My First Mac: MacBook Doubts

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Ok, Apple finally did it, so i'm going to buy a MacBook.

I would be using mostly office, firefox (camino), msn messenger app (options?) and sometimes bootcamp, photoshop.

I would goo for the 1099 macbook.

I have some doubts:

Is it good idea to go for the 1GB RAM version? (+100 more)

I travel a lot, so, the warranty is international?

Last, any coupons/tips to get some discount? (I can't apply for educational, cause i'm a foreigner).

Thanks a lot.


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    Small Buiness one gets you like 100 bucks or sumthin off, so if you have / work for one just do that.

    Get 1gb Ram thats what i'm doing mate if i get one. MSN there is MSN for Mac or Adium. I probably have the exact same use for it as you do - when you get it, holla at me on msn [email protected] lemme know how it goes.
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    Get the 1GB RAM for sure.

    Rosetta eats RAM alive. Granted, I use it for Photoshop, but I have 1GB and it's still not enough. There isn't a discount, even the educational discount is only $50.
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    Claim the VAT back lol - get like $150-200 back then :P
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    Thanks guys for the replies.

    One thing to note* is that i'm not from US, so, how can i reclaim VAT? Alseo, of the 1199, how much is tax?

    Last, what about refurbished ones?

    And/or maybe some circuitcity/ discount coupon/prommotion/etc?

    *the machine would be sent to LA.
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    Last, while MS Office gets released, what should i use? OpenOffice?

    Would i get a free update to leopard if i buy now?
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    Originally Posted by DD_nVidia

    Claim the VAT back lol - get like $150-200 back then :P

    My purchase, no matter how I slice it, ends up being a few dollars more than the Massachusetts tax-free day limit of $2500.
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