If Apple asked "you" what apps you would like that are not available on the Mac...



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    bwhalerbwhaler Posts: 260member
    Great idea for a thread.

    My list:

    1. iWork (The REAL Version)

    (Make it a complete and robust office suite. Apple is on the right track here, but they should be thinking of it as a competitor to Office, not a replacement for Appleworks.)

    2. Photoshop killer.

    Adobe's app is too complex, ugly and slow

    3. Update FileMaker's UI.

    It actually is a great DB program, but the UI sucks. And the fact that it is cross-platform is not a valid excuse. itunes is cross platform, and nothing in Windows limits FileMaker from doing better.

    4. A robust PIM.

    Doesn't need to be 1 app, but iCal and AddressBook are terrible and way out of date.
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    Originally posted by Ive

    SolidWorks should be nice...

    2nd that!!!

    Solidworks on a mac would be the coolest thing!
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    i would love to see Sound Forge.

    By far one of the best music editing programs I've used, and it would be nice to use it on my MAC. I know there is Peak LE, and the such, but nothing comes close to Sound Forge.
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