I'm a newbie. Firewall question to start off.

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I'm currently a Windoze user and I'm really thinking about switching to Mac OS X. I've had the pleasure of using OS X on a friend's computer and was simply amazed by its beauty. I love the dock and the aqua stuff.

I'm planning to get a PowerMac around Christmas time (seems a long way off but I need to save some money!) and will probably bombard these boards with many questions between now and then - I hope you won't mind too much!

One item of software that is important is a firewall. Are there any good OS X software firewalls?



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    jwri004jwri004 Posts: 626member

    Though out of the box it has a firewall running. Most of the apps just add a nicer management system.

    I personally use NetBarrier. Brickhouse also seems to get a few mentions as well.

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    majormattmajormatt Posts: 1,077member
    Why do you need a firewall?
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    ic1maleic1male Posts: 121member
    I like to keep an eye on all traffic on my system - helps prevent trojans/spyware from doing their thing. But I guess you don't get much of that on Mac.

    At the moment I use Outpost which tells me everytime an incoming/outgoing connection is attempted. It's very thorough. I'll have a look at the ones you mentioned. Thanks.


    *jaw drops on floor*

    Wow! That Netbarrier software looks absolutely amazing! It seems very thorough and the interface is beautiful. I think that's one definitely on the list to buy.
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    bigbluebigblue Posts: 341member
    At this moment there's 0 trojans and 0 spyware on the Mac by my knowledge, and I have never used a viruschecker on my system. Never needed one.

    Not that it never will happen, but at this moment: that's the picture.
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    jabohnjabohn Posts: 563member
    There's also a handy little program called Little Snitch that will run in the background and inform you if a program is accessing your internet connection without your knowledge.

    You can find it at www.versiontracker.com

    You'd be surprised at how many apps try to "phone home". Even Adobe apps do it.
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