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    Ha! I've found the "Lucida" picture! The original can be found here but it was a bit too big for the forum so I resized it.

    Ah, memories...
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    jamiljamil Posts: 210member

    Originally posted by TWinbrook46636

    this could have been the isight in camo.
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    mandricardmandricard Posts: 486member

    Originally posted by allenmcjones

    1. glove = 5 OS X user pack license

    2. lucida = iSight

    3. wolf = Xgrid

    4. iceland = unannounced internet phones, w/ ichat AV integration

    3 for 4 is not bad, eh?


    Welcome Back, Allen.

    hmurchinson: Glove indicated the 5-user (5-finger) license, if I recall.

    TWinbrook: Allen did not post that image, but indeed, the underwater call was a bit wacky.

    Wolf (hunters in packs) seems dead on, but yes, a little public domain.

    Iceland. Alas. it is totally possible with 3g phones, but still, I don't see the market for it.

    I am curious, as seems to be everyone, what new ideas mr. mcjones has up his sleeve. I am all for informed speculation, MacsRGood4U, as well as any happenstance information mr. McJones might have.

    Please, folks, let's not embitter and run off a poster who has sparked many many good threads and fruitful discussions in the past.

    Hope Springs Eternal,


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    othelloothello Posts: 1,054member
    wow, blast from the past

    true or not i love these type of threads, just as i love kormac threads. just enjoy them people...
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    escherescher Posts: 1,811member

    Originally posted by othello

    wow, blast from the past

    true or not i love these type of threads, just as i love kormac threads. just enjoy them people...

    Yup. This stuff sure warms my heart and turns the little spring of hope into a giant geyser.

    Bring it on, AllenMcJones!

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    bigcbigc Posts: 1,224member
    How was Paris...
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    Originally posted by Mandricard

    TWinbrook: Allen did not post that image, but indeed, the underwater call was a bit wacky.

    No, he didn't. He promised that if someone set up a server he would post the picture. Someone did and weeks went by with no picture, the server got abused and the person who set up the server for him had their account closed. Anyway, the posted picture turned out to be a fake. It is not an Apple product, fortunately. I think the girl was holding one of those bubble gum spools and the iCam was rendered over it though it may have been a mockup device for another company. It's been a while and my memory is a bit fuzzy. Anyway, he was way off. The iSight is not a digial camera, digital camcorder, waterproof, etc. Just a webcam. The guy who posted the mag-lite inspired version as a joke was much closer. We all want a real insider here on the messageboards but I'm afraid the days of Worker Bee are long gone.
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    BigC: Not bad, Paris is always nice.

    I am only delivering the information that has been given to me, nothing more and nothing less. Make want you want of it. What bubbles up to a live product is NOT up to me.

    Innovation of ideas is Apple's DNA. There are many new products coming. Many. It is about positioning, everything is planned, maturing the products is fundamental, and execution is vital. Make no mistake about it, competition from others are colliding and excelerating. Apple has created the first train wreck effect of the 21st century with the iPod/iTunes. Train wreck effect meaning different industries just collided.

    The next train wreck is Iceland/iChatAV, and there are some calling this one, David. This will fundamental change Apple. When I was given information about Iceland, it was first thought to be a migration path of the iPod.

    You can pull up the thread on Iceland to read more. What was reported 2 years ago is very accurate. But it is separate independent product from the iPod and can play your music.

    More soon...

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    othelloothello Posts: 1,054member
    the thread is here
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    cubistcubist Posts: 954member
    Hm. In the old thread, allenmcjones is clearly talking about 'iceland' as being a combination iPod and cellphone, not a VOIP phone.

    I still think an Apple-branded VOIP phone would be a nice idea. It could use Airport (or Airport Express) for cordlessness. You could connect to Vonage, or Apple could offer some package of call termination through .Mac. No major player has come out with consumer VOIP technology. Why not? There's potentially a huge market.
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    hobbithobbit Posts: 532member
    Iceland - the product

    It has long been speculated that mobile phone numbers will eventually seize to exist. They will be replaced by email addresses or IP numbers or even some kind of global Internet directory service that links to a device that does voice over IP.

    With iChatAV we're actually there already, technically. Your AIM or .mac address becomes your (video) 'phone number'. If Apple could just create a mobile device that supports iChatAV and Internet connections, then we're there.

    What else is needed?

    A collaboration with a mobile phone carrier which does Internet, no voice. Something like the Vodafone 3G Datacard.

    Or go with Intel's WiMAX instead, which are long-range WiFi networks.

    In any case the structure is similar to iPod/iTunes. With these you need the hardware (iPod), the Internet and some music provider (the record labels).

    With Iceland you also need hardware, the Internet and some phone or WiMAX provider. What you get is a seamless mobile 'phone' concept, where you're reachable at the same 'phone number' either wirelessly with the new device or wired when sitting on your Mac using iChatAV. It could even go one step further by offering wireless access in your home with AirPort Express connecting the Iceland hardware to a desktop Mac which is 'wired' to the Internet.

