Some MacBooks plagued by discoloration



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    I get it now! Apple is trying to bring back hypercolor! So cool. They are always setting new trends.
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    eduardoeduardo Posts: 181member

    Originally posted by tonton

    I'm definitely going to buy the first button protector I see on the market. Also something for the palm rest. The Japanese will put something out soon, I'm sure. And we'll get them all here in the shops in HK.

    Please, please, please. Someone release some form of Macbook palm protector.

    {how ridiculous is that!---said as I sneak off to place crystal film for my recently bought 4 gig white Nano--for $50.00}.
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    slugheadslughead Posts: 1,169member

    Originally posted by nagromme

    But it would be smart to wait until AFTER Apple has identified the issue before seeking a solution.

    Oh like the thermal paste issue? or the nano scratches?

    Yeah, Apple's always on the ball with saying 'my bad'!
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    Originally posted by Eduardo

    Not funny. My 13" 2.0Ghz white Macbook should arrive by tomorrow. I went to the Apple store today after seeing this post and guess what? I've noticed the complaints that both the white and black Macbook owners stated.

    I bought my Macbook and I do not want to have the discolouration problem noted on these boards.

    Apple seems to cave-in to concerns only when it reaches a critical mass. If I encounter this problem, I too will complain.

    {end rant}

    Umm, I wonder if I should return my CTO Macbook for a black one...err maybe a Macbook Pro (but that's a $1000.00 extra).


    Dude, just don't eat Cheeto's while playig on your new MB. Simple as that ... or wear the new iGloves ... guaranteed not to remind you of how unclean you are compared to the pure, pristine MacBook
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    kansaskansas Posts: 17member
    My boss offered to buy me a white MacBook this next Saturday, to replace an aging iBook, but maybe I'll wait to see how serious this problem is, or if it is just one of those urban/Internet legend things!
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    eduardoeduardo Posts: 181member
    On a somewhat related topic; I just noticed on that the keybaord and trackpad assembly on the Macbook are one integrated piece. The solution is a new keyboard/trackpad assembly!

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    elixirelixir Posts: 782member
    that has always happened to the white powerbooks but only after atleast a year of use.
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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 33,567member
    I'm not sure I understand this. If the cases are made of polycarbonate, this shouldn't happen. Polycarbonate is stable up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

    I haven't looked at a Macbook yet, maybe tomorrow. Is the color through to the surafce as on the older iBooks? If it is a coating (which I hope it isn't) I could see a problem. But poly is very stable. Only solvents will cause a problem.

    So, by the way, DON'T try to use one to get rid of this. It will craze.
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    strawberrystrawberry Posts: 181member
    Didn't everyone get the memo?

    The new enclosures are GLOBAL HYPERCOLOR!

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    hattighattig Posts: 860member
    iBooks get a slight stain after 4 - 8 months of (fairly intensive) use (no cheetos or similar included), but to get badly stained after 1 month is rather ridiculous.

    I guess some people don't wash their hands enough, coupled with nano-fissures in the polycarbonate. It might be bacteria in those tiny fissures, kept warm by the laptop, kept fed by sweaty greasy cheeto-hands, and they'd be hard to remove as well.

    Or it could just be Apple's decreasing quality standards again.
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    wnursewnurse Posts: 427member

    Originally posted by gunnmjk

    Oh no! My white shirt got a stain on it from me rubbing my grubby hands all over it! It must be defective! White shirts are plagued with stains! AHHHH!

    This glib reply fails to take into account that apple is not the only one that makes laptops and that other laptop makers have managed to make laptops that do not change colors. Gee, are people supposed to telepathically use their computers?. Obviously, it is something more than regular usage.

    Secondly, if people using dirty hands when using their laptops, why isn't it easy to clean?. Why can't it be wiped?. Obviously people are correct in assuming that the type of material used is not allowing it to be cleaned easily. Unless people are expected to live in a clean room, expecting them to have a 100% clean hands is just foolish. Not blaming apple (it may just be that they have to tweak their materials a little) but you sound foolish with your comments..

    Lastly, a white shirt can get clean by washing, my laptop i have can get clean by wiping it. Did you read that these people tried everything fron windex to ajax or are you such a blind apple follower that you stupidly reply to any story about apple without critical thinking?
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    furious_furious_ Posts: 88member
    ^^^^^George Bush is mobilising his Special Tactical Response Team because you failed to see the sarcasm
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    reganregan Posts: 474member
    Oh no!!! My new white macbook is turning ORANGE!! Aaaaaaahhhhh!

    Here come the Umpah Loompahs to take my macbook away!

    Oompah! Oompah! Oompah-di-DOO!
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    Do you think that apple will now charge more for the color shifting paint? gots to get me some neon and figure out how to make the apple logo spin...
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    vineavinea Posts: 5,585member

    Originally posted by bdkennedy1

    First the iPod Nano and now this? Does Apple even use their own damn products? If Apple is supposed to be the Porche of consumer electronics they better get their act together. a Porsche owner I can say that every manufacturer has "issues" from time to time including Porsche. For example, my car has a pinion bearing whine issue that occurs after warranty expires and Porsche doesn't tend to address. It was a manufacturing defect where the robots assembing the car sometimes over put too much pre-load on the bearings.

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    I've seen one of these problems myself, it wasnt on an intel macbook, but a g4 iBook, the most recent one before the macbook, I think they're still using the same plastic since, and i can tell you that the owner has treated the iBook very well... he's anal retentive about cleansiness and taking care of his iBook...

    Too bad... it looks like an old SNES after a year of use...
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    mike12309mike12309 Posts: 135member

    Originally posted by gunnmjk

    Oh no! My white shirt got a stain on it from me rubbing my grubby hands all over it! It must be defective! White shirts are plagued with stains! AHHHH!

    ummm no. one guy reported having an ibook for 4 years without problem. most appear to no smoke and say they dont have bad hygene.

    This is a serious problem for a computer company that prides itself on being both the best and best looking computer experience.

    My guess is the article is right, either heat, light or some kind of chem reaction is making this problem. My second guess would be that apple replaces the enclosures of all these computers and fixs the problem in the manufacuring process-- and rightfully so on a computer sold for both its power and its design prowesses.
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    Hey guys. That's just not true that this is an apple flaw.

    Don't you remember, that apple recently filed a patent called "CAMELION"


    Apple has attempted to patent the concept of the chameleonic computer - a machine whose shell changes colour at the user's whim.


    So these Macbooks have been accindently prematurely escaped the skunkworks lab.
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    agnuke1707agnuke1707 Posts: 487member
    Wait ... maybe it's a MMB - the MoodMacBook. It shift colors depending on how pissy you are at Apple ... seeing as how they're doomed and seem to shit all over everything now
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    So THIS is how Apple used their color-changing enclosure patent.
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