today.

    Standard config.

    Very satisfied. Its quiet. Once I transfer my apps over from the 350mhz G4, then maybe I can find out how fast it is.
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    jccbinjccbin Posts: 476member
    My dual/9800 shipped from Ontario 9/29. Ordered in August.

    Ontario? DId they ship it to ATI and have them plug in the 9800? :-)
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    I picked up my dual 2GHz machine on 30 September here in Brisbane, Australia. It was a CTO with a Radeon 9800 the only change from the standard config. I ordered it on the 6th of August.

    I put an extra 2GB of RAM in and the thing flies. No problems so far.
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    Just called MacConnection to order a dual G5 with the free 1Gb RAM upgrade (rebate). They said they are having a shipment coming in this week. Maybe they were giving me a line to get the sale, but I bit regardless and ordered. We''ll see how soon it ships. It will probably ship the day before they announce Panther. But, I just couldn't wait any longer.
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    kashkash Posts: 2member
    Ordered from amazon with an expected ship date of AUGUST 2004.

    CDW has in stock so I will give amazon until next week before I cancel.
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    ryukyuryukyu Posts: 448member
    Got a notice from Expercom that they have duals in stock as well.
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    kashkash Posts: 2member
    Reason I'm willing to give amazon the wait was due to the fact that I got it at $2903 plus free shipping. But if I can't get it within the next two weeks I'll order elsewhere.
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