    <EDIT: Damn, cubist beat me to it! >

    Iceland - the name

    The one interpretation I haven't seen yet is the simple one: what is Iceland? It's a volcanic island covered with ice and snow. So it is cool on the outside and hot on the inside. Like a gadget with a cool design on the outside and lots of hot technology inside.

    Or in other words: Iceland is hell frozen over!

    <EDIT: Hmmm, speaking of it. iChatAV for Windows anyone? >
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    mccrabmccrab Posts: 201member

    Originally posted by hobBIT

    [B][B]They will be replaced by email addresses or IP numbers or even some kind of global Internet directory service that links to a device that does voice over IP.

    IP v6 - - theoretically there should be no reason why you couldn't use an existing telephone number as your address.

    As an aside, I wonder how seriously Apple is looking at 3G - with the emergence of h.264, Apple does seem to be well positioned with quicktime 7.
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    mccrabmccrab Posts: 201member
    Given Apple's aversion to the PDA (and arguably mobile phones), perhaps it could develop a blackberry-like device that operated under WiFi and 3G and included PDA functionality? High speed data, with full file attachments, running OSX lite, in a truly mobile form factor. Blackberry's main shortcomings are that it is email lite using 2.5G technology.
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    Originally posted by allenmcjones

    3 for 4 is not bad, eh?


    More like 50/50.

    I don't want to discourage true insider info, but I can't stand people who start threads and/or dig up old threads just to say "hey look...I was right!"

    Believe me, when you're right, we'll remember. If you have to try to convince us, it just seems like you were posing.

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    1337_5l4xx0r1337_5l4xx0r Posts: 1,558member
    This kinda ties in with what Kormac was saying about Quicktime and cellphones. I doubt Apple will produce a phone, but I can see them teaming up with, say, Nokia.
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    airslufairsluf Posts: 1,861member
    Kickaha and Amorph couldn't moderate themselves out of a paper bag. Abdicate responsibility and succumb to idiocy. Two years of letting a member make personal attacks against others, then stepping aside when someone won't put up with it. Not only that but go ahead and shut down my posting priviledges but not the one making the attacks. Not even the common decency to abide by their warning (afer three days of absorbing personal attacks with no mods in sight), just shut my posting down and then say it might happen later if a certian line is crossed. Bullshit flag is flying, I won't abide by lying and coddling of liars who go off-site, create accounts differing in a single letter from my handle with the express purpose to decieve and then claim here that I did it. Everyone be warned, kim kap sol is a lying, deceitful poster.

    Now I guess they should have banned me rather than just shut off posting priviledges, because kickaha and Amorph definitely aren't going to like being called to task when they thought they had it all ignored *cough* *cough* I mean under control. Just a couple o' tools.

    Don't worry, as soon as my work resetting my posts is done I'll disappear forever.
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    Funny, I thought the iMac situation was a train wreck...
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    mandricardmandricard Posts: 486member
    Please take the credibility discussions somewhere else. I would much rather wonder about possible directions than worry about whether the person positing ideas has the kind of ironclad solid-gold track-record that some seem to require on these boards. No one here is behaving like a sycophant; all is taken with a grain of salt. So, please, if you would like to discuss the believability of a poster on these boards, start a thread elsewhere on that topic, and do not litter the threads in which Future HW directions are being speculated upon. --Thanks, M


    Back on Topic

    Mr. McJones: You mentioned "david" being a combination of the phone/qt/iChat. If I recall a while ago (and my memory too has gotten foggy) that you had mentioned a Goliath-killing "david's stone."

    At that point, we were all wondering if the stone was going to be the next-gen processor (G5), MSWindows application capability (which was thouroughly and rightly discounted), etc. Are you suggesting that if iTunes going after the record-distribution megalopoly is one of these "train wrecks," that the telephone companies could be second?

    If so, it seems that any solution (esp involving a combo with a cell phone manufacturer) would not cut them out of the loop the same way the CD producers and Tower records, e.g., have been cut out. The data would still be going to your handset, and you would be getting charged for airtime as before.

    Hope Springs Confusedly,


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    costiquecostique Posts: 1,084member
    I was always under the impression that any telecom company or cell service provider can eat both Apples for breakfast. Poor Stevie never dreamt of those truckloads of money they use for pocket cash.
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    othelloothello Posts: 1,054member
    we know from harald that apple have worked on a phone (with SE).

    but how about something a little different...

    how about the phone being for VoIP?

    imagine a phone handset, with a base station for charging. the base station has airport built in. it can sync with your address book on your mac in the house. on the base station is a small-ish colour display, which shows the caller and their photo if its in the address book.

    you can then call people through the handset which links to the airport network in your house and out down your net connection. ichat but with its own device (like itunes with ipod as the device)

    even a deluxe version with a larger screen for video chat
